Monthly Archives: February 2012

Dessert before dinner


Before I get to the cookie winner… I wan to thank you guys for your positive and supportive comments.  You are so uplifting, I feel very fortunate to have a readership that cares enough to leave nice notes.  It gave me strength and perspective; and for that, I’m grateful. ...

Dreadful detours


I went home to the Bay Area for the weekend (which was awesome), but now that I'm back in LA reality has set in and I'm stressed out for (what feels like) a million and forty-five different reasons.  Purging my woes on this blog is quite therapeutic, so here's a list of things ...

Cheater soup


What do you get when you combine operation pantry clean out and limited culinary skills?  Cheater soup. I’m pretty good at making soup when I’m standing on the shoulders of giants like Dr. McDougall.  He’s pretty much my idol.   Cheater Soup [vegan & gluten free] ...