Daily Archive: January 5, 2013

Using everything up



Is the kind of food that you don’t make for yourself because it seems better left to ballparks and street vendors. 

It’s also the kind of food that I used to looooove.  Back in the day, I adored grilled onions.  Sautee them to a mushy mess and serve ‘em to me in a bowl and I’ll consider it a meal.  But thanks to my IBS, I’ve learned that it’s one of the FODMAPs that causes me noticeable symptoms.  And combined with pregnancy, I’m a hopskipandastep away from death by heartburn.


But Kyle’s a fan.  So last month, when we were trying to use everything up before going away for the holidays, I made this for him. 


These buns were buried deep in the depths of the freezer…my guess is they were the lone survivors from a 4th of July BBQ. 

The cheese was the only thing remotely close to protein I could find (although in hindsight, I could have probably created some sort of TVP ground meat type thing). 


This is the ultimate something out of nothing meal. 


And I’m 99% sure Kyle thought I had planned it out in advance.  He’s easy to please, thank goodness. 

I had quinoa with (the other) red bell pepper, carrots, Bragg’s and nutritional yeast.  Not exactly the most gourmet dinner, but like I said, we were heading out of town the next day.  I was trying desperately to be frugal and use what we had rather than resort to the WF hot bar. 

Healthier Vodka Sauce


I’ve alluded to this sauce combo (I hesitate to claim it as a recipe) before.  It’s the easiest.


It’s basically a lightened up, more nutritious, version of vodka sauce.  It’s not dairy free, because Greek yogurt does have dairy.  But I know that many people who are sensitive to dairy tolerate greek yogurt (me and my sisters are all included in this category). 


I use equal parts marinara and Greek yogurt and stir until it’s combined. 


Cook the pasta.


And then add the two together for creamy saucy yum.


This pasta, by the way, was an impulse purchase from a small middle eastern market.  I have no clue what the package says, but they were cheap and intrigued me so I bought them.


They cooked fairly quickly and got so fat!  I think they must have eggs in them because of how soft and fluffy they were.  Definitely different from any pasta I’ve seen before. 


If you know what Sadaf noodles for Aash-e Reshteh means, please enlighten me. 

Until then, I’ll continue to enjoy my mystery noodles with yummy Greek yogurt vodka sauce.