Adios afro

I got a Brazilian Blowout today.  Thanks to Groupon, it was nearly half price (although once I added in the tip and shampoo/conditioner it was basically full price). 


I’m happy to say, my ‘fro is now going to be well maintained with ZERO effort on my part…at least for the next 90 days…

In the food realm, I had a really rough night.  Top Chef had me sweating for a full hour, but in the end my boy Blais came through.  Phew!  It was nail biting and my poor stomach was in knots the entire time.  Fortunately, my meals were the opposite of intense – after all, I pretty much aim for soothing (read: IBS-friendly) eats on a daily basis. 

I was out and about much of the day and there’s nothing interesting new about apples, veggies and hummus so my camera is on the emptier side. 


However, one of the day’s snacks is definitely worth sharing.  I received a package in the mail yesterday from Caveman Cookies.  I met the reps at Expo West and was so excited about their cookies, I knew I had to try them out and share them with you guys.  

The Caveman Bakery makes three flavors – original, alpine, and tropical – all of which are dairy and gluten free.  Oh and I discovered something else!  They’re all based on the caveman diet (which I only just learned about). 

Unbeknownst to me this is a way of eating that’s built on the diet of primitive man (hence the caveman term).  It’s basically the paleo diet, a holistic approach to eating that emphasizes the foods humans “grew up on” like vegetables, fruit & nuts.  Supposedly our bodies are best able to digest and enjoy these kinds of foods, rather than ones that have been recently introduced into the human diet (like grains and dairy).  In theory I like this idea because it encourages people to nix processed foods, which reduces refined sugars, saturated and trans fats, salt, high-glycemic carbohydrates, which lead to obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and numerous other health problems.  Although The Paleo Diet isn’t vegan (lean meats are included in the diet), it does encourage people to replace processed food and dairy products with fresh fruits and vegetables. 


The first flavor I chose was the original…since it contains honey it isn’t vegan.  I love how pure the ingredients are though, with just honey, almond meal, walnuts, raisins, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon

IMG_6846 IMG_6847

Isn’t the brown paper bag packaging cute!  They are individually wrapped inside as well. 


They were much smaller than I expected, but I guess that makes sense as each cookie is only 60 calories. 


They were kinda chewy like a cross between cookie dough and fruit leather.  The texture was awesome because the nuts were undetectable, but there was still a hint of crispy crunch with raisins mixed in too.  It reminded me a lot of a molasses cookie…with a touch of gingerbread flavoring.  Definitely yummy.  

For dinner I made a rice pasta dish featuring Peacock Rice Vermicelli.


This product is hard to come by, and is pretty much an online only item at the moment. 


For a person who is not so keen on pasta dishes (Italian is probably my least favorite), rice pasta has recently made me a convert.  I’ve had it several times in the past few months.  The silky fine noodles are so delicate and soak up sauce like nobody’s business.  And yet, nutritionally speaking, they are almost the Black Swan to my idyllic carbohydrate choice (whole sprouted grains).  What can you do.  


Kinda reminds me of grandma hair.


The best part about this pasta, is the fact that it takes all of 5 minutes to cook.  Seriously.  Because the pasta is so stringy, once added to boiling water it’s done before you can even set the table.  I added frozen corn and for the ultimate lazy girl sauce, I used Sabra spinach and artichoke hummus


I used a LOT of hummus. 


Swirly, swirly. 


It was probably the fastest meal I’ve ever made. 


And since Kyle wasn’t paying attention as I cooked dinner, he thought it involved a lot of time and effort.  Muahaha.  I’m such a good sneaky wife.


I had a plate full of carob chips for dessert, while Kyle made a ghetto ‘smore.

What is a ghetto ‘smore?  Watch and learn.


Break off parts of a Snickers bar and place it on a halved graham cracker.


Put it in the microwave…and watch for melting.


Not quite done yet.


Back in the micro…


There it is.


Who’s excited!?!?

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Comments (55)

  1. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    melted snickers, i love you!

    “It reminded me a lot of a molasses cookie…with a touch of gingerbread flavoring. ” – that’s perfect! I need to find those cookies!

    I just relinked my brazilian blowout post about an hour ago! Your hair looks awesome, you’re gonna love it. I got 5 mos out of my 1st one and am into 4 weeks on my 2nd one.

    Lmk how you like that shampoo, too.

  2. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Another pasta hater right here! Well, hate is a bit strong, but I never ever crave Italian food. Asian noodles are another story though.

  3. Elizabeth @ RunWithSneakers

    Argh! I am waiting to watch Top Chef (on tap for tonight). Now I know who wins! That’s OK, I’m happy about the outcome too and I know it’ll still be good. Your rice pasta dish looks perfect. I will be making that one very soon. Thanks for the idea.

  4. Lindsey @Textbooks and Cookbooks

    Snickers melted on top of a graham cracker has to be the best easy dessert idea I’ve seen in a while!

  5. Sami

    first off, your hair COLOR is absolutely gorgeous! is that natural?! it looks darker than i remember.

    anywho, that pasta dish looks awesome! i hate that some of the BEST products are only available online!!


  6. Katie

    Meeker and I followed a pretty strictly paleo diet when we were first married. I could have used those cookies…I was always starving.

    Also, that smores idea is genius.

  7. elise

    sorry!! [I should have said spoiler alert top chef winner or something – my bad]

  8. elise

    yup. thats my natural color…oddly enough, its seemed to have lightened up a bit in the ca sun…

  9. Salah

    hahaha ghetto smore? thats awesome! And I really want to get a brazilian blowout sooo bad! Once I can afford it you better believe its getting done! Your hair looks wonderful!

  10. Kelsey @ Unmitigated Grub

    Love your hair! I definitely need anti-frizz help, especially as we approach the intense humidity of an NYC summer!!

  11. Gavi @ GaviGetsGoing!

    Your hair looks fabulous! How often do you get the Brazilian blowout? I’m so glad you told me who won Top Chef: All-Stars. I tend to watch them when I’m running at the gym every day, but Bravo is about a month behind with reruns. Up until yesterday, I still thought there were six contestants left! I’m so happy that Blais won, though–he was definitely the best cook. Enjoy this beautiful California weather today! 🙂

  12. cbrady3

    Kyle’s kind of a genius.

  13. FreshMutz

    Love the Brazillian blow-out! I was buying the “special” shampoo and conditioner too until i realized the only reason they were so special is that they were sulfate free. Now, I use the L’Oreal EverSmooth which is sulfate free and much easier on the wallet. TEAM BLAIS!

  14. molly

    First, your hair looks amazing! Love Groupon. Second, I am not very keen on noodles either but when I have them I do enjoy them. Awesome idea to put hummus in noodles instead of a red sauce. Thanks! Lastly, that is a heavenly dessert idea.

  15. Emily @OneSweetVegan

    Your easy dinner looked delcious!
    Loving the ghetto smore idea. 🙂

  16. janetha @ meals & moves

    What’s up sexpot.

  17. Brown On Rice

    HAHAHAHA! Love Kile’s face! I have his present still.

    p.s. I WANT a brazilian blow out. meh.

  18. Jenny

    Interesting pasta, I’ve never seen that before. Love your hair, so pretty!

  19. Natalie (The First Kitchen)

    I just got a BB too thanks to Groupon! Washed my hair for the first time and blow-dried it a little bit this morning. Not as straight as it was before, but I’m still impressed.

    Rice noodles are soooo good! We make pancit, a Filipino noodle dish, with them. You should try it!

  20. holly


    oh my gah. i just caught up on like a million posts, and i have so much to say. first, i want to travel with laura around the world. i had no idea she was doing that, and i am so pumped for you to go to SPAIN!!! sad kyle can’t go, but sister bonding is most important anyways.

    i still cant get over your swag bags from the expo west. holy shiz. i want it all. i am so jealous of it. i admit it. i want love grown granola. and free daiya (had it for the first time in DC – kinda salty?). and coconut chocolate chip clifs (although coconut and me aren’t getting along, although i too made a peanut sauce with it, which was delicious).

    oooohhh and vegas! and that yummy taco tempeh recipe. and your usual assortment of creative, yummy eats. and your hair looks fab. and i need a snickers smore stat. that is the most genius thing i’ve seen in blogland in a long time.

    love you love you long time!

    hearts + catch up soon,

  21. Emily

    Your hair looks great! What salon did you go to?

    Those cookies look pretty good. I dunno about the paleo diet as a whole though. One of the doctors I used to work for was a big proponent, but I was never very comfortable with it. Of course, I eat a vegan diet myself, and I have a general distaste for labeling “diets” at all (despite just labeling my own).

    How about this weather?? Makes me so happy 🙂

  22. Paula

    Hi Elise

    My dad is going in for surgery (cancer in his throat) at UCLA on Monday and will be there about a week (hopefully no longer than that!). I know it’s a huge freakin’ hospital but I wonder if you’ll be his nurse! That would be cool. He’ll be at the shiny new Regan Medical Center, which is also cool. We are so lucky to live in a place where the best medical care is so close! Prevention is my mantra, but still, if needed, it’s great to have the best doctors and the best care so close.

  23. Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine

    I’m not a huge pasta person either, unless it’s super fresh and topped with delicious things. I love the liberal application of hummus to the rice noodles, of course!

  24. Kate (What Kate is Cooking)

    I’ve always wanted to get a brazilian blowout! I have a MAJOR afro if I don’t straighten my hair, and it takes me over an hour to blowdry / straighten my hair every day. I will have to keep an eye out for coupons!

  25. kbwood

    ahahaha i love that ghetto snickers idea! sooo funny. im not a big pasta girl- its ALL about the toppings. id rather have quinoa or rice

  26. Amanda

    Love the hair! I’ve been wanting to get the Brazilian blowout for ever.

  27. julie

    i’m so glad i read this now and not an hour ago. i just finished the top chef finale and made my best effort to avoid seeing the winner the entire day and your post ALMOST ruined it for me haha

    also i’ve been getting the keratin treatment for like almost 3 years now. seriously life changing!

  28. adrianna

    top chef rocked last night! so excited richard won : ) totally deserved it.

    that is hysterical about the smores. we used to do the same thing, but instead of fancy snickers, we’d just microwave the cracker and marshmallow, the throw some chocolate between. damn good though.

  29. Sophia Lee

    I’m the opposite; I hate Asian rice noodles, but love wheat pasta. You should also try Korean sweet potato starch noodles…they’re delightfully chewy. 🙂

    Asians (Korean at least) call Brazilian blowout “straight perm.” So I used to confuse the blowout with something perverted.

  30. Pure2raw twins

    love your hair!! so jealous I want to get that done

  31. TV

    Three things:

    1. Love the pin-straight hair
    2. You can get those noodles at any Asian supermarket. While it may not be that brand, you’ll still get the rice vermiccili. Plus I bet it’d be cheaper.
    3. Next time you should tell Kyle that in order to get BOTH of those snickers to melt, he’ll have to microwave them seperately. It’s sad to see only one melted and one normal 🙁

  32. elise

    but i think its different from the japanese straight perm thing…unless there is another asian technique that im not aware of. either way, its AWESOME!!!!

  33. elise

    haha…ill pass it on. oh and ps, this brand of noodles was free (for me), but yes asian markets have them for super cheap. my girlfriend gets them for me at her local filipino market

  34. elise

    its freakin awesome – i totally recommend!

  35. elise

    team blais!!!!!!!

  36. elise

    i work on monday night. im emailing you now

  37. elise

    omg, averie im SO in love with it. i will never straighten my hair again!!! and the shampoo and conditioner smell great, but other than that, i dont know how much it differs from any other hair treatments.

  38. elise

    ditto! exactly 🙂

  39. elise

    how interesting. i honestly never even knew about it until this week! what did you think of it?

  40. elise


  41. elise

    man, how i do NOT miss those days.

  42. elise

    i used to rely on bravo to keep me entertained at the gym. rerun central!

  43. elise

    yeah i realized that after i left…oh well…next time!

  44. elise

    thanks 🙂 groupon is the sh!t huh!

  45. elise

    dude its rocked my face off!!!! love love looooooooove it 🙂 you should see my non-fro. i cant wait to show you!!

  46. elise

    heyoooo 😉

  47. elise

    i need to try pancit! youre one of several people to recommend it to me 🙂

  48. elise

    girly girl i miss you oh so much. why does your job suck so bad. soooo, yeah i want you to come to espana with me and my fam. its gonna be SO MUCH FUN. i feel bad for kyle, so im trying to not get too giddy in front of his face.
    love you love you long time!

  49. elise

    i went to the tite ends salon in west hollywood…its on santa monica and la cienega. my stylist was skye and she rocked. totally recommend.

    this weather is ridic. LOVE IT!!!!

    oh, and ai agree with the paleo thing. diet schmiet. im not a fan of the word either.

  50. elise

    doooo it! seriously, it will change your life. i cant get over it. i cant. goodbye straightener, goodbye hour long hair prep.

  51. elise

    well arent you ahead of the curve!!

  52. alovelyglass

    AHH Your hair looks fierce! I’m in need of another brazilian blowout…my hair’s starting to get all high-maintanence and frizzaay again, GREAT! haha

    Love Kyle’s dessert–gotta give him props for getting creative! Melted chocolate with anything is always amaze! Aka I melted a square of dark chocolate into a bowl of banana pb oats for dessert last night…homegirl was hungry! 🙂

  53. Katherine: Unemployed

    my hair is totally looking like a caveman; yours looks amazing!

  54. Katie

    I know I keep saying this, but I’m so sad you guys don’t live here anymore! I think we’d have so much fun together.

    Did the treatment hurt? I know some of them have kind of scary chemicals… but not all.

  55. elise

    nope! pain free. move to CA!!!!

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