All aboard the magic bullet train

Remember all of the errands I briefly mentioned yesterday?


FINALLY!  I know it’s no food processor, but I wanted something on the less $$ side to tide me over until next year when I hit the kitchen appliance jackpot we register for our wedding.

I can’t even TELL you how excited I was to use this baby.

Unfortunately, I worked all day (on a Saturday – boo!), so my mind was preoccupied by more pressing matters, but as soon as I was out of the hospital, my mind began racing with all the possibilities. 

I guess I should probz show my day time eats (even though everything PALES in comparison to my magic bullet’s masterpiece dinner).


The only real newcomer to note is the pretzels in my year-old baggie.  Today I decided to go with a dried fruit/nut/pretzel mix just for sh!ts and giggles. 


These were Newman’s Own Organic Protein Pretzels (which means zippo to me, but apparently 5 g of protein per serving is noteworthy?).  They were mildly salty, super thick, and had a big crunch without tasting like empty calories (you know that nothingness cardboard quality that cheapo pretzels have…staying power of a twig).  I guess that’s where the protein comes in…

As for dinner, I wanted to test the waters without going too big.  Sure, I have a strong background in the blender department (first job was Jamba Juice), but that doesn’t necessarily translate to the bullet.  But the infomercials always made it look so easy…

Introducing home made black bean dip (a la bullet).


1/3 can black beans

2 tbsp plain greek yogurt

10 cherry tomatoes

pinch of paprika

pinch of cayenne pepper

pinch of chili powder

salt to taste






I didn’t even let it chill, I inhaled every last drop.


Raw veggies were the perfect accompaniment. 

And since my first bullet recipe went so well, I went for a second just a few hours later.

Dessert with my two new lovahs, Jay Robb and the bullet, obvi.


At long last, a protein packed smoothie that gets thick and whips into a deliciously chocolate-y dessert.  Heaven.

Please leave comments with all your BEST ideas for ways to use my MAGIC BULLET.  I’m thinking dips and sauces and HUMMUS galore!  But tofu salads, soups, etc will be welcomed with open arms, too.

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Comments (33)

  1. carolinebee

    Oohh i’m v. interested in this magic bullet train!! I don’t have a blender here in Bost- so I’ve been hitting up Craig’s List and there is a huge abundance of bullets! I’ll be following your adventures with it 😀

  2. Annabel @

    The question is “what CAN’T you make with the Magic Bullet”! I use it mostly to make pesto sauces and hummus.

    I fear how much home-made hummus you will be eating now…


  3. VeggieGirl

    Make loads of ice cream! 🙂

  4. Shelby

    Make hummus!

  5. jenngirl

    SO jealous, I am obsessed with the bullet infommercials…and um, they make GUACAMOLE!! So obvi, do it!! 🙂

  6. insideiamdancing

    Aaaaah….so cool! How many variations on hummus?! You can do soups, nut butter (?), avocado/cocoa ‘pudding’, homemade lara bars ( )…endless possibilities!

  7. elise

    HOW did it never occur to me to add silken tofu to chickpeas for a home made hummus variety!?! brilliant!!! (you can prob guess whats on the menu tonight in light of this link you sent me…)

  8. ksgoodeats

    One of the reasons I want to get hitched: Kitchen Aid mixer. Oh and I guess, you know, finding the ‘guy of my dreams/soul mate’ whatever 😉

    NOW you can be a hummus making machine!! You can be like the late Billy May’s. “Elise _____, here! Watch me whip up a fast and easy black bean dip! Just throw it in and process. You’ll be eating your weight in dip in no time!” I can see the infomercials now!

  9. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    I have never tried a Magic Bullet so no tips for you on that one but I got a good LOL at your appliance jackpot analogy! Dear hubs and I eloped in Vegas, almost 9 years ago much to the chagrin of friend n fam. So needless to say, we didnt get to cash in on the appliance jackpot which is probably the only regret of not having a big shindig wedding. But, I did save myself 99% of the headaches associated with weddings but am still building my kitchen tools up….9 freakin years later! LOL 🙂

  10. homegirlcaneat

    Email Jessyboo Likes It HAWT for her beet dip recipe!! I have been dying to try it, but didn’t have a food processor to make it! It sounds off da CHAIN and is this gorgeousy beet color (obvi)!

    Hope OT wasn’t too bad!! I am already planning some ridiculous weird blogger gift for your wedding.. HOO RAW! When is the date of it anyways?!!?


  11. Courtney

    Wow–so you went with the Magic Bullet, huh?! How do you like it? How big are those little cups?! Like, could you make hummus in it with, say, a whole can of beans? Or would you have to do it 1/2 a can at a time? I can never tell from the infomercials (which I am obsessed with, by the way!)…just HOW big are those little cups/containers?!


  12. Michal Mymo

    mmm your black bean dip looks delish! Congrats on getting your magic bullet, i love my little generic one I use it all the time 🙂

  13. janetha

    magic bullet! good purchase. i love mine!! lmao, wedding registry is for sure the appliance jackpot. i make all my protein smoothies in my bullet because the mugs are so portable~no extra dishes to clean. i also love to make egg scrambles in there but since you are vegan that is not much help to you!

  14. elise

    i love it!! I could fit an entire can of chickpeas in the larger bullet along with all the other ingreds to make hummus easily (there are several sizes). the smaller bullet i could prob only make a mini batch. i guess the big one is probably like a pint? i have no idea about sizes…and im trying to use college beer serving knowledge to answer you, haha!!it also comes with 4 mugs that are between the two i already mentioned. i cant wait to keep experimenting!!!

  15. blueeyedheart

    …I’m thinking that instead of getting another blender to replace my crappy one, I should just get a Magic Bullet instead…

    (That sound you hear? It’s the sobbing coming from my bank account. :p)

    <3 <3

  16. Kristen

    Umm, my food processor was my #1 wedding gift hands down!! I’m glad the magic bullet is doing its thing!

    Who are you liking in the US Open?

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  18. elise


  19. elise

    it wasnt too bad ($50 at BB%Beyond) – at least compared to a blender or food processor…(ok, that MY rationale at least)

  20. Lara (Thinspired)

    I’m totally jealous of your new baby. I would definitely try making hummus, but obviously you have thought of that 😉 What about some creamy soups for Fall (sweet potatoes, carrots, etc)? Can’t wait to see what you blend up!

  21. elise

    good call – i cant wait for fall now 🙂

  22. elise

    a similar tofu scramble would prob work though.

  23. elise

    aug 28th. we just celebrated our -1 year anniv haha

  24. elise

    well atleast youve accumulated some tools in the meantime 😉 9 years worth!!

  25. elise

    lord help me if i start vlogging with the bullet!

  26. lilveggiepatch

    OMGOMGOMG I want that!!! I’m so excited for you.

    To answer your earlier question: our blender is, as far as I can tell, “Kitchen Classics” brand. Never heard of it… I don’t think it’s anything fancy, but it is a beast!

    You should make almond milk in your new bullet! It takes 60 seconds.

  27. elise

    all you need is a beast! haha. i have a kitchenaid blender and it sucks…hence the need for the bullet.

  28. Jessica (jesslikesithot)

    Your first job was at jamba juice too!?!?! Ohhh man, I didn’t know we were technically j-house sistas Elise!!! Can’t believe it!

    Ummm, so the pretzels & dried fruit mix is a great combo, no?? You know it’s a fave of mine!! And woowwww, love the looks of your dinner!!!

    Please, please, pleaseee whip up a big a$$ bowl of the banana soft-serve for me. Wait, I feel like you never eat bananas…do you even LIKE bananas!? hahaa, well if so…..whip up a batch and top it with carob chips for me pleaseeee. 🙂

  29. elise

    haha, ok here’s my issues with bananas. for the perfectly portable fruit, they are at their best when they are combined with other things. i prefer them frozen in a smoothie (holler at my jamba sistah!).

  30. ethel

    HERE IT IS!!! LOVE LOVE your new find! yay! sooo gonna try your bean dip recipe asap! E! I heart your blog!

  31. elise

    Its amaze. This bullet is rocking my face off! I’m so glad you love the blog!

  32. Panama

    Fantastic post – and good domain by the way!

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