All kinds of random (again)

My last random post was so fun, here’s another one.


I’m officially a cliché.  I bought these and ate the entire jar (minus two spears) in one night.  In truth, I’ve always loved pickles, but since Kyle’s got mega issues with all things dill/cucumber/pickle/zucchini I haven’t had one in the 8 years I’ve known him.  Crazy!  Pregnancy is definitely a great excuse to get your way in things like this.  I was nice and hid them from his sight in the fridge and then ate them when he was in the other room on a business call.


We finally saw DJ Dave in the flesh!!!  It’s amazing it hasn’t happened sooner, since we live in the same neighborhood and go to the same Whole Foods’ as he does, but this was very very exciting.  Kyle is such a fan (he seriously plays all of the fog and smog videos on a regular basis), but he stayed surprisingly calm and collected during our brief checkout interaction.  FYI, he’s really tall and really nice.


This is why leaving the Westside sucks.  Ugh.


This is amazing.  My mother in law sent it to me.  I think it’s hilarious.


I’m now on my second read through.  It’s just so good. 


Can you guess which one I requested?  I hope so!


I’m counting this as a smoothie, not a shake.  Even though there’s dark chocolate & organic peanut butter, there’s still bananas & almond milk.  Yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Finally, Kyle and I are on a babymoon in Santa Barbara this weekend.  I hope there’s a massage involved.  :)

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22 thoughts on “All kinds of random (again)

  1. Steph K.

    I never ate a pickle until I was pregnant. I think it has something to do with thirst as I was always SO thirsty when I was pregnat and pickles/pickle juice being a natural sports drink!

  2. Jill in Chicago

    I just went back and watched my 3 fav Fog and Smog videos (Whole Foods, Yoga Girl, Put Your Phone Down.) Hooray for DJ Dave!

    By the way, I’m really enjoying your Pregnancy Q&A posts even though I am not (nor close to) expecting. You mentioned comments from others about your diet — I hope your doctor has been cool and helpful as well? Anyway, thanks for those, they are interesting and I am sure I’ll come back and refer to them if/when I am expecting!

  3. Lou

    When I was doing breast feeding classes they have a little stuffed boob just like those hats!! Practise with a knitted, stuffed, pretend boob? All sorts of weird, but pretty entertaining :)

  4. Sayward

    Aww, reading my book while in SB, that is perfect! =D

    Also, please tell me you went to Adama??? Yes? Hope you found that massage, and hope you enjoyed Santa Barbara.


  5. Jessie

    haha love the knit cover for the baby. how funny! I hope you & Kyle have the most wonderful time this weekend together <3 You two definitely deserve it!

  6. Lou

    I did a couple before hand, and one straight after at the hospital… I think they are helpful information-wise (especially if you are a 1st time Mama) but really, it’s something that you need to DO to “get” if you know what I mean?

    The lactation-consultants are worth their weight in GOLD – especially if you come across any issues/problems. My problem wasn’t the actual feeding, it was the milk-production which was quite frustrating/disappointing…. and Misty was such a hungry boy I had NO milk left by 8 months :( You just gotta go with it though – breast feeding is hard work, but it’s pretty darn cool :)

    Argh, I’m so excited for you!!!!

  7. Elise Post author

    thanks so much! im keeping my fingers crossed that i dont have milk supply or latching issues, but its nice to know you found the lactation consultants helpful. i figured as much about “not getting it” until youre in the middle of it, but i think ill brush up on everything with my RN books in the meantime.

  8. ethel

    I’m quite proud of the consumption of pickles. YES! Let’s share a jar by the beach next time. =)

    p.s. i have news. emailing you.

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