Chocolate deception

I can’t recall the last time I made brownies.  But then, Katie got me thinking about them…and I couldn’t get them out of my mind.


With brownies on the brain, I nervously set to work in the kitchen.

I baked them with my fingers AND toes crossed…and then Kyle and I had a taste test.  Together.


Crazy dense and reallllly gooey.  And super sneaky.

Obviously I was aware of the ingredients, but Kyle had no idea that the main ingredient was…





I have heard of black bean brownies before (chances are you have too), but I always had my doubts.  It sounds straight up nasty.  But I was feeling experimental, and figured why not.

I won’t sugar coat it, they don’t taste like brownies.  They aren’t brownies.  But they are good.  And you definitely can’t taste the beans.  Hell, I’d make them again.  So I’ll share the recipe I used.

Chocolate Deception (aka Vegan Banana Bean “Brownies”)


  • 2 bananas (the more ripe the better)
  • 1 can (15 oz.) black beans, drained and rinsed well
  • 1/4 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1/4 cup NuNatural baking stevia
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp NuNatural vanilla stevia
  • shredded coconut (for topping)


Blend black beans and bananas together.


Pulse until everything is reallllly well blended.  Chunks of beans aren’t exactly the same as chocolate chips, now are they?


I have to be honest.  At this point, I almost scrapped the whole project.  The smell of a banana bean batter is almost the worst thing you could think of.  Like a hummus smoothie.  Blech.


I stuck with it though and added in the rest of the ingredients.


And that’s when I started to think things could turn out all right.  Visually speaking, you’d definitely never suspect there were beans running amok in this batch of brownies.


Once the batter is completely blended, pour into an 8×8 greased baking dish.


You could add anything to this, but I chose to sprinkle shredded coconut on top.


Off the top of my head I can already think of several variations, though.  Nut butters, pureed pumpkin, instant coffee, etc. could be nice additions to the recipe.


After 30 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees.


Slice into it and witness the gooey insides for yourself (note: I’m avoiding the “m” word on purpose).


Truly, they are quite good.  Like I said earlier, not so brownie like.  They are actually more like a chocolate banana bread with a really dense fudge like consistency.  And who doesn’t like fudgy insides?  Uh, nobody!  Duh! Winning!






The craziest part is that there’s no sugar in the recipe.  Sure, you could obviously sub the stevia for vegan sugar, but I had more stevia than vegan sugar on hand.  Also, here in the hippie household we use vegan sugar for coffee (thus, making is a far more precious resource).  Aside from the stevia, there’s only bananas to carry the sweetness weight, and they worked perfectly.  Not only was I pretty into them, but Kyle liked them too, and had no idea they contained such random ingredients.


Yes, I ate an entire side of the pan…you should make these…if you’re into yummy dense gooey chocolate.

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44 thoughts on “Chocolate deception

  1. Katie

    I’m so into yummy dense gooey chocolate. Glad I could induce a brownie craving for you. :-) These look way better than I imagined “black bean brownies” would…I’m still a little skeptical, but you’ve never steered me wrong – so I may just have to try them out.

  2. nelly

    i don’t understand what my fear is when it comes to baking with black beans…these brownies look ammmmmaaaazing!!!! and i have seen so many other bloggers use black beans to make chocolaty delights…

    this might just be the recipe that gives me that little shove!!!

    thank you!


  3. Brittany

    Elise!! Okay, so I made a batch of these (similar recipe) a week ago and loved them. After eating them all I decided I wanted to make more but this time I substituted flour for Peanut Flour.

    Do. This. ASAP. It’s amazing!!!

  4. cbrady3

    No one could tell there were beans when I made mine too! I’ve had some friends dissapointed with the recipe because they AREN’T fudgy gooey decadent brownies, but I think they taste awesome!

  5. MarathonVal

    Hmm I’m intrigued… I’ve tried the Happy Herbivore recipe before and didn’t care for it (though I know other people rave about them)… maybe I’ll give these a try!

  6. thekitchenklutz

    Hi there! Do you (or anyone can respond to this really) think the flour is necessary or could I sub in some oatmeal or oat bran? I don’t have any flour but I have the rest of the ingredients. They look fantastic!


  7. Ate

    E, we have this mong bean paste dessert that I think came from the Chinese, but oh so delicious. I wonder if that’s what your “brownies” taste like. I don’t suppose you have leftovers? Haha.

  8. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)


    I have heard of black bean brownies before (chances are you have too), but I always had my doubts. It sounds straight up nasty. ”

    Girl. I have never made black bean brownies bcuz have been told by many they dont live up to their hype and you can taste the beans. Now you have me wanting to try them.

    Black bean batter + banana and no sugar added = i would have scrapped it.

    So glad you didnt. They look wonderful!!!

  9. Kristen R.

    I don’t have stevia, what are some suitable substitutions? I plan on picking some up in the near future, but I don’t know if I can hold off baking these that long!

  10. julie

    i LOVE black bean brownies! the first time i ever made them they were from rocco dispirito’s cookbook! he used cacao nibs in them too which added a great crunchy and more chocolatey texture. mmmm i want now.

  11. elise

    any vegan sugar would do (turbinado, brown sugar, etc.). agave would work too, but you may have to alter the liquid ratio.

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  13. kissmybroccoli

    Haha! I love your avoidance of the “m” word! So glad to get a full review of black bean brownies…I’ve been curious, but just wasn’t so sure about them.

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  15. ashley

    Okay, I just made a version of Black Bean brownies that were amazing… and actually cakey, rather than M@!$+
    I think you’d love them– let me know if you want to give them another try and I’ll shoot you the recipe I used– even my husband liked them (and KNEW what was in them)– dictates a good recipe (contain egg whites though).

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  19. Emma

    Hey Elise! I’m Emma. I’m a fourteen year old vegitarian/vegan but my diet does not consist of pizza, chips and pasta! I nourish my body with only the the most natural wholesome foods. I have digestive issues as well and don’t eat tons of dairy. I absolutly love HHH! I’v tried tons of you recipies, and as you said you do us NuNaturals alot, and I have never had the chance to try! I subed in agave in this recipie and i think it must of come out differently than yours. I use agave WAY to much, and it would be awsome to have a new healthy sweetener!

  20. Leanna

    Wow! I’ve got to try these! I’m planning on subbing out the regular flour for something gluten-free…maybe almond flour or a baking mix. This looks delicious though; I actually like dense brownies! Thanks for sharing!

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