Creamy Quinoa with Kale


Quickie veggie dinner with mega protein ā€“ check!


While the kale simmered in a water and olive oil bath, I prepared the sauce.  I took Sabra roasted red pepper hummus and added nutritional yeast to it, then thinned it out with lemon juice and water.  The more hummus you use, the better.


Then I added the (already cooked) quinoa to the pan, cracked in a couple of eggs, scrambled the whole thing, and topped it in the lovely hummus sauce.


Perfection!  Done in under 20 minutes.  This is the ultimate hippie meal.  A classic in my cooking repertoire.  Enjoy!

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25 thoughts on “Creamy Quinoa with Kale

  1. Ammie

    Kale, eggs, nooch, & popped quinoa make up my very favorite breakfast these days! I’m going to try this variation to mix it up a bit…yum!!

  2. Becky (have turtle will travel)

    Hmm. Maybe I would like kale this way, I like the rest of the ingredients. Still trying to make myself like this magical green everyone swears is amazing. How long do you cook it to make it tender? Does it ever get tender, like collards?

  3. Ammie

    A confession…I’ve never tried amaranth. It’s on my to-do list. :) I just put pre-rinsed quinoa into a thin layer (you can use the rinsable variety but it must be dry first) into a pan that’s been heated over medium high heat. Once the quinoa starts to jump & pop you’ll want to begin shaking the pan (think Jiffy Pop popcorn method) until all of the quinoa is popped and a golden brown, 3-5 minutes. I store it in a jar and repeat the steps until I’ve popped the whole box. Some methods will tell you to use a little bit of oil in your pan but I found that using oil makes it more difficult for the quinoa to move around the pan freely and causes it to burn. It is nutty, earthy, crunchy, but light…it’s a game changer. I sprinkle it over my Greek yogurt, over salads, over roasted veggies, and I’ve also been known to eat it with a spoon straight out of the jar. It’s amazing! Let me know if you try it.

  4. Stacey @ Stacey Eats and Runs

    Have you ever had quinoa hummus?! I saw a picture someone posted of it and it was pre packaged but now can’t find it. I think it sounds intriguing but not sure good or bad, lol. I think I’m going to try making some. Was hoping you’ve tried it before!

  5. Elise Post author

    how would that work exactly? does that mean combining quinoa and chickpeas? because thats a combo i eat all the time. never heard of quinoa hummus as a product before though…

  6. Stacey @ Stacey Eats and Runs

    Yeah, the recipe that I could find online showed a typical hummus recipe with a half cup of cooked quinoa added in.
    I was thinking of it as a dip for veggies but not sure how the texture would be. I’m wondering if it is crunchy because of the quinoa or if it get pulverized by the processor and smooth like hummus!

  7. Elise Post author

    hmmm…interesting idea i guess?? i think id prefer it just as hummus mixed with quinoa. who knows though? lemme know if you try it.

  8. Susan Young

    What’s the purpose of nutritional yeast? Just as an FYI, purchased Sabra hummus this week to take to an event based on your high praise of their product.

  9. Hanna

    Where is the actual recipe for this? Being a novice at cooking, actual instructions and measurements would help :))

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