Current events with a day food log

This whole Lance Armstrong business really bums me out.  I always believed his denials.  I guess I just wanted him to be telling the truth about being clean so badly.  I read his books way back when they came out and found his story so inspirational.  I felt so bad for him when his medals were stripped.  And now it turns out he was covering up illegal drug use all along.  Sucks.

Since I’m on the subject of random current events (and my reactions), what do you guys make of this new Girl Scout Cookie?  You can read more about it on HuffPo, but basically there’s a new ingredient called Nutrifusion™.  And yes, that’s a trademark on an ingredient (which to me is a huge red flag that it’s probably not real food).  I mean, it’s not like you go to the store and buy apples™ and bananas™ and rice™.  And yet, it’s marketed as a health(ier) sweetener, thanks to the combination of “nutrients from natural whole food concentrate of (cranberry, pomegranate, orange, grape, strawberry, shitake mushrooms).”  Truthfully, it doesn’t sound too bad to me.  I mean, they’re Girl Scout cookies, not Girl Scout health food.  It’s a dessert.  Let’s all just accept that.  If you read the ingredients label, the Nutrifusion™ is actually one of the least offensive ingredients, in my opinion.  At least they don’t have HFCS.

In happier news, I’m pleased to say my little guy is head down and I’ve already started to dilate.  This is actually old news (found out at our 36 week check-up), but I forgot to share.

Onto the food!


Still loving these big pancakes.


My cravings for Earth Balance are out of control.  I swear there was almost 1/4 cup on this one pancake.  I think my little guy is trying to pack on the extra lbs.  Hopefully he’ll come out with big healthy rolls, looking all plump just like his dad was when he was born (Kyle was a serious fatty as an infant).


Breakfast numero dos was peanut butter oats with Love Grown oat clusters on top (raisin almond crunch).  Apparently, I was feeling oddly out of sorts with all the sweet stuff.  This pregnancy has made me a way more savory morning person, so consider this an anomaly.


For a late lunch, I went with a simple combo – greens, carrots (chopped my “special” way), quinoa, and seitan.


Bragg’s and nooch to season, naturally.


I snacked on these throughout the afternoon.  I’m 100% obsessed.


I’m in a major popcorn phase (lots of servings for a healthier late night snack/dessert).  If you find this kettle corn by Lesser Evil in your local health foods store (it’s GF, btw) you must buy it.


I’ll post the recipe for this tempeh dinner at some point.


What more do I need to say here?  My other favorite dessert is Theo organic fair trade toasted coconut dark chocolate (with 70% cacao), which I pair with candied ginger and almond milk.  It’s rich enough that I only eat one section of the bar at a time (there are ~6 total I think).

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37 thoughts on “Current events with a day food log

  1. stacy

    For the braggs/nooch dressing, do u blend itnin the VM Or just sprinkle on top? How much of each do u use? The salad looks great!

    How do u do with coconut aminos vs Braggs? Can the coconut ones be an issue with fodmaps?

    What brand is the seitan? I’ve been gf for years and Def have problems with grains…. I wonder if it is the wheat or the gluten tho. Proteins and grains in general seem to bother me

    Have u read the Fast Tract Digestion book? It takes the fodmaps theory to a higher level and was wondering if u thought it was sound or bunk.

    1. Elise Post author

      i just pour/sprinkle them both on. nothing scientific.

      i havent tried the coconut aminos yet but ive heard theyre a good alternative. theyre fodmaps safe. and it seems like all the paleo folks are on board (although for me thats potentially a con).

      i make my own seitan. i have recipes on this site and the fodmaps site. some are pre-fodmaps discovery so make sure you find the one thats fodmaps friendly (although you dont tolerate flours, so im not sure if the recipe will work for you). hmmm…maybe ill try to see if i can make a flour (grain) free seitan? but if its the gluten protein youre still s.o.l.

      havent tried the fast tract digestion. this is the first im hearing about it. ill have to check it out and let you know.

    1. stacy

      That’s the link., matey! ;) I guess and ibs one will come out soon… But if the theory is the same, Idk how different the ibs version will be compared to the one already out. I’d love everyone’s thoughts on this bc fodmaps isn’t the cure-all I was hoping it would be, however, I’m also tired of getting my hopes up with the latest nutrition book that comes to market… My bookshelves are filled with literature offering false hope. I just want something that works (and that doesn’t force meats and paleo type dogma onto me. My physical health is important, if course, but so are my morals and ethics. My body and soul have to agree with what I put into my mouth, for even the most gut friendly diet won’t work if it compromises my values, ya know?)

      1. Elise Post author

        on first glance im intrigued. his credentials are good. the excerpts i read sound like theyre based on research and fact. but there are not very many amazon reviews. and i hate when testimonials are a big thing for a “diet” book. thats always a red flag for me. also, his website is ghetto. but aside from that, im definitely curious about his theories. so there are my initial thoughts.

        the whole primal/paleo/grain free crap is an entirely different issue that i dont even want to touch because its a fad right now. 99% of the people following it have no interest in doing it for gut health.
        i completely understand your reservations about the latest nutrition book in the media – the dilemma of choosing food you want to nourish your body vs the food you want to relieve your GI pain – if they are at odds and creating an ethical dilemma…oy…so hard to know what to do.

        1. stacy

          Thanks for checking it out… I trust ur opinion and ur ability to snuff out the crapola. :)

          I wish there were more info on his diet…. I fear it is a modification of paleo. He’s coming out with an ibs specific one in feb

          Have u been dx’d with sibo or other types of dysbiosis? I guess the theory behind the Fast Tract diet is to heal sibo by not providing them the fuel they require to grow (ie fermentable carbs) it seems like he isn’t keen on resistant starch and feels this feed the bad duded…. But doesn’t it also feed the good flora? To me, there needs to be a balance between killing the bad and feeding the good, unless this can’t be done until the majority of the bad is gone first? Ugh.. Why isn’t more science dedicated to gut health?!

          Another key thing I’ve found is that zinc deficiency is a common cause of many gi issues… Zinc is responsible for over 200 enzymatic processes, even for digestive enzyme function. If u don’t have enough zinc, u can’t manufacture adequate digestive enzymes thus leading to mal absorption, dysbiosis, leaky gut, candida, etc. It also causes oxidative stress, which perpetuates these issues. This all, of course, causes a Cascade of other health issues and AI disorders. Most docs don’t test for this but it can be dx’d by a simple blood draw. “normal” reference ranges are too low.. Levels should be around 100-110. Veg*ns are especially susceptible to being deficient since meat is the favored source for zinc. If low, if is important to start supplementing it slowly as it can cause the body to release toxins if started too fast. Another common deficiency is taurine and vegans would benefit from 500mg. Bid

          Still doing my research and ill let ya know what else I find lol

          1. sarah w

            I just saw a new book on Dr Oz last week called ‘the plan’. It is written by a naturopath/homeopath…
            The idea is intriguing as she believes certain foods cause certain people to gain weight or react adversely to them. I have to do more research on it but I think some of her ideas are convincing and could work for those of us with sensitive guts.

          2. stacy

            Sarah, let me know what u find out regarding that book!

            Seems like the way to retire early nowadays is to come out with a diet book that hits a particularly vulnerable audience: digestive issues, autoimmune, obesity, autism, one-armed midgets with 3 eyes and a hair lip….. U name it, there is probably a book (or 50) out ther to “solve” it.

            Right now, the easiest solution for me is to not eat lol… But then I can’t pooop if i don’t eat, so then I’d need a laxative, which would then require me to actually eat some food in order for the laxative to expel anything, which would thus lead me back into figuring out wtf my lame gi tract won’t rebel against. Xanax, anyone?

            Gosh. I feel like I need a padded room instead of a bathroom most days. Anyone else empathize here? Ugh

          3. Elise Post author

            hahaha. YES! i went through the id-rather-not-eat-than-feel-this-crappy phase for sure. and that def didnt do my constipation any favors…
            interesting stuff about taurine and zinc. i suppose thats even more of a reason to keep on the prenatals (although the iron is no help so maybe not).
            i havent been dx with sibo or anything else but i never bothered getting tested for anything bc (to be frank) i stopped valuing the opinions on the GI MDs who just wanted to throw pills at me and not look at what else i could do (ie diet). nowadays (some) docs seem more open to getting to the root of the issue, but back when i was in the height of frustration and sorting out what would help my IBS i couldnt find anyone that even considered food intolerances/sensitivities as the cause.

  2. Nikki

    I can verify that there are six sections in Theo bars:-)
    Also, I’ve been wondering if you could give me your rundown on the healthiness of Earth Balance. It is what we use too but I’m not quite sure how I feel about it, really. In other words, can you please persuade me to use it more?

    1. Elise Post author

      earth balance is a tricky one. theres the whole palm oil thing with the orangutans, which is a huge con. that said, dairy cows dont exactly get the royal treatment either.
      in the plus column, its a blessing for dairy free and vegan (and even soy free) cooking/baking – it has never failed me. ever. i used to be better at moderation w the stuff – preferring coconut oil in baking and olive oil in cooking – because those things have one ingredient whereas EB has more. that said, its a) delicious and b) a fantastic substitution for actual butter. also, its healthier than real butter, doesnt come from nasty antibiotic/hormone dairy cows, and the ingredients are all real things i recognize.
      i dont know.
      persuaded? ha.

      1. Nikki

        Your explanation went a long way to persuading me…the pictures of pancakes swimming in EB did the rest:-)
        No, seriously, I need a buttery pancake now!

  3. Jill in Chicago

    I feel the same way about Lance! It makes me sad.

    Does anyone think he is confessing simply so he can compete in triathlons? (I think I read a headline to that extent–didn’t read the article–and kind of want to believe it only to make myself less sad about the confession.)

    1. Elise Post author

      i never thought of that, but i do know that if he confesses in court they may lift the ban on his triathlon ban. i think thats what the ruling would be…hmmm..interesting theory. i may go for it (for the same reason as you of course)!

      when is this oprah interview airing anyway? her PR team is making her a killing off the hype alone. since we dont have cable, i doubt ill ever see it (who knows what the heck channel is OWN on???)

  4. theresa @ aspoonfulofsunshine

    New Girl Scout cookies just irk me. I think they should just stick to the classic favorites because none of these new flavors every stick around and I highly doubt a cookie that contains mushrooms will be a huge hit. Thats just me two cents, but on the flipside, I’m glad your little one is loving the Earth Balance!

  5. Kate

    Ugh, both of those news stories were irritating – but I’m curious about what Lance has to say (smugly, no doubt) for himself so I know I’ll totally watch the interview. As for the cookies. Good lord. Like you said, Girl Scout cookies aren’t health foods. And when you turn cookies into franken-cookies, you’re making them even more unhealthy. Reminds me of the 100 calorie pack nonsense.

    Definitely sounds like baby is dictating your cravings right now – here’s to a big healthy boy! And good for you for embracing it…my husband was 11lbs1oz at birth so I will be allll over those estimated baby measurements in the final weeks if I have kiddos! ;)

  6. Lisa

    I was totally saddened by Lance Armstrong’s announcement as well. So sad, I really believed him when he was denying all the accusations. Toasted coconut dark chocolate? That is like my dream dessert.

  7. Lauren (@poweredbypb)

    I’m so with you on the Lance Armstong thing, he was my childhood hero, I read all his books, and I always believed he was telling the truth and it was all some big conspiracy against him. I’m just so disappointed by the whole thing.

  8. Lou

    You should get yourself a popcorn machine for when your little one is a toddler – Misty is OBSESSED with popcorn, which he calls “Coy”. Plus me and Viper munch down on it too ;) Organic corn kernels are SO cheap too!

    Are you drinking raspberry leaf tea in these last weeks? I swore by the stuff, helped my uterus go back down to size SO quickly, my midwife was shocked!

    1. Elise Post author

      oh! thanks for the reminder. i meant to start drinking it again at the end of my pregnancy. thanks!
      off to look into popcorn machines!

  9. Katie

    Yeah, I was supper bummed about Lance, too. BUM.MER.

    In other (non-bummer) news, I’m so happy you’re in the final stretch! I can’t wait to see your little guy!! I hope he’s a chubster, too…pile on the earth balance.

  10. Eliza

    Hi Elise!

    first comment here, and I wanted to say I love your blog. I actually had a Nursing question for you!– I am going to start a 12 month accelerated program in Philadelphia this May and I’m excited/nervous!!! Did you find your program, with the length, to be manageable? I work as a nursing assistant now in the ICU so I am gaining some experience, but I still feel like I have a lot (!!)to learn…any feedback you can lend about surviving would be awesome! Thanks!!!

    1. Elise Post author

      hi eliza!
      i loved my program. it was 11 months and totally fast paced but i found it was perfect for me. i learned a TON, but of course entered the workplace and felt like a complete fish out of water. thats to be expected from any new grad though. thats why orientation exists. theres no WAY you could learn everything in nursing school. ask questions and try anything and everything you can in clinical, where its basically a free pass to be an idiot.
      since youre a nursing assistant in the ICU already you will be 100% fine – ahead of the game in fact. i went in knowing nada. youll be up on all the medical lingo and understand the patient population more than anyone. seriously, youll be great.
      itll fly by.

      1. Eliza

        Thanks for all the kind words!!! I appreciate it more than you know. I may reach out to you with more questions if they arise, glad you love philly too…so much love for that city!!Congrats on your baby to be as well!!!

  11. Ttrockwood

    That pancake looks like a reason to get out of bed to me… And i think that if you are craving earth balance then enjoy!
    I adore all/any popcorn and kettle corn- have you made it stovetop before? I dont have a microwave (um, never have!) but coconut oil, heated up in a heavy pot, some palm sugar and flakey salt towards the end and magic happens….

    1. Elise Post author

      sounds fabulous…im slightly scared of hot oil on the stove top but ive always wondered how it would turn out.

      ps never owned a microwave!?!?! im so impressed!

  12. Cel

    As some one who is DEATHLY allergic to shiitake mushrooms, this ‘nutrifusion’ ingredient would literally KILL me! Not only that but if you google ‘shiitake mushroom allergies’, there is a mass percentage of the population that is seriously intolerant to this fungi. The allergic reactions are horrible. Thanks for the heads up on the article!

    1. Elise Post author

      whoa, thats crazy! i wonder if they knew that when they developed it because it seems pretty stupid given how common food allergies are.

  13. tina@theunprocess

    Very curious to learn more about the Nutrifusion ingredient. Does sound a little creepy, I wonder what steps of mechanization are done to maintain it? I’m new to your blog and LOVE all the unprocessed meal ideas. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    1. Elise Post author

      hi tina! so glad you found me :)
      good question about the nutrifusion. im almost scared to do more research…
      your blog is awesome – so glad i can add you to my blogroll :)

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