Day 6 and Day 7: Dessert and treat ideas

I always want chocolate, but it’s probably (definitely) not the best for me.

Gahhhh…I fell prey to my sweet tooth last night though and while I could rattle off a half dozen excuses, I’m just going to own it and focus on a more productive activity.

Brainstorming other options to turn to:

  • frozen grapes (love them, but always forget about them)
  • Danielle Walker’s real deal chocolate chip cookies (I’ve made them with stevia instead of the honey/palm sugar with success)
  • 21 Day Sugar Detox moo-less chocolate mousse (like avocado cacao pudding)
  • kombucha

Soooo, half of those are still desserts, but since quitting cold turkey has proven impossible, maybe I should have some backups on hand that still so sugar packed.  Although now that I’m writing this with a day of hindsight, I am clued in on more of the causes.

I started the day with Danielle Walker’s blender bread.

Once again I ate one smaller slice while the bigger slice fried in coconut oil on the stove.

This is hands down the best way to toast bread, especially this bread.  I only have a few more slices left, so I guess I better make another new loaf soon.  Did anyone get anything cool for Prime Day?  I was considering a sous vide or instant pot but I didn’t pull the trigger because I really just don’t need them.  I know, I’m like the only person in the world who isn’t doing the instant pot thing right now, but I cover most bases with my rice cooker and slow cooker…it’s hard to justify another appliance that overlaps so much with ones I already have.  Also, storage space.  I am already way out of room in the kitchen and because I hate cluttered counters I want everything to be put away.  The coffee machine in the only appliance that gets counter space…because hellooooo, priorities?!?!  If I have an appliance hidden away I’m less likely to use it, so it better be DANG useful to get brought out.  I just don’t feel like I can convince myself it’s a go.  So, alas, another Prime Day without a purchase.  I didn’t buy anything last year either.  But the year before I got Gwyneth’s cookbook for pretty cheap.  Danielle’s cookbook Celebrations is still on mega sale for 2.99 (apparently unrelated to prime day) so get on that before it’s gone.  That’s where this bread recipe is from after all…


Took my pills on sched.  Hating it but getting better at it.

I prepped a bunch of bacon the night before.  And I mean a BUNCH. Two baking sheets full.  I’m shocked P didn’t wake up to the smell (I have limited oven time given the temp lately).  The house still smelled amazing the next morning, which is probably why I had bacon on the brain.

Satisfied my craving with a big salad at lunch.  I was going to add my balsamic glaze/olive oil hack that I’ve been into lately, but I randomly looked at the ingredients in the TJ balsamic glaze and was surprised to find it had way more in it than I thought it would.  The FIRST ingredient is concentrated grape juice!!!  What the what!?!?  And it has modified corn starch in it.  Annoying.  So I poured red wine vinegar and olive oil on top of the lettuce and tossed it by hand to try and get the lettuce evenly coated in both (since I didn’t make the vinaigrette separately).  I guess I should prep some basic dressings.

I added sunflower seeds after this photo because it seemed lacking in some area, but I didn’t want to add more animal protein (cheese and dried fruit are a no go).  It was ok, but left me wanting.  I had a ton of carrots too, but still felt like I wasn’t satisfied.  Annoying.

I was busy the rest of the afternoon with kids activities, and then couldn’t figure out for the life of me what I wanted for dinner.  I wasn’t really hungry and nothing jumped out at me cravings wise.  I stared into the fridge for way too long before settling on the most random leftovers.

I had a cut of beef that needed to be used asap, and asparagus from over a week ago (?).  I added an egg for no real reason, but it worked.

It was ok, but was in no way enough to hold me over until the next day.

Which is when I turned to this.

And I went back for a second serving size that was arguably larger.  I didn’t take a photo because I was in denial.  Food-wise, the day didn’t go very well for me.  I felt ok, but did have some (minor minor) symptoms which was confusing* – moreover, I felt my psychological needs weren’t met.  Physiologically, I was fine.  I wasn’t hungry and I felt full at multiple points over the course of the day, but still never truly satiated.*

After a decent night’s sleep I woke up feeling great (GI wise).  Per usual, I got my workout on.  Kyle’s out of town still so I went on a long bike ride, pulling the kids in the chariot, and felt like my energy was ZAPPED. That’s when I began second guessing my diet and wondering if my carb intake may need to be higher given my activity level?  I just felt more lethargic than normal.*  Granted, I was towing an extra 50+ pounds behind me, so there’s that.

Then I got my period.  [Delayed TMI warning?]

*Which explains everything.  Like psychological cravings vs physiological needs.  And my ambivalence about food (this often happens during that time of my cycle).  And my low energy.  “Psychological cravings” in this case were just hormonal urges. Hormones also affect my gut, so now I’m going to have to take everything that I feel with a grain of salt.

Moving on.  I had a cup of decaf with cashew milk, followed by two slices of zucchini bread with almond butter.  I felt full and great and wasn’t really hungry until well after noon.  I took pills on schedule.  This diet is causing me to drink so much more water than I previously did, that’s for sure!

I finished off the odds and ends in the fridge for lunch – including tuna salad, smoked salmon, half and avo, carrots, and the entire bag of kale chips (SO GOOD).

I ran out of carrots or I would have had more.

Whenever Kyle goes out of town I’m torn on making food for myself vs just cleaning out the fridge and eating random portions for the sake of cleaning.  It gives me mixed feelings of joy and sadness.  I LIKE clearing space in the fridge and not wasting food, so that makes it nice, but I also don’t like eating things I don’t really really want (it’s my absolute least favorite thing to do. in life. period.).  Sigh.  If only I weren’t such a head case.  In the end, I usually go the cheap route and just eat what’s around rather than buy or make new stuff because it’s me and apparently I don’t value my own happiness (kidding, but it wouldn’t kill me to treat myself nicer more often).

The kids ate half their dinner at market, but it was so hot I was not in the mood to hang out there for very long.

I was again stumped on dinner ideas, so I reverted to the same dinner from two night’s ago because it was so good and why not?

I had leftover grilled chicken from the weekend so I quickly chopped that up and tossed in the rest of the stuff (swapping shredded zucchini for celery because I already had it on hand and wan’t food on my plate asap).  I also nixed the grapes and added cilantro.

With lettuce cups ready for the stuffing!

Delish!  I ate every last drop and was quite full by the end, which was the idea since I didn’t want to binge on chocolate or something else sweet at night because I didn’t eat enough at dinner.

I still had a rose kombucha, and it was perfect.

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Comments (4)

  1. Jess

    Are you avoiding chocolate because of the sugar alone? Are you still eating sweet fruits (i.e. bananas)? When I cut out processed, added sugar for a couple months I turned to chocolate oatmeal. I would cook half a banana in with my oats and then add a square of unsweetened bakers chocolate. If it fits your food boundaries, perhaps another way to get the chocolate fix?

  2. Elise (Post author)

    Nice idea! In small amounts, chocolate is fine, but certain kinds can be high fodmaps. Cocoa powder technically has fodmaps though. I’m also separately trying to keep added sugars down to starve out the bacteria as I take these herbs to kill them off as well. So it’s a balancing act of not feeding my gut with anything that will cause bacterial growth. At least for now. Here’s the link to the chocolate details from the leading researcher:

  3. Mary

    I’m so surprised that you don’t track your cycle! But, I know stuff changes after kids, and from your posts I know how busy you are it’s probably just brain clutter. I weirdly love tracking mine, but I’m blessed with a regular cycle that’s pretty easy to track…

    I don’t comment often but I’ve been reading a long time, since your posts about all the food you’d pack for your nursing shifts! I think you’re doing such a great job with your kids, they’re such good eaters and they’re always smiling. I also love that you’re media free! I don’t have kids but I’d like to think I’d try to raise mine in a similar way 🙂 OH, also, I’m a science girl myself, and the fact that you advocated for P to do the OIT is SO MAJOR. What an incredible gift to give him.

    Your food always looks super good, makes me want aaalll the salmon and salads and chocolate haha

  4. Elise (Post author)

    Hi Mary!!! What an amazing comment to read! There’s no greater feeling of success than someone telling me something positive about my kids, that’s for sure. I don’t track my cycle, but I have a general idea…that said, it keeps getting shorter and shorter!! What the what!! I have a copper iud so I’m not worried about getting preggo, and therefore I really don’t pay attention to the timing.

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