Freak’n week’nd

As far as work weekends go, this one was pretty sweet.  For some reason I was only scheduled to work Saturday (weird)…so having both Sunday AND Monday off basically felt like a full weekend.  I’ll take it!

As a result, I had some QT with my beau PLUS I got in some decent exercise.  Being January and all, my typical intensity of exercise has been scrapped and I have very minimal goals: get sweaty on my days off of work.  Granted, I don’t have any actual goals or anything for the non-winter seasons, but in the back of my mind, I generally know how much activity I want (be it on a weekly or monthly basis).   Once the warmer months go bye-bye, though, the perfectionist in me can get a little frustrated.  I’ve talked about it before, so I’ll keep it short and sweet now. 

Just making an effort to do something (anything) that gets me out of the apartment, will keep me sane (and not annoyed with my inability to follow through with my normal [non-winter] level of exercise). 

Not that I’m advocating lowering expectations, but I do think that maintaining a realistic idea of what you can achieve is important to not get down on yourself.  Muy importante for the perfectionist in me.  Kapeesh? 

Do you have goals for exercise (weekly/monthly/whatever)?  Or do you just wing it on a daily basis? 

Enough coffee-less coffee talk.


There we go.

I also did a fair amount of cooking over the long weekend, which will begin to appear over the week.  Cooking in bulk is a great way to keep expenses down during the work week, so I made a huge lasagna and stocked up on groceries that are easy to throw together.


I am embarrassed to say that this lunch was inspired by a Taco Bell commercial.

Seriously though, for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what I wanted for lunch and then I saw a stupid “Think outside the bun” ad…and BAM…it hit me.


Amy’s vegan burritos are definite necessities to have on stand by.  I love the black bean burrito best.


To cook it properly in the microwave, I wrapped it in a paper towel.  Not too tight, not too loose. 


(Somewhere between Mariah Carey hip-hugging and Janet Jackson baggy)

For some reason, this technique allows the burrito to heat evenly throughout, while the tortilla gets kinda crispy on the outside.  I have less interest in understanding the physics behind this than Heidi Montag, but it works, and that’s all that matters.


Dee-lish.  On the side, I made a Mexican sour cream out of WF salsa and plain greek yogurt


Definitely try this tangy faux-“creamy” salsa on your next Mexican feast.  It sounds a bit odd, but it was really really good.

After lunch, I worked on tackling a few pounds of this.


13 apples will likely last me 3 days…I know I’m not alone in this, so I no longer have any shame in posting about this obsession.

Other weekend activities:


I know a LOT about Seinfeld, but Kyle is ridiculous (his knowledge boarders on stalker status…consider this your formal warning Jerry Seinfeld).  Also, I’m teaching myself to knit AND I finished two books.  FUN!!

As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I was delighted with the nice weather, and I took advantage with an outside run in the Park.  It was simply gloooooorious.  There’s no other way to describe how I feel when running outside.  The crisp air in my lungs.  The concrete under my feet.  The sun on my face.  Plus I got to rock some of my cool new outdoor running gear (Christmas goodies)! 


Whole Foods was out of Tazo Chai tea 😛 so I settled for Yogi Mayan Cocoa Spice tea…which turned out to be quite nice.  I like the messages on Yogi’s tea bags too. 

Dinner was WF hot bar action…followed by some grocery shopping.


Can I get a shout out for the $12 in coupon savings!!!  Holler!


By the way, I’ve discovered the secret ingredient to the perfect chocolate sorbet…arrowroot!

HHH chocolate sorbet:

  • 1 tbsp raw cocoa powder (I use Chatfield’s)
  • 1/4 tsp NuNaturals Stevia powder
  • 1/4 tsp arrowroot powder
  • 3/4 cup ice (tip: if you freeze smaller cubes they blend more easily and quickly, so I only fill my ice trays ~1/2 cm high)
  • 1/2 cup silken tofu



Back to workity-work manana.

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Comments (34)

  1. molly @thevegandorm

    I’ve tried the yogi brand Green Tea w/Kombucha – yummy!
    There’s nothing like running outside!

  2. Gabriela

    I agree, Amy’s are the perfect meal to have on hand- quick, healthy and super yummy. The ravioli are awesome, if you haven’t tried them 🙂

    There’s nothing like running outside…a treadmill never compares! Enjoy your week!

  3. Susan

    12 smackaroos saved from coupons? My mama would hug you for that!

    I’m diggin your Mexican sour cream – idea steal alert!

    I do agree its harder to get exercise-motivated in the winter, especially if you’re not a “gym-rat”. I usually just roll around on the floor, call it yoga and go about my biznazz. Kudos to you for getting schwetty!

  4. mayapamela

    Love the Greek yog salsa combo! I’m game to try that. Do you think cornstarch would work instead of arrow root?

  5. taylor

    wegmans had a sale on gala apple bags of like 12? i bought 4… i know how ya feeeeeel

  6. kbwood

    i freakin love seinfield!! SOUP NATZI!!
    LOVE greek yogurt and salsa..perfect side to a burrito!

  7. elise

    im pretty sure they both work similarly.

  8. Morgan

    I’m curious as to which books you’ve just finished reading.
    Around Christmas I read two novels – which is unusual for me because I’m a student so I’m burned out of reading and I usually gravitate toward nonfiction anyway. One of them wasn’t worth mentioning, but the other was called The Cheese Monkeys and I thought it was great. Check into it if you’re interested!

  9. marie

    Yay for coupons! SCORE!!!!

    I try to do SOME form of exercise every day, even if it’s just a walk around the neighborhood. Yesterday should’ve been a Spinning & Pilates day, but I was feeling run-down, so it became a rest day, and I just took a stroll around the ‘hood w/ DH. I set a schedule for each week, but I try to cut myself some slack if things don’t go according to plan. You will note that I said try–you’re not the only one with perfectionist tendencies! I hated missing Pilates last night but knew that my body needed the rest. I understand when you say that sometimes your goal is just to get a sweat on. Being kind to ourselves can be just as important as physical exercise!

  10. Diana (Soap & Chocolate)

    Aw, did you hear the founder of Taco Bell just died? Not that he ever did much for me but the look on the boyf’s face when he eats TB tells me Mr. Bell touched a few souls in this world. 🙂

  11. Holly

    okay, i am way behind in your posts, but i am loving catching up on them all at once. maybe i shall save myself some hippie love so i can have marathons like this more often. okay, i have read of arrowroot but i really know nothing about it. lay it on me – what is it good for? and don’t say absolutely nothing 🙂

    mariah + janet = laugh out loud in my apt. love you girl!!!!!!

  12. MarathonVal

    I LOVE to knit! How fun!

  13. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    Workouts…I know that I am going to to do yoga in the morning and power walk w/ the fam in the p.m. Exactly where, how much, duration of any and all workouts is seriously impacted by hub’s work scheudle,my teaching, and our child’s mood 🙂

    Love the Sorbet w/ arrowroot. Nice!


  14. Jenna

    Love amys burritos!

  15. julie

    welcome back my friend. several things:

    1. i’m jealous of that mug. i’m sipping out of my new york one now and its seriously not as cool as beijing.

    2. i tryyy to work out 5-6 days a week. thats my goal and if i get under i get pissed.

    3. greek yogurt + salsa is amaze

    4. aint no shame in apple lovin.

  16. Courtney

    Days off are the best–I am glad you enjoyed yours 🙂

    I have been bringing my own bags everywhere since waaaay before it was considered “cool” to be green, and am so happy to see that stores are finally catching on and offering bag rebates (even if it is only .10 cents). I don’t get weird looks in grocery stores anymore, but at places like Target, clothing stores, and drug stores, I still get a lot of weird looks. Whateves–they should see my re-used a zillion times over plastic zip lock baggies…THEN they would think I was really weird 🙂

    13 apples in 3 days? Not too shabby! How is teaching yourself to knit? My sister is a really good knitter, and I have been meaning to ask her to teach me. Seeing as she is on the East coast and I am not, that might be a little hard. Is it difficult to learn on your own?


  17. prettyladycmu

    Amy’s meals and burritos are my total go-to meals. I’m a huge fan of her indian meals, particularly.

    Re: winter exercise, I’m trying not to set standards or expectations for myself. Right now, I’ve got so many other expectations that a fitness one might send me over the edge. Also, I am liking the healthier take on food/life I’ve been feeling lately so I figure I’ll rock that and run when I want to 🙂

  18. jenngirl

    Your apple purchases seriously make me feel normal now. I always feel weird buying so many, but they’re gone faster than I can blink!

    And I agree, when you’re a perfectionist (like us) it’s GOOD not to hold ourselves up to standards that make us crazy. For some people, they need to pressure. We don’t, so I totally understand. I do set weekly exercise goals, and recently I’ve been working on going easier on myself when it comes to what I’d like to achieve. And I’ve never felt better! (mentally and physically)

  19. leangreendeane

    Where to start…
    -Salsa and yogurt? Innovative. Genius. I have always dipped things in both, maybe even at the same meal, but never thought of combining the two…
    -I bought a 12 pound bag of Northern Spy’s Monday, i will be going back for more tomorrow…(in MJ fashion) Youu are not alone… 🙂
    -The last sentence of your post discourages me a bit, i took spanish for 2 years and feel as if i am learning more from you then i did in high school… I was pretty confused as to why you were going back to workity-work apple. 😉 manzana? manana?

  20. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    amy’s burritos are so great! i am always pleasantly surprised by how delicious they are 🙂 and ahh never enough appless!!

    i am the same way (perfectionism, etc.) so i try not to set crazy strict goals or else i legitimately go craaazy!


  21. snackface

    What the fur is a Sheryl Crow lunch? Hahaha it’s on the receipt and I’m so distracted.

    I love the lightness of tone in this post. You sound so happy! LOVE.

    Hmm, I work out three days a week and my only goal is to move for about an hour. And get jacked. But really, I find that when I try to work out four or five days a week, I get really down on myself if I miss one. So three is good for me!

    Miss you. Love you. xoxoxoxxo

  22. Katie

    Thanks for the tip (and hilarious analogy) about wrapping the burrito…I can never get them right.

    You are so not alone in your apple obsession. I’ve already had 2 today, and it’s not even noon in CO.

    I am a total freak about exercise, and I make myself workout every morning before work (so, 5 days a week)…if I don’t get sweaty every morning – I let it get to me and ruin my day/week. I am trying to change this behavior…but so far, my type A personality won’t let me budge. I’ll figure out a balance one day…

  23. ethel

    I like your “sour cream” combo. I’ve been so reluctant to buy greek yogurt cuz I feel like I need to plan a whole week’s worth of meals to go with it, but it’s hard for someone to be so creative when you’re just starting to branch out. I suppose I can keep referring to your many recipes…haha…Perhaps I’ll try this out on my non-vegan burritos. 😉

    I know I shouldn’t complain, and I’m not really, but again, I have limited outfits for this wet weather here in southern cali. I did however manage to go to the gym and get a good run and biking in. Since running outside is normally not the problem, I tend to avoid the gym when it’s the new year cuz of the New Year’s Resolution peepps. It’s how you say, HELLA crowded! But you inspire me, and in turn, I can eat more! So, I try to gym or run it up at least 3 times a week now. Proud? hehe

  24. daintyvegan

    When it comes to exercise I just wing-it. I mean, in my mind I like to think that I’ll do “2 days of strength this week and 3 days of cardio” but yeah, who am I kidding. That just doesn’t happen. Most of the time it’s 1 day of strength and if I’m feeling particularly active 2-3 days of cardio. Maybe. When the weather is nice? Then I’m running outside almost everyday.

    And no shame in all those apples! Apples are heavenly. <3 When I say that I can eat only apples and be satisfied, I mean it. I've even gone a day where that's all I ate because that's all I wanted. Soon my dad will be forcing me to buy the boxes of apples with my own money. :3

  25. aletheiazoe

    I totally wing exercise on a daily basis. I also keep in mind that EVERYthing counts and that, with the limited time that I DO have, try to work as intensely as possible. I actually find that setting goals for myself makes them seem less appealing to me. There’s a natural rebel in me that just wants to do what it’s not supposed to. So no expectations – just one mantra – work harder. 🙂

  26. ksgoodeats

    What’s exercise!? 😉

    That burrito is one of my favs – Amy knows how to properly do the burrito butts. Delish! You made our like a bandit at WFs. I need to hit up that joint as well!

  27. elise

    hey morgan – i just read towelhead by alicia erian and comfort food by kate jacobs…currently im reading push (the novel that precious is based on). im a big reader (what else are subway rides for…) so you can check out my past faves, etc. on if you want to.

    thanks for the rec. im ALWAYS looking for others so feel free to pass on any more. 🙂

  28. elise

    its been a bit difficult, but so far im just plugging away. i know there are good tutorials on youtube though also, so there may be a time when i have to turn to those in addition to my “knitting for dummies” book

  29. elise

    hahaha, i actually went back and re-read my post just to double check i didnt write the wrong one. sorry that those HS classes didnt stick!

  30. elise

    seriously, AS i was taking that photo i was like, what the eff is a sheryl crow lunch??? i still dont know, but i think it has to do with the reuseable bags we brought. it was a WF brand reusable bag…but maybe it is some initiative she put forth?? i have no clue…now im sitting here wondering what kyle shoved in the cart when i wasnt looking – haha

  31. elise

    i like that mantra. thanks for the reminder that everything counts. 🙂

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