I’m going back to Cali, Cali, Cali

LL Cool J anyone? 

For the second time in 2 weeks, I’m back on the west coast.  I still dreaded the long flight (I just hate flying in general), but this time Kyle was with me, so it was ok.  Plus, now the whole trip is gonna be one million times better 🙂

We are starting in Nor Cal…then heading to So Cal for my cousin’s wedding AND to visit with college friends (we both went to UCLA). 

Plane snacks at the ass crack of dawn.

IMG_1634 IMG_1004

The apple was solid, the True Delights bar, not so much…I gave it to Kyle after eyeing the entire side loaded with bombitters almonds.  His “official” review was favorable, but he also hates real oatmeal and granola (so keep that in mind).  He thought it had a nice texture (pretty much as chewy as other Quaker bars) with the right amount of chocolate, but he wasn’t overly thrilled by the raspberry flavor.  He’d still prefer these basic Chewy bars that we all remember from our youth.

Are there any bars/snacks that you remember with fondness from your younger years?

I was so jealous of my friends’ lunches with gushers and/or fruit roll-ups because my mom NEVER gave me those goodies.  She was way ahead of the FDA, because HFCS products were as foreign to me as boys.  My mom packed the healthiest lunches (the extra 10 cents to get chocolate milk was the BIGGEST treat). 

I looked forward to the last day of school mostly because then we got our (unused) earthquake packs back (that weren’t used throughout the school year).  This concept may be lost on non-Californians, but at the start of every school year each parent would pack their kid a massive freezer bag of goodies an emergency survival stash in case of an earthquake.  So my amazing mom (who did everything better than any other mom) went ALL OUT because she figured if I had to use it, I deserved an extra special treat…meaning there were goodies she’d never be caught dead feeding me otherwise.  Oh man…the things that were in that pack…when I was 9 years old that was heaven as far as I was concerned.

Sorry for the tangent.  Sometimes random stories just come to me…

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Comments (3)

  1. VeggieGirl

    Forgot about LL Cool J 😀

    Bars I remember with fondness = the Nature Valley Granola bars.

    Hope the rest of your time out in Cali is fabulous!!

  2. ksgoodeats

    I have nothing to say after that last post!! laskjkj!!

  3. Courtney

    OMG–my mom was the same way! Too funny–my lunch would be packed with weird organic stuff that none of my friends would touch with a 10-foot pole! My best days were when I could con someone into trading my whole lunch for a packet of gushers or a fruit-by-the-foot or a chewy granola bar (a Kudos was too much to hope for)…well, mom, now I pack my OWN weird organic lunches…mission accomplished!

    I hope you have a great trip!


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