I get so many repeat questions about Kyle and what it’s like cooking/grocery shopping/being married to a non-vegan, I just decided to re-post the most common questions here.  Feel free to ask follow-ups…

Was your wedding vegan?

No, but I did have my own vegan cake and vegan meal.

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The story of how/where me and my beau met.

Quite simply, Kyle and I met at our on-campus job at UCLA.  Not that I’m advocating inter-personnel relations, but dipping my pen in the company ink proved to be quite effective in my case. 😉

He had already worked there before I was hired, so despite being younger than I was in school/age, he was my senior at “the office.”  I will never forget the first time I saw him at our job’s orientation.  He was hot and I was single…

We worked a few times together and since our job wasn’t exactly labor intensive (we set up and “managed” on campus events) there was serious down time that allowed us to get to know each other (while getting paid).  Multi-tasker that I am, I signed up for as many shifts with him as possible.  We flirted shamelessly and the hours flew by (money in the bank, boy candy for the eyes, man do I miss college).  I was always sad when work ended, so I started hanging out at the office FAR more than was necessary.  Unfortunately (and fortunately), our job was student run, and we were all really good friends so my increased hours of face time at the office wasn’t exactly the biggest hint to Kyle.  (BTW, if you’re jealous of this amazing job, you should be, the hiring was rigged, so our “staff” was actually just my group of friends)

Anyways, clearly we were both into each other, but being the “cougar” that I am, I made the first move.  That’s right ladies, at the ripe old age of 20, I had my sights set on my 19 year old future husband (that sounds so much more pervy when written).

I got his digits from the work directory (shaaaady) and called to ask him to a sorority date party.  I was so nervous I hardly remember, but I think the convo went something like this:

E:  Hi, Kyle?

K:  Yeah?

E:  This is Elise [long pause] from work?

K:  Oh!  Hi.

E:  Do you want to go to my sorority’s date party on Sat?

K:  This Saturday?

E:  Yeah.

K:  Ummm, ok.

E:  Great.  See you at work.  [click]  [SCREAM!!!!]

Another important thing to mention here is that I was in the middle of the street for this conversation and it was also nearly midnight.

I lived with 3 other girls (who had been urging me to call him forever) and I didn’t want them listening – so naturally the road was the next best option, right?  Right.

Immediately after calling I ran back inside and we all squealed like giddy teenagers.  I’d been gushing about him for weeks so they were ecstatic for me.

Cut to 7+ years later and we are now married.  It hardly seems real when I think back on it.  Our relationship has endured the stress of school, jobs, several moves (So Cal to Nor Cal, Nor Cal to Philly, Philly to NYC), several hair colors, and everything in between – and while we both value our jobs and pursue career advancement, putting each other first has been the recipe for success.  He’s my best friend and I can’t imagine my life without him.  He gives me unending support, while calling me out when I’m being a crazy hormonal female.  He inspires me to be the best person I can be, and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world that I get to spend the rest of my life with him.

Read it in the OG post here.

Does your fiancé (now husband) eat like you?  If not how do you guys handle a household with different food preferences?

Although Kyle is not vegan, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy vegan food.  He is not a big meat eater to begin with (maybe in part from hanging out with me for too long…) but regardless, he is open to trying nearly anything.  Plus, he loves my cooking, so when vegan meals are on my menu, he’s not one to turn them down.  He also shares my passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and understands that eating plant-based foods and being physically active are the simplest ways to take care of yourself.  The fridge is a shared space, though, so yes, there is dairy (ie cheese) in it.  However, he is very respectful of my dietary choices and so it’s a give and take thing…I don’t impose my ways on him, and vice versa.

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