Little Miss Sunshine

Looks like I brought the sunny CA weather back East with me, huh?  Let’s hope it lasts.

My camera died mid-lunch prep, so only 75% of my pre-packed eats are shown below.


Ellie’s presents came in handy with my lunch prep.  First up, the Tokyo Seaweed Salad, which I chose because I had extra Arame seaweed to use from yesterday’s lunch.


I mixed the rest of the arame (on the left) with half the Tokyo Seaweed salad and added it to a fistful of spinach.  I added raisins after the photo because it looked too boring.  Perfection!


The only item that didn’t make it into the photo was the bag of Newman’s Own protein pretzels/raisins/pistachios.  Otherwise, these eats pretty much fit the standard hippie cookie cutter lunch mold (dried mango and pears), Tribe hummus with carrots, a Graham Cracker Z bar (LOVE!) and a mini S’more Luna bar (Nike half marathon loot), and an apple

Work was work.  It was actually kinda nice to be back (I have NO doubt that I will take that statement back when I am working this weekend)…but anyways.

Anyways, I know I promised seven random things about me in my last post, so here it goes:

1.  I walked exclusively on my tip-toes until I was 4 years old.  I wasn’t the fastest on my feet, but I had some b!tchin calves.

2.  I was on the U-19 women’s ODP soccer team at the age of 14.  Oh, and I was 4’10’’ and 80 lbs.  Yes, it’s true “good things come in small packages…”

3.  My grandpa calls me chocolate because my middle name is Claire (as in Eclair).  It’s cute until you find yourself explaining to the bank teller why your birthday check has a flavor in the spot for a name.

4.  As a youngin’ I wanted to be a farmer when I grew up, followed by an orchestra conductor, and then a sticker & nail polish collector.  Such great career choices!  (Now I just want to win the lottery)

5.  Even though I work in health care, personally, I hate taking medicine.  I’d rather just deal with headaches with coffee, suffer through sleepless nights by counting sheep, and ignore my muscle pain.  But that’s just the stubborn fuh-reak in me.  I’m also happy to report that I petitioned both the flu & H1N1 shots (which you all were so kind to share your opinions about), and successfully got out of it.

6.  I always walk on the left side of others, sit on the left, and in general try to stay to the left, to the left (I’ll keep the politics out of blogging, but I’m a hippie, so you all probz know where I stand).

7.  Kyle and I both went to UCLA and met while working at our on-campus jobs.  Cheers to dipping your pen in the company ink! 

Hope you enjoyed the tid-bits 😉

I got home around 8 and was delighted that I didn’t even have to think twice about what to eat for dinner.  Isn’t it nice when your fridge is STOCKED with amazing vegan eats?  Um, YES!!!


Karen & Sisters Vegan Salsa “Chicken” Salad is made with TVP, soy protein, and organic veggies (carrots, celery, onion, sun-dried toms, jalapenos, cilantro), and vegan mayo. 

I am SO glad I got this flavor to sample for free because I had been eyeing it for a while, but was too nervous to try it.  Does anyone else have a hard time straying from the flavors that you KNOW you like?  I can’t help but think “why risk it?”  These babies certainly aren’t cheap, so I prefer to go with something I am sure I will love.  Well, apparently, meals like the above “salsa chicken salad” are what you miss when you are a creature of habit.  Note to self: grow a pair.


In less than 60 seconds, I toasted a WF english muffin and made an open faced sammie.  The rest of the plate was filled with (raw) carrot sticks and (steamed) brussel sprouts.  Naturally, I dipped the carrots in the chicken salad, too.  It.was.SO.good.  A bit heavy on the vegan mayo, but sometimes a girl needs her (8 servings of) fat, right? 

There was just a touch of the salad left after all my dipping, so I got a few pretzels to seal the deal.


The finisher strikes again! 

Dessert you ask?  Why yes. 


Strawberries were the common thread.  I had a big bowl of them with cantaloupe and then a smoothie with leche, ice, strawbz, and my new fave ingredient


Xagave sent me a bottle of their organic agave nectar, which I was thrilled to try.  I have been hearing buzz about using agave as a sweetener for-EV-AH because of its healthy nutritional stats.  If Jillian loves it, I’m on board. 

The best part about using agave in my desserts (or anything for that matter) is that it is low on the glycemic index, so my blood sugar won’t spike right before bedtime.  Another perk, a little goes a long way.  YUM!

The gave me a cookbook, too, packed full of ideas that I can’t wait to try out…thanks again Robyn 🙂

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Comments (40)

  1. blueeyedheart

    I’m sure you’ll be perfectly willing to go to CA and bring some warm weather back with you in a month or so. It will be greatly appreciated. 🙂

    <3 <3

  2. verbalriot

    I wanted to be a farmer too! 🙂

  3. Mama Pea

    “Happy Birthday Chocolate Eclair!” That Pops is a riot!

  4. jenngirl

    haha fun facts. 🙂

    I have a really hard time (especially lately) getting out of food ruts…I like all of the things I eat, and while I know there are a few things I SHOULD switch up, I just can’t, not yet anyways..

  5. ksgoodeats

    I tried to find your infamou protein pretzels at the store the other day and it was no dice. I’m determined to find them!!

    WOOHOO for your petition – work it, gurrrl!

    To the left, to the left, everything you own in a box to the left 🙂

    I will email you about my life later on tonight! You need updating!

  6. ksgoodeats

    Pretend I know how to spell!

  7. The Foodie Diaries

    So you’re behind this AMAZING weather and my consequential giddy disposition? GRACIAS yo

    I don’t know if that seaweed salad tasted anything like the kind they serve at sushi restaurantes–probs not bc those ones are like marinated in sugar–but now im really craving one.

    I love that you did the damn thing with that faux chicken salad. I feel like you might be the only person in blogland who go head to head with me in an eating competition. I currently have 4 tubs of sabra in my fridge–you down?

  8. Liza

    Cool, I played ODP soccer too, 14 on the U19 team, your a stud!!! Did you play college soccer? My name is Liza, I read your blog from time to time. I am actually training for a full marathon, AHHH!!! Its so hard, but I still think that a fitness soccer practice is just as hard as a long run!!!

  9. Lyss

    hahaha “the finisher strikes again” – i’m the same way! i’ll put leftovers in a tupperware… then go back and eat them 10 minutes later. whoopsie!

  10. Abby

    I am obsessed with Newmans pretzel but have yet to try their protein one.. are they good???? I love the bag.. they are so fierce looking. lol 🙂

  11. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    I love it that you are anti meds. So am I. Herbs or a good shot of whiskey will cure most anything that ails you. In no particular order there 🙂

    4’10” at 14. Girl, I was 5’10”. You were likely on the smallish side and I was on the freakish tall side. Oh well, it all worked out for both of us.

    Cuz we’re both sportin some XAgave swag LOL

  12. prettyladycmu

    Thank you very so much for this lovely weather!!

    I definitely am “sided” when it comes to different activities – I run on the right of my friends but walk on the left when moseying with my husband.

  13. Heather

    I’m supposed to sing Beyonce while reading #6, right? Because I did. (Lefties do it better! And I’m not talking about hands!)

    I love those macro/vegan meals – my health food store has tons of them. They have some whole wheat dumplings stuffed with cabbage & green onion that I LOVE. I’ll have to try the seaweed salad one.

  14. julie

    HA! E Claire. stop it now thats a may zing. I already love your g pops!

    You took after my rentals. Deej married the boss’s son. Or her boss? Because now my dad owns the store haha. Way. to. Go.

    Now I REALLY want an english muffin. AND B SPROUTS!!

  15. ellie

    shoot…if we ever walk anywhere together, we have a problem. I walk on the left too 😛 Glad you liked the food stuff! I have never tried that “chicken” salad for the same reason…the power-fu just rocks my world too much to fork out the moolah for a different kind. Though having tried a bunch of this company’s products, gotta say that power-fu pales in comparison.

    Have a great birthday!

  16. luckytastebuds

    My dream dental school is UCLA!!! oh man…if only. 🙂 Yay for getting all these delicious vegan treats. You really made a yummy meal out of the vegan salsa chicken salad. hahah What a long long name!!!

  17. Emily

    I love some seaweed! …weirdly, this post totally has me craving brussels sprouts. they are steaming on the stove right now 😛

  18. broccolihut

    LOL, I might just have to call you Chocolate every now and then, just for kicks.
    Oh, and yes it IS awesome to have a stocked fridge of vegan joy:)

  19. Bekah

    Mmmm yum, never has a vegan chicken salad sandwich looked so good!

    And my little niece walked on her tippy toes like that as well, she was a little rockin gymnast and naturally had really good calves. 🙂

    I too will pass something in the grocery store each time and fore go the purchase. (This behavior I’ve learned will only make it worse when I actually DO buy something.) I’ll gobble it up like I haven’t seen food in weeks. Not good!

  20. brianna

    I love all the fun tidbits of info! Thats so cute your grandpa calls you chocolate way cuter than my grandpa calling me a meat head or stubborn haha.

  21. Erica

    HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Birthday! Hope you have a totally fabulous day that is all about YOU! Do something extra extra special for yourself (because you deserve it)! Yummy eats- love the protein pretzels (totally delicious). Brussels! I can’t get enough. I think it is SO freaking cute that your grandpa calls you chocolate.

  22. snackface

    Oh ya know, just stopping by to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAYBAY!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  23. lowandbhold

    Hahaha, it’s not too late to start collecting those stickers and nail polish. I hear that’s quite a lucrative career path!

    Love the seaweed salad. And hellz yeah to getting out of the flu shots. That shit is craze.

  24. Holly

    to the left…to the left…is where its at 🙂

    yesss for the food scores from ellie. not going to lie, i was really jealous when i saw you was getting all that loot! also, the ONLY time i ever got a flu shot, i got the flu. ever since then, i have also protested.


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  26. ethel

    so I zoomed in on your Vegan Salsa Chicken Salad and this is 7oz worth!!! You inhaled the whole thing! Where’s the moderation Elise?? haha…*shakes head* I’m thinking equivalent 5 chicken breasts you ate in one sitting during your pre-vegan days…

    p.s. this makes me want to have chicken salad…mmm

  27. Pingback: A sweet birthday (and a present for you, too) « hungry hungry hippie

  28. elise

    haha. thanks for calling me out dude! you KNOW self control isnt my best personality trait :S

  29. elise

    i know, it was quite exhausting typing it…

  30. elise

    obvi! way to catch onto my sweet R&B jokes…ive had that dumpling. they have some great products if you are in a pinch.

  31. elise

    yes! another “sided” freak out there.

  32. elise

    they are good. i like them more than regular ones. but then, i like anything salty 🙂

  33. elise

    hi liza!!! what district were you? i actually didnt play in college, which was a difficult decision. to make a long story short, i was supposed to go to UCSD for soccer and after a TON of time thinking about what i wanted to do with my future, i chose to go to UCLA for their academic rep instead and not play soccer. also, their womens soccer team was ranked #3 in the NCAA at the time, so i didnt even try out.

    good luck training for the marathon!! did you play in college? thanks for reading 🙂

  34. elise

    hahaha, you and i have a lot in common 😉

  35. elise

    yes!!! and fyi, my friend tell me ALL THE TIME that i should enter a food eating contest. im not sure if thats something i should brag about, but thats whats up.

    your fridge’s sabra supply makes me green with envy.

    the seaweed salad is good, but a bit on the oily side. i always try to add other veggies/lettuce/etc to try to make it not so grease saturated. no sugar in it though.

  36. elise

    haha. you MUST find the protein pretz. they are perfect hummus vehicles 🙂

  37. elise

    haha, AWESOME!

  38. elise

    ill see what i can do. just for you 🙂

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  40. Jamie @ Don't Forget the Cinnamon

    That’s so ridiculous!
    I understand chef’s not wanting a customer to entirely recreate a dish and make all sorts of substitutions but leaving one small ingredient out is such an easy request!
    I’m nearly incapable of just ordering an item off of a menu without making some sort of change but I’ve never encountered a problem like that before!

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