Love salads [win an iPad]

I love salads.  Old news right?

I’m in a major salad phase.  I crave big bowls of greens.  I crave cookies too, so don’t think I’m a total freak.  But yeah, I can’t get enough veggies lately.

This Caesar was one of my more creative ones.  For the most part, though, I just wing it.

I get lots of questions about my salad combos, but the truth of the matter is I just throw everything from the crisper drawer into a bowl and top it with whatever proteins are leftover (tempeh, tofu, hard boiled eggs, fish, etc.) and whatever fats match the theme (nuts, seeds, avocado, oil, etc.).

If I’m really hungry I add quinoa or brown rice in too.  And then there are the fun toppings – like daiya cheese, tortilla chips, sesame crackers, roasted seaweed, Sabra hummus, guacamole, etc.

I wrote a whole post about making a salad a meal here.

But as you’ll soon see, I’m quite content eating the same salad on repeat over the course of the week.  It makes grocery shopping super simple, that’s for sure.  If it aint broke…


Spring greens, tomato, carrots, avocado, kabocha squash, fried egg & Bragg’s aminos.


Spring greens, tomato, carrots, kabocha squash, almonds & sesame seed clusters & Bragg’s aminos.


And again.

Those almond sesame clusters, by the way, are insanely good.  I got them from the co-op bulk bins and plan to make them on my own soon.  They are like a savory granola with nuts.  Sounds weird, but they make for an awesome salad topping.


If I’m low on fresh produce, frozen works too – peas and corn being the usual go-to items.  I made this peanut soy dressing for the above salad.


As you my be able to deduce, roasting veggies and hard boiling eggs before the start of the week allows for quick salad assembly.  That kabocha squash really made it’s mark on my meals this past week!


Yay for salads!

Oh and I just found out May is salad month.  Apparently.  Maybe my body sensed it?  Makes sense.  Spring.  New growth.  Fresh fare just sounds so appealing don’t you think?  Humor me.  😛

Turns out you can win an iPad for being a salad fiend, too… [I just entered]  Rock on Green Leaf’s!  🙂

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Comments (8)

  1. Foods4Health

    Wow, so many delicious salads, will have to give these a try! Have to say the second is looking like one I could make right this minute :). Being that it is salad month, why not ;).

    Thanks for posting this and as someone who likes to “wing it” as well, I definitely appreciate it. Also, thanks for that chance to win an Ipad, very nice of you to point us that way. Glad to have found your site and look forward to following along your fitness/nutrition posts. Thanks for all that you do :).

  2. Abby

    I love salads as well as long as they’re “meal” salads and usually covered in hummus and/or avocado (my dressing of choice.) And no offense to anyone, but I never understood why people were so confused as to what to thrown in a salad. Although I keep mine simple, the possibilities are endless. Veggies, seeds, grains, etc.

    And it’s so seasonal, too. In the winter, I want salad with steamed veggies. In the summer, it has to be raw. Bring it on!

  3. Red Deception

    I just… wish I had the desire for salads. They just don’t do it for me, and I lack inspiration for variety. It’s always the same, always boring.

  4. Heather

    I LOVE salads. I like experimenting and trying all different items. Some of my favorite must haves are a few olives…I like all types so I use whatever I have on hand. I also love good lettuces, tons of fresh veggies, occasionally and egg…I try to eliminate the yoke. I also like to add flax seed, nuts, meat (if there are leftovers) and then top it off with some verity of vinaigrette. I strive to have at least one salad a day.

  5. Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl

    Salads are amazing! I keep seeing bloggers top their salads with fried eggs and it always looks and sounds SO good. But then I keep forgetting to do it myself. I need to get with it! 😉

  6. Kathryn

    Not salad related, but thanks for the link to the iPad giveaway! I’m not sure if it is just my computer, but your header images and other sidebar pictures have been all messed up the last few days. Just an FYI in case there is something messed up on your end. Maybe it is just me. Feel free not to approve this comment, I just wanted to let you know.

  7. Elise (Post author)

    im with ya. it seems natural and easy to me. throw it in a bowl and theres your salad. boom.
    maybe we are just super cool.

  8. Elise (Post author)

    we all go through those phases though…there are months on end when salads dont sound good at all. i think it has to do with the weather. comfort food when its cold, fresh salads when the weather is nice and sunny.

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