I haven’t been sharing as much “extra” stuff on the blog because the day to day SIBO posts have been taking over.  Here are some of the other things that have been going on.

Basil thieves!  I love it, of course. 🙂

Random lunch.

Nectarine picking time!  They are juuuuust about ripe, but I want to get them before the birds do.

Here she is examining her “gymnastics camp” outfit (it’s actually just a class, as opposed to open gym, but she has wanted to be in camp so that’s what I am calling it).  She went and found this outfit in her closet.  I have no clue how she remembered it.  It’s from her Halloween costume.  She was pleased as punch to be wearing it though, and I have a feeling she will be in it every Thursday morning from now on.

Adventuring.  The best parts of summer…

She’s going to give me a heart attack.

First day of camp (for him, not her)!  She knows she can go next year though, and she has made sure to remind me of that multiple times a day.  All.  Week.  Long.

Paint and sing class (both kids are in this same summer course).

Our co-op offers kid classes in the teaching kitchen and they are super allergy conscious, so I signed P up for the “science and cooking” themed one.

They made biscuits, peach jam, and butter from scratch and then ate them at the end.

Due to his allergies, they made the biscuits dairy free, using Earth Balance and rice milk.

Grating apples for the jam (because more pectin = good jam).

Shaking a jar of cream into butter.  They rest of the kids ate this fresh butter with their biscuit, but obviously P didn’t have this.  Instead, he had a slab of Earth Balance with his.

They gave the rest of the kids (who wanted to try it) a shot of buttermilk.

This course definitely tested the patience of many kids, but P did great.  The content was maybe aimed a little high (talking different types of rise in bread and the science that makes it happen), but whatever part he did absorb he enjoyed.

And he very much enjoyed the eating part.  Using the knife all by himself (!!) he spread his butter on and polished off every last crumb, before tackling the jam.

I didn’t even care that it kinda ruined his appetite for dinner because hellooooo, these moments are the best. I didn’t sign up with any friends, but there were still several kids in the class we knew because it’s Davis.

When you’re multitasking and you need to put your pretzel somewhere…

C A M P!  How do I have a big boy who goes to camp!?!?  He and his besties had a total blast.  It was a week of pure summer bliss.  This town is the best.

My little loves.  <3

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  1. Courtney

    I love seeing your kids eat produce from the garden! It gives me hope 🙂 We picked cucumbers and green beans the other day, and when I tried to get my daughter to taste them, she shoved them back at me and said, “mama!”, so I ate them instead. Leading by example doesn’t seem to be working though, because now every time we pick something, she wants nothing to do with it but gets really excited to watch me eat it, lol.

  2. Elise (Post author)

    that will totally work out eventually! i mean, it’s better than her never seeing veggies at least! it’s like potty training…they won’t get it unless we show them how to do it right?? and they can resist it but eventually they will learn 🙂

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