Motivation of the external kind

TGIF everyone!

I got the park wrong for stroller strides, drove to the other park, realized I had the correct park the first time, drove back, and was only a few minutes late for the warm up.  Phew.  I was super flustered though and it took me a while to calm down and let the endorphins wash over me.  But once they hit, oh man, it was much needed, that’s for sure.

We did a fall craft with the kids after our work out.  Happy first day of fall!!  Best season of all  🙂 🙂 🙂

V asked for eggs and cheese for lunch.  I added broccoli, but otherwise let her call the shots.  There are some things worth fighting for, but right now that’s limited to toilet training related issues.  Everything else is inconsequential.  I just want to get through this.  Thanks a lot, spica cast and GI bug, for ruining the major milestone we conquered…and scarring my child for life. You really effed me.  I hesitate to jinx myself, but after a week of resistance, today was all good.  I just have to keep upbeat about it.  It’s oh so trying, but since this is my second rodeo, I know that eventually it will happen.

This salad was perfection.  It was exactly what I wanted, in the exact amount I wanted, and I felt 100% satisfied but neither too full nor hungry for the rest of the afternoon until just before dinner.  Heavenly.

FYI it was green cabbage and kale tossed in miso dressing, with half an avo and smoked salmon.  With some carrots on the side.

I met up with some friends in the afternoon and the kids played hard together.  Their imaginations are hilarious and impressive and so fun to witness.  We came home for tacos.

I tried to make them without meat, but P asked if there was steak or ground beef (ha!) so I ended up adding leftover carnitas.  Can’t slip anything by him.




And don’t leave a crumb behind.

Nugget Market’s weekly secret special was buy one GET ONE FREE Bissinger chocolate bars. Sooo…I bought four.  They were on sale on top of that, so I paid $6 for 4 bars, which is usually the cost one.

And that truffle pig bar was stuck in the cart by V, and then I was too lazy to go find where it went to put it back. Ok, that’s kinda a lie, I could have asked the checkers to return it instead of buy it, but it looked really good and I’d never seen them before and I just figured why the heck not.  Mama’s treat for the night.

This is what happiness looks like.  For everyone.  I got an entire day without accidents and they got dolls for their doll house.  I am officially the mom who bribes her kids with things.  What. Eh. Ver.  It’s pure survival mode over here and nothing else was working…she’s obviously clever enough to have realized that she can milk me for all I’m worth when Kyle’s out of town because I tried pretty much everything else first (intrinsic sense of pride!) before resorting to good old fashioned bribery.  Turns out, external motivation is more persuasive. Duh.

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Comments (4)

  1. Mollie

    Hi Elise! What section do you get the salmon from at Costco? Is the salmon you buy pre cooked? What does the packaging look like? I am on a mission to find it! It looks amazing and the only salmon I see at my Costco is raw salmon filets or lox. Thank you!

  2. Elise (Post author)

    If you talking about the smoked salmon, it is in the cold aisles – at our Costco it’s usually around other things like hummus and deli meat and guacamole, but they do move it around from time to time. There’s lox in the same section, but it is not near the other raw meat/fish. I hope you find it, it’s so good!

  3. Ttrockwood

    I have a good friend who works professionally in early childhood development and also has a young son- i remember a few years back looking in her tall cabinet for a tea mug and finding a huge bag of mnms. I asked if this was her emergency chocolate stash and she said no, she bribed her kid with mnms on a regular basis.
    So… there’s that.

  4. Elise (Post author)

    hahahaha.. excellent.

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