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Workity work.

I was up with the cock-a-doodle-doo this morning…I’m not sure why, but for the fifth day in a row I woke up at 4 am on the dot (without my alarm even going off).  Whatever.  I dragged myself to the subway, and woke up a bit more along the way…

What’s there to say.  Work was work was work was work.  I was craaaazy busy all day, but not really in a good way.  I felt like I was in slow motion and I couldn’t get myself organized, which is so unlike me.  Blah.  I don’t wanna talk about it anymore.


This is for you Courtney!!


The one and only, seaweed salad!  The ingredients read: organic seaweed, organic sesame seeds, organic ginger, organic green onion, organic tamari, and sesame oil.

It is SO good.  Although a bit on the oily side, I usually mix it with other things (salad, veggies, etc.) which neutralizes it a bit…or at least greases up the rest of my food…

Here it is in today’s lunch salad:


Other tuperware attendees included spinach, clover sprouts, broccoli slaw, shredded carrots, dried cranberries, raisins, and heart of palm.


The rest of my packed goodies: Newman’s Own dried apricots, berries gomega odwalla bar, apple, dried mangoes, and Ocean Spring’s harvest of heaven fruit chips.

I was still starving by the time I got off work…


For dinner, Kyle and I decided to do a little something special.  Friday night dinner date!  After I got off work we met for some bomb ass grub at….HUMMUS PLACE


Be jealous.  Be VERY jealous.  It was a cozy little place, but believe me, what it lacked in space, it made up for ten-fold in flavor!


Falafel balls, hummus masabacha (whole chick peas, olive oil & spices), quinoa salad, lebane, hummus tahini (tahini, olive oil & spices), and the most amazing, PUFFY, whole wheat pitas on earth!


Ummm, yeah, it was horrible.

We enjoyed the nice weather and walked home…

IMG_2483 IMG_2401

And as we both made playlists for our 10K tomorrow morning, I enjoyed this plum and a bowl of dried cranberries and carob covered raisins for dessert.

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Comments (24)

  1. Run Sarah

    A restaurant dedicated to hummus?! That looks amazing!

  2. jenngirl

    I was up from like 2 to 4am for no reason at all, haha I almost WISH I’d had something to do or somewhere to go that early!

    The HUMMUS place?! Yes, please.

    Good luck on your 10k!

  3. Sharon

    Hummus LOVE!! That is sooo awesome!!

  4. ChickPea

    Your hearts of palm looked like string cheese at first glance!

    A HUMMUS restaurant?? I am SO jealous.

  5. erinbee


    [in regards to hummus place.]

  6. lilveggiepatch

    Get a cookie at Levain next time you’re at Hummus Place!!!

    Good luck on your 10K guys 🙂

  7. Sarah (lovINmytummy)

    You are holy. You have been to the Hummus Place. I bow at your feet.

    I hope those feet are extra fast during your 10K!!!

  8. Nadia

    Ordered from Hummus Place several times. You should try the shakshuka next time…it’s really really good. My boyfriend once got the falafel wrap and loved it as well.

  9. Hage Family

    Oh my word! That Hummus Place would be my absolute hang out! That is too cool!!!

  10. Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter)

    Sorry work was kind of a bummer, but it sounds like date night made up for it. Any restaurant with “hummus” in its name holds a special place in my heart. Looked delicious!

  11. itsawrapteacher

    Hummus Place?! Genius! They should be millionaires 🙂

  12. eatingbacktogood

    OMG, if we had a hummus place here, I would be totally broke….YUM…

  13. K from ksgoodeats

    What an awful restaurant! Um yeah, definitely NOT coming to NYC now 😉

    GOOD LUCK ON YOUR 10K!!! Knock ’em dead!

  14. melissa

    I am glad you liked the Hummus Place. There is one a few blacks from my office if you ever want to meet for lunch.

    Good luck with the run!

  15. Courtney

    You are running in a 10K today?! Wow–good luck!

    And Thank You for the seaweed salad information! I was hoping you had made it so that there would be a recipe :o) But it looks SUPER good…I want some! I am going to have to hunt it down…


  16. Brooke

    WHAT the HELL MAYNE..a hummus restaurant?! JEALOUSY ERRUPTS!! I am sooo visiting you at this place! I need that hummus restaurant in my life, I just do.

    p.ssss! Seaweed salad is my FAV at Japanese restaurants. It just is so seaweedy and good.

  17. Thinspired

    Your eats are just so clean and delicious looking. I am inspired by all your veggieness! Good luck with the 10K–how exciting!

  18. Julie

    holy freaking hummus!! that place looks AWESOME 🙂

  19. jesslikesithot

    That place looks AMAZING….I may fly over to yo city to just visit this place….AND eat all your delicious sandwiches and stir-frys.

    Good luck on the race!!

  20. Missy

    Yummm I ate at Hummus Place once about a year ago. I got the mushroom hummus. HEAVEN!! I must go back there!

  21. eatfabinnyc

    Yay for hummus place! There’s one right by me in the west village. If you like hummus place and cheap amazing hummus falafel etc you should try Taim, it’s delish! I ran the 10k too this morning!! (and unfortunately had to take on 3.8 miles to make it a training run, lol!) How did you like the torrential downpour at the beginning?? awful!!! hope you had a great run!

  22. Sarah Mila

    I love seaweed salad, and that place sounds awesome! Falafel mmm <3

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  24. Christine

    I just moved to the UWS this week. I’ve been following your blog for a while and know you used to live there, so I am currently scouring your “Hot Spots” list for recommendations. My mom and I actually got takeout from Hummus Place for lunch yesterday (right around the corner), and it was pretty amazing. I’m also dying to try French Roast and Nanoosh… Any other recommendations?

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