Nacho salad

If you have good ingredients in a salad, you don’t even need dressing.


Bottom layer: tortilla chips (if you can find flavored ones, do it)


The Better Chip makes four different flavored tortilla chips that are gluten free and non GMO.  My favorite is the red pepper & salsa fresca – it tastes spicy and salty and fresh – so good!  Kyle loves the sweet onion (it has white cheddar so it’s not lactose free). 

Middle layers: veggies (romaine lettuce, tomatoes, corn, avocado)


The avocado is key in this layer, so don’t skimp. 

Top layer: protein (beans & hummus)


The kind of hummus you use is up to you – roasted red pepper or garlic will be great, but plain is still totally acceptable. 

IMG_2764 IMG_2765

I happened to have Sabra’s SOUTHWEST garden hummus on hand, which added the perfect flavor profile to the Tex-Mex salad.  Win! 

I also heated the vegetarian refried beans on the stove top so they were more liquidy and coated the salad perfectly when tossed, but black beans, or cold pinto beans will be great too.


Optional toppings: salsa, cheese, cilantro to garnish


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15 thoughts on “Nacho salad

  1. Abby

    Great minds think alike. My obsession lately has been huge salads with hummus as the “dressing.” I never use regular dressing anyway, but I’m pretty much going to turn into a chickpea at this point. Or an avocado. Either way, I’m think I’m okay with that.

  2. Jessica

    This looks amazing! I think subbing beans and hummus for dressing is a great idea. This looks so good and easy! And it doesn’t even look like you need utensils x) hehehe

  3. Rachel

    we make the same exact thing and call it taco salad :) it’s good w/ some greek yogurt on top too! miss you! xxxx

  4. Lisa

    Ah, this looks awesome. I never use regular dressing, its always some combo of nutritional yeast, avocado, greek yogurt, or something like that.
    Now I need to pick up some refried beans!

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