NuNaturals giveaway

I have a special treat to share.  It’s a sweet one!


I used it in this recipe.


And this one.

It’s one of my very favorite products of all time (bold statement, but 100% true).  And now I get to give some away to you lovely readers!


The generous people at NuNaturals are offering FOUR of my readers the following: one bottle of each of the lemon / cherry vanilla / peppermint flavored stevia liquids and a 50 packet box of NuStevia White Stevia Powder packets. 



I have been using them in my green smoothies lately too – particularly the lemon (it goes so well with vanilla).  I can’t wait for you guys to try them out.

The contest is open WORLDWIDE (but they can’t ship to P.O. boxes) and there are a few ways to enter:

1.  Leave a comment telling me your favorite quick bread flavor combo.
2.  Visit the NuNaturals facebook page and “like” them (then leave a comment back here telling me you did so).
3.  Tweet about the giveaway mentioning @elisehippie and @nunaturals (then leave a comment back here telling me you did so).

I’ll choose FOUR random winners on March 22, 2014.

FYI, you guys can get discounts on all orders placed on their website.  When you get to the checkout page just enter the discount code: BLG0614 and you will receive a 15% discount on your entire order.  This discount remains effective until June 30, 2014.  Also, online orders over $35 get free shipping to the continental US.  Happy dance!

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Comments (244)

  1. Danielle

    I am all about GF banana nut breads, nom 😀

  2. Danielle

    I follow them on Facebook!

  3. Antoinette

    OMG, so excited for this giveaway, I LOVE Nunaturals! Not sure if I’m supposed to do all these in separate comments or not so I’ll just combine them to one. First, my favorite quick bread has got to be pumpkin banana with lots of sunbutter on top, YUM!
    Next, I have liked Nunaturals on Facebook and tweeted about the giveaway.
    Thanks so much Elise and Nunaturals for the chance to win!

  4. holly

    pumpkin coconut is my favorite

  5. Sara

    Lemon Poppy is my favorite, although I more often make banana chocolate chip, to use up ripe bananas.

  6. Jessica

    I always love a good pumpkin chocolate chip bread, but recently made an apple-oat bread that was awesome! 🙂

  7. Bianca Rogoveanu

    Vanilla !

  8. Bianca Rogoveanu

    Facebook: Bianca Rogoveanu

  9. Bianca Rogoveanu
  10. Danna-Leigh

    I love banana cranberry walnut and not just at Christmas!!

  11. Hope

    I LOVE pumpkin chocolate chip bread in the fall and winter and blueberry cornbread with lemon in the spring and summer! Nummy!!!

  12. Georgia @ Trying Something New

    My favourite bread combo would be cranberry and chocolate. Something about the sweet/sour combo in carbs that makes me drool!

  13. Georgia @ Trying Something New

    I tweeted 🙂

  14. Layne

    Banana bread, pumpkin bread, blueberry bread, or any combo of those!

  15. Robin

    Pumpkin. Always pumpkin!

  16. Robin

    I like NuNaturals on Facebook. Love their products!!

  17. Dana

    biscoff pumpkin is delish

  18. Rachael

    My favorite quick bread is a corn-free cornbread made with either leftover soup or canned pumpkin. It’s weird and delicious!

  19. Kathleen

    I have made your banana bread which is cake like and scrumptious!

  20. Kellie

    I like pumpkin quick bread. It always makes the house smell warm and cozy.

  21. hannah

    pumpkin is my favorite!

  22. Brittany B

    GF cranberry coconut quick bread = the best!

  23. Cassie Johnson

    Pumpkin bread is my fave!

  24. The Valley Vegan

    I love making zucchini bread – my grandmothers recipe has been easily made vegan which makes me super happy!!

    I’ve tweeted and liked them on Facebook! Thanks for sponsoring this!

  25. Lea

    bananas and chocolate!

  26. Lea

    I also liked them on fb 🙂

  27. lindsey

    I love lemon zucchcini bread! but I’m curious how cherry vanilla would work out in there now!

  28. Lindsey

    and I like nunaturals on Facebook too!

  29. Karen

    I have a kick-ass almond cranberry bread that I make in the fall with fresh cranberries. Mmmmmmm. Also, zucchini bread. So good!

  30. Deb

    Maple Banana Cinnamon! Although cherry vanilla stevia is giving me lots of new ideas.

  31. emily g

    Hi Elise! We actually went to UCLA together and I was a freshman in DG when you were a senior 🙂 I love your blog! I also love your chocolate cherry quick bread recipe… I’ve made it 3 times now!

  32. Michelle @ The Fresh Direction

    I love banana bread and lemon poppy seed – but banana is definitely my go-to!

  33. Michelle @ The Fresh Direction

    I liked them on fb too 🙂

  34. Rachel

    I’m a traditionalist. I love a good banana bread.

  35. Rachel

    I like nunaturals on Facebook.

  36. Nicole M.

    Oh my goodness, how could I ever decide on a favorite quick bread! Probably pumpkin with chocolate chips and coconut… Maybe banana with blueberries and walnuts. Love them all!

  37. Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries

    I love chocolate banana bread!

  38. Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries

    Like NuNaturals on FB!

  39. Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries


  40. Allison

    I love lemon poppyseed! Or vanilla bean and almond! Or pumpkin spice!

  41. CL

    banana! mmmmm

  42. Kerry @ The Adventures of Z & K

    They make a cherry vanilla variety??? I definitely think I need that in my life. When it comes to breads nothing beats a classic well-crafted banana.

  43. Riss

    I really like quick bread with pears in it!

  44. Sarah

    Loving blueberry coconut right now, but my go-to is your pumpkin banana bread recipe!

  45. Sarah C.

    I have a great recipe for pumpkin chocolate quick bread that is healthified but tastes like chocolate cake!

  46. Riss

    But for a combo, pears and nutmeg!

  47. Ozlem

    why banana chocolate chip of course!! Yummers.

  48. Dana Hauck

    Best flavor – blueberry coconut!!!! 🙂

  49. Ozlem


  50. Ozlem


  51. Riss

    Liked their facebook page!

  52. Missy

    I once had peanut butter zucching bread that blew my mind. That would be my favorite.

  53. Brooke

    pumpkin for sure!

  54. Shanna

    Definitely banana bread!

  55. Katie

    Favorite Combo— Nut butters, Chocolate & Coffee!

  56. Katie


  57. Katie

    Liked on Facebook!

  58. Betsy

    Banana or pumpkin!

  59. Kaitlyn

    Pumpkin bread! With walnuts and cinnamon!

  60. Kaitlyn

    I already like them on Facebook! 🙂

  61. Amye

    Love banana bread!

  62. Megan

    Banana walnut bread is one of my favorites!

  63. Patricia

    I have a soft spot for pumpkin bread….but any quick bread that is FODMAP friendly is a bonus for me. I’d love to try this!

  64. Jen

    I love pumpkin chocolate chip and/or anything with coconut 🙂 I’ve branched out a lot because of your recipes and trials and it’s definitely expanded my horizons… I haven’t tried NuNaturals yet but I know you use it often and so far has stood the test of time so I definitely am up for trying it! Thank you!!

  65. Sarah C.

    Here it is. I use whole wheat or spelt flour and cut the sugar down by about half:

  66. Melanie

    I love banana-bread with cherries! Or anything with blueberries in it, yummy! 🙂

  67. Ozlem

    recipe from the ppk! 🙂 I should have known. Love her! Thanks. I will follow suggestions and I have a bag of sprouted spelt flour that I can use. Thanks Sarah! Love making home basked goodies for the lunch boxes. This is great.

  68. Caroline

    I love banana chocolate chip… it’s the ultimate comfort on a rainy day. That and a good homemade chicken soup 🙂

  69. Siobhán

    I just tweeted (@WellNowUniverse) great giveaway and worldwide too just brilliant thanks

  70. Kirsty

    i really like dried figs with cinnamon!

  71. Sarah

    I just started the low FODMOPs diet and I’m going crazy for something sweet and yummy like chocolate chip banana bread. You don’t happen to have a recipe do you? I need to search around your site a bit for some more recipes that will be a bit friendlier to my gut 🙂

  72. Jamie@SoyMilkMustache

    I like any fruit with any nut in my breads! Banana and walnut, cranberry and pecan, apple and almond… You name it, I love it!

  73. Lauren

    Lemon poppyseed with thyme or basil

  74. Erica

    Peanut butter banana bread!

  75. Erica

    I like them on facebook. 🙂

  76. Melissa C

    My favorite quick bread combo is GF/dairy free chocolate chip banana bread!

  77. Melissa C

    I already like NuNaturals on facebook

  78. sarah

    Can’t go wrong with dark chocolate chunk banana bread :).

  79. Jessica

    I love pear and raspberry quick bread! Lovely and moist with pockets of sweet/sour raspberries. =)

  80. Maggie

    I love pumpkin bread, although finding a good gluten free recipe has been challenging. The last one I made ended up being a really strange texture…

  81. Heather

    I love blueberry quick breads! Extra points if it’s blueberry and lemon! 🙂

  82. Katie

    Your chocolate cherry quick bread is one of my absolute favourites! Other than that I usually go for pumpkin or banana.

    Love NuNaturals, their products are the saviour of my baking.

  83. Gail

    My current fav quick bread is the ‘life changing loaf of bread’ on the New Roots blog – it’s becoming a staple. Other than that pumpkin never gets old!

  84. Erin Ellis

    I love cranberry orange quick bread. Yum! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  85. Angie

    This weekend I made PaleOMG’s banana coffee cake – so yummy! I really like any banana bread – with zucchini, cranberry, pumpkin. I don’t discriminate 🙂

  86. Erin Ellis

    I like NuNaturals on Facebook (Erin Ellis)
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  87. Erin Ellis


    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  88. Andrea

    Definitely banana blueberry bread!

  89. micah g

    I follow them on facebook!

  90. micah g

    I like banana walnut bread!

  91. melissa

    ooooh banana bread! my favorite, hands down!

  92. melissa

    liked them on Facebook

  93. Kaitlin

    Any fruit with chocolate chips!

  94. Kaitlin

    Liked on Facebook!

  95. Marilyn

    Pumpkin Cranberry bread is yummy!

  96. Bianca @ Sweet Dreaming

    pumpkin chocolate chip 🙂

  97. Bianca @ Sweet Dreaming

    liked them on fb!

  98. Tiffany

    Lemon poppy

  99. Katie

    Vanilla orange, yum!

  100. Carah cole

    Paleo Choc banana chip!

  101. Megan

    My favorite quick bread is a corn meal molasses bread,

  102. Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl

    I love any quick bread that contains chocolate!!

  103. Ashley @ AlmostVegGirlie

    I love coconut banana bread!

  104. Ashley @ AlmostVegGirlie

    I like NuNaturals on Facebook!

  105. Cheryl

    My favorite is Banana Blueberry Oatmeal Bread. It is so good with coconut oil on it!

  106. Wendy

    Pumpkin coconut chocolate chip!

  107. Kris

    Pumpkin bread is number one in my book!

  108. Sheila

    Love banana cranberry or dark chocolate chip and pumpkin pie spice in my quick breads. 😀 (Also love NuNaturals!)


  109. Sheila

    Liked NuNaturals on Facebook! 🙂

  110. Kim

    Coconut pecan is my very favorite quick bread combo. Mmmmm.

  111. Sanna

    I really majorly heart banana bread and pumpkin bread in equal amounts. OH and I already “liked” the nunaturals fb page!

  112. selina

    Lemon fig olive oil bread!

  113. Sanna

    …and I just tweeted. It is viewable here:

  114. Megan

    My favorite quick bread combo is banana and chocolate chip! I would love to find a way to sweeten it with Stevia and cut down on the sugar content!

  115. Sheila

    I make quick breads all the time. Pumpkin is probably my favorite, but banana, apple, and cranberry are all great too!

  116. Katie Wood

    Oh man, I dk if i have a fav quick bread recipe but i love banana bread!

  117. Katie Wood

    Like them on facebook!

  118. liz

    I love banana bread! And pumpkin bread in the fall. I love adding butterscotch chips to them for extra sweetness!

  119. Laura

    I already follow NuNaturals on FB!

    My fav quickbread is a toss-up between pumpkin (I am OBSESSED with pumpkin anything, all year round) and zucchini with chocolate chips! But, in all fairness, I really don’t ever turn a good quickbread down. I would love the chance to try NuNaturals in my won quickbread! I’m totally feeling that cherry flavored one…and the recipe wheels are turning!! Thanks Elise and NuNaturals!

    Off to go tweet about it!

  120. Debbie (accidently delish)

    Since acquiring a juicer I have been trying to find ways to use my left over pulp. I will say that that pulp quick bread recipe that I found has been one of my new favorites to make! I mean it’s basically carrot/zucchini bread, but made with pulp, but I love it!

    I also love a good quick cinnamon raisin bread! And I love using spelt flour! Great for breakfast toast!

  121. Debbie (accidently delish)

    already like NuNaturals on facebook!

  122. Kayla

    Such an awesome giveaway! My favorite quick bread is anything that contains bananas in the ingredient list!!

  123. Portia smith

    Pumpkin Chocolate Chip

  124. Portia smith

    I like NuNaturals on facebook 🙂

  125. Amy

    Banana Chocolate Chip

  126. Amy

    I liked NuNaturals on facebook

  127. samantha

    I tried a mango quick-bread that came out great!

  128. Olivia

    I love a chocolate chip/banana/walnut combo 🙂

  129. Calli

    I love strawberry banana bread!

  130. Danielle

    I love pumpkin chocolate chip quick bread!

  131. Sarah

    I am loving your coconut flour banana bread. I love how it doesn’t use 100 eggs:)

  132. Nicole G

    Chocolate chip banana bread – a delicious classic!

  133. kay

    i follow them on FB!

  134. kay

    i like veggies and more savory quickbreads like zuchinni and corn. maybe with some jalapeno for a bit of a kick? that’s how we used to do it down when i lived in the south…but this nunaturals is starting to make me think maybe savory with a balance of sweet to off-set the spice?

  135. kayla

    I love pumpkin bread!

  136. kayla

    I like NuNaturals!

  137. Gro

    I love banana chocolate chip bread!

  138. Gro

    I liked NuNaturals on FB

  139. Shani

    i like zucchini bread or with lots of seeds.

  140. Shani

    i like nunaturals on facebook

  141. Danielle

    Favorite flavor combo: pumpkin spice!

  142. stacie m.

    Ooh I love banana, gotta love the classics. Although I’m a big fan of your savory quick bread (so different and tasty!)

  143. stacie m.

    ..And I liked nu naturals on Facebook 🙂

  144. Deb

    Love blueberry quick bread!

  145. Rachel H

    Banana bread with peanut butter and chocolate!

  146. Yalanda

    Almond poppyseed!

  147. Lu

    Cranberry orange with a crunchy, sugar topping. It is a classic for a reason.

  148. Paige c

    My favorites are banana pumpkin chocolate chip or sweet potato banana

  149. Stephanie H.

    I am a simple gal – peanut butter banana bread…mmm! I liked them on facebook too!

  150. Angela

    I love pumpkin bread with pecans!

  151. Kelly

    Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Bread.
    I also just ‘liked’ NuNaturals on FB.

  152. Carolyn

    favorite quickbread: pumpkin!

  153. rosie

    my go-to is pumpkin banana chocolate chip!

  154. Lindsay

    Oh my gosh I LOVE NuNaturals! Favorite quick bread is definitely banana with a little molasses and walnuts. Ok, and chocolate chips too if I’m being honest. 🙂

  155. Lindsay

    I like them on FB too!

  156. marie

    My favorite quick bread combo is fig & almond.

  157. marie

    I FB like Nu Naturals

  158. marie
  159. Julie

    I love banana bread!!

  160. Susan

    Zucchini or banana bread ALWAYS with chocolate chips!!

  161. Christina

    Banana bread with walnuts and blueberries is my favorite!

  162. Hillary

    I love peanut butter banana bread!

  163. Michelle

    I absolutely love the pumpkin bread recipe from Elana’s Pantry. I’ve made it with both almond flour and ground pumpkin seeds, and it’s always awesome. Instead of using pumpkin pie spice, I use chai spices, and I put crystallized ginger on top.

  164. Amry

    My favorite quick bread is anything with pumpkin!

  165. Ammera

    I liked NuNaturals on FB.

  166. Tracy

    I love PB banana bread!

  167. Tracy

    I like them on FB!

  168. Michelle Beckhamm

    Love pumpkin bread with raisins & walnuts!

  169. Anna

    oooh, great giveaway! Been thinking about trying these.

    Fav. quick bread? I am kinda quick bread obsessed. But I am about ready to put aside the pumpkin, banana, etc breads for some springy flavors — lemon poppyseed anyone?

  170. Marita

    Mmmm… looks delicious.

  171. Lauren (@PoweredbyPB)

    Has to be Banana Bread!

  172. loohoo

    pumpkin breads and lemon poppyseed are two of my favorites!

  173. Emily

    I love lemon and poppyseed!

  174. Emily

    I liked ’em on Facebook!

  175. Christine

    Pumpkin bread!! Cliche, but such a good taste for fall!

  176. Missy

    I liked nu naturals on fb

  177. Missy

    I make a great coconut flour quick bread with shredded zucchini& egg whites.

  178. Haley

    I have never made a quick bread – but the savory ones you post look super delicious!

  179. Kadi


  180. Kadi

    Like on fb. Woo woo!

  181. Kadi
  182. Kelsey

    I love a good banana bread and lately I’ve been adding more peanut butter and chocolate YUM!

  183. Marypat31

    I love banana bread!

  184. Dannaye

    I love a Strawberry Lemon Lavender combo flavor in quick breads. Works just as well as a muffin & goes wonderfully with a nice cup of tea!

  185. Micaela

    Ive never tried this brand of stevia before, I don’t think they sell it where I live (Canada)
    My fav quick bread is definitely pumpkin spice , yum!
    great giveaway!

  186. Joy

    Banana bread or banana blueberry bread are my favorites!

  187. Becky

    Good old fashioned banana nut (with chocolate chips on the fancy days)

  188. Becky

    I liked on facebook as well

  189. Sam

    My favorite quick bread is definitely the banana walnut bread.. sometimes with coconut flour… always with nut butter!

  190. Kate

    Banana quick bread is the most ap-peeling to me 🙂

  191. Melissa

    I know it’s boring, but Banana nut quick bread will always be my favorite!

  192. Tabitha

    Liked on Facebook xx

  193. Kate Williams

    I’m a fan of plain old banana bread, personally. But my doc just advised me to go gluten free for a month to see if it helps my recently diagnosed ibs. 🙁 I need to experiment with gluten free options in case this has to become a long term thing.

  194. Kate Williams

    Liked on Facebook, too!

  195. Hailey

    I love banana bread, and also carrot cake-like bread with lots of dried fruit and nuts. Thanks so much for this giveaway– I love NuNaturals 🙂

  196. Amy

    I love lemon poppy seed, but I never make it because my husband doesn’t love it and I don’t want to polish off a loaf by myself!

  197. Akemi

    I like lemon poppyseed.

  198. Emily

    I definitely don’t make quick breads as often as I should but my go-to combinations are almond-poppyseed and pumpkin-chocolate chip…mmm…
    I might need to whip up a loaf or two now!

  199. Andrea

    I love banana breads – both with and without nuts. Also love pumpkin. Great giveaway!

  200. Cou'

    I like pumpkin bread 🙂


  201. Courtney

    Okay, that was weird, but I will amend the above to say I like pumpkin bread and actually have my name appear in the name part…


  202. Courtney

    I liked them on FB! And the above comment about pumpkin bread is mine, even though my name is not in the name field…


  203. nadya kotik
  204. Katie

    I like banana bread (with chocolate chips if possible!)

  205. Kelsea

    I love blueberries and bananas in quick bread. Chocolate can’t hurt either.

  206. Adrianna

    it’s a tie…pumpkin chocolate chip or Ginger bread !

  207. wendy r.

    just made a chocolate quick bread with a chocolate stout! Happy St. Patrick’s and thanks for hosting this fun giveaway.

  208. lauren

    Banana chocolate chip. YUM!

  209. carrie

    hmmm… cinnamon apple cranberry. or anything with chocolate chips 🙂

  210. Molly Laycock

    Banana bread always!

  211. Lesley

    You totally need to post the recipe for the first loaf pictured. I am sold already. My favourite quick bread is pumpkin blueberry.

  212. Linda

    Pumpkin pecan is my favourite quickbread!

  213. Linda

    I have liked Nunaturals’s page!

  214. Corey

    I like chocolate banana breads!

  215. Corey

    I like NuNaturals on Facebook.

  216. Katie Brown

    Liked nn on Facebook!

  217. Marjorie

    Orange Cranberry bread. I haven’t tried using the orange NuNaturals yet, but will next time!

  218. Marjorie

    I already “like” NuNaturals on Facebook.

  219. Heather

    I love pumpkin! Especially with chopped apple

  220. Heather Rennie

    And I already like nunaturals on Facebook! 🙂

  221. Jessica H.

    I could eat a tray of zucchini bread by myself, even worse if you add chocolate chips! Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

  222. Jessica H.

    I follow NuNaturals on Facebook. Screen name: Jessica H.

  223. Jessica H.
  224. JessW

    Chocolate chip and banana!

  225. JessW

    I like NuNaturals on FB

  226. Nichole

    I love NuNaturals and have been a fan for sometime. I am gluten free, so I do not often eat bread much these days, but a nearby health food store makes an amazing pumpkin pecan bread in the fall. So amazing. Would love to win the give-away!

  227. Lee

    I love NuNaturals!!the best liquid stevia! fAVORITE bREAD Zucchini walnut!

  228. Lee

    I follow NuNaturals on FB .

  229. Katie G

    It’s gotta be the class chocolate chip banana bread!

  230. Katie G

    I already like NuNaturals on Facebook!

  231. Jasmine

    I already follow them on Facebook. Probably my favorite bread would be pumpkin or zucchinni.

  232. Joyce
  233. Joyce

    I follow on FB!

  234. Joyce

    I love chocolate chip banana bread!

  235. Colleen G

    I like any sort of fruit with nuts…last one I made was cherry pecan so good.

  236. Colleen G

    Like NuNaturals on Facebook!

  237. laura

    Oh wow, your breads look really tasty! YUM! 🙂
    I must say, I really love cheddar beer quick bread, that seems to be the hearty one Im always going back to and make the most. However banana bread with choc chips is my go-to sweet bread.

    P.S: Im also liking NuNaturals on facebook

  238. Miss Polkadot

    We hardly had quick breads growing up so I’m not sure if I can call it a favourite yet but I made browned butter banana bread with chocolate chips a while ago and it was delicious. Maybe I should really get experimenting more…

  239. Miss Polkadot

    I already like NuNaturals on Facebook.

  240. Pingback: 4 NuNaturals winners!

  241. Elle

    I don’t eat grains so quickbreads, unless with coconut flour and/or almond meal would be out for me. If that is a go, I would love something with banana and walnuts.

  242. Elle

    I like NuNaturals on FB

  243. Elle

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