Purple fingers


Yum yum yum yum yum.

Really and truly.


Vegan Coco-nana Pancakes

  • 1/2 cup whole grain flour (I used Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain flour)
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour (I used Tropical Traditions)
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 banana, mashed


First mash the banana in the mixing bowl, then add the rest of the ingredients.  Adjust liquids to get desired consistency.  Scoop into sprayed pan.


Why do the first pancakes always end up a little more burnt than the rest of the batch?



Vegan pancakes mean no eggs, no milk, and no butter.  However, rather than make the typical exchanges (chia seeds/flax seeds for eggs, Earth Balance in lieu of butter, etc.), I resorted to the most simple and basic of ingredients.  Banana!  This fruit is amazingly versatile because it offers sweetness (no sugar needed), fluff (no egg necessary), and a fantastically gooey texture (without any added oils/fats).  All this from one friggin’ banana!  Who’da thunk it?!?


This batter yielded 6 pancakes.


I heated up some frozen blueberries to add on top.


And that’s all they needed!  The coconut flour made for a superb flavor which worked out great with the banana.  Coconut and bananas…it’s like I’m on a tropical island vacation.


I had all six, obviously.  [And still had room for a fatty latte the size of my head]


Purple fingers?  Yup.  I was smuggling some bloobs on the side.

Note: blueberry smuggling is not to be confused with plum smuggling (look it up if you’re so inclined).


Like I said, yum yum yum yum yum yum.

And now for the waffle winners…the two randomly chosen comments were by:

Lauren who wrote “Took the survey! As a Gfree vegan and IBS sufferer, this waffle mix sounds too good to be true!! So exciting :)”


Debbie who said “Survey Complete! I sure hope I don’t have to go on vacation to be able to eat these!! Having such a great mix to whip up waffles for my grandchildren would be fabulous!!”

Simply shoot me an email with your addresses :)

On a personal note, thank you guys SO much for helping out.  Kyle and his colleagues were absolutely thrilled with your support.  Your willingness to share your opinions provided invaluable data, plus your overwhelming enthusiasm for the product just proves that the market is lacking in this particular area.  I will be sure to keep you updated as things progress!

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48 thoughts on “Purple fingers

  1. rebecca lustig

    I’m so glad things worked out with the survey!!

    And Saturdays are perfect pancakes day… Well, blueberry pancake days. I guess, according to Jack Johnson, Sundays are banana pancake days

  2. Olivia

    Hahaha I always get purple fingers from my frozen blueberries…that I eat some of every time I open the freezer:) These look fantastic and I’m going to try them out tomorrow!!! (With my brand new COCONUT FLOUR!!)! EEK! I’m so excited! Thank you thank you:)

  3. nelly

    pancakes always get my attention…i’m new to your blog…and just wanted to tell you you’re awesome, and so funny!!!

    if i don’t have bananas in the house i usually use organic sugar free apple sauce to replace the egg, butter, dairy in a recipe…and if i have both banana and applesauce i use them both…makes for a very moist and delicious center…

    have a a beautiful weekend.

  4. Em

    Purple fingers are a small price to pay for delicious pancakes! And I love vegan recipes that don’t call for all sorts of “substitutes”. They’re not always so necessary.

  5. Allison

    While I didn’t have any coconut flour, I already made these this morning with all whole wheat pastry flour. This recipe is so much simpler than the usual one I use for pancakes and I can’t believe how well they turn out with such few ingredients! Thanks for the great recipe!

  6. elise

    thank you! i used to love applesauce but now i rarely have it because its always at the hospital and what i use to feed pills to patients that cant swallow well. bad association, i know. :( maybe baking with it will help give it back its normal memory.

  7. elise

    yes, haha. oh and btw, the nfl shiz has been making me nervous for a while, that now im just going to stay in denial and not acknowledge it until maybe july. then ill get nervous again if things STILL arent resolved.

  8. Holly

    happy 6 months of marriage! i can attest you and kyle are one of the cutest couples ever.

    and i loved your alphebruary recap. definitely missed some of those letters.

    i could never EVER work nights. my body gets screwy enough as is. throwing in those rando hours would kill me. i’m glad they don’t kill you bc we need nurses.

    i am very much intrigued by the collard wraps situation. i’ve seen them on edible ash’s blog and may soon be convinced to give them a whirl.

    yes to pancakes.

    always yes to pancakes.

    hugs and love,

  9. kissmybroccoli

    Yay for another coconut flour recipe! I just made Ashley’s blueberry coconut buckwheat bake this morning and I’m convinced that blueberries and coconut flour were destined to be together! So yummy! Can’t wait to try out these pancakes!

    So glad we were able to help so much with the survey! Good luck with everything!

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  11. carolinebee

    AHHH congrats to Kyle, and you, that is SO exciting be sure to keep us posted!! HMMM so that’s why the waffle recipe was soo uber top-secret huh!?! haha lovee it :D

  12. elise

    hmmm…i cant think of why this would be. mine didnt have this issue. maybe add in more liquid to make it spread out thinner to allow it to cook more easily??

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  14. Kristina

    So, I made the pancakes but something must have gone wrong because they were really salty? I measured evrything right so I’m a little confused. Any ideas?

  15. elise

    salty!?! thats really weird. this may be a ridiculous questions, but are you sure you used the right ingredients (ie not salt instead of sugar or something?)

  16. Lindsay

    I made a gluten-free version of these yesterday and they were soooo good – thanks for sharing! Btw you are hilarious – my new favorite food blog : )

  17. Kristina

    im almost positive but it wouldn’t surprise me…it was late at night. I’ll give it another try. Thanks!

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  19. Ariel

    funny story. I google imaged plum smuggling (because I did not know what it was) and a picture of your pancakes with blueberries showed up. it should be put in urban dictionary as a new definition for plum smuggling

  20. Li

    Off to make these for lunch (I managed to sleep in and miss breakfast altogether!) I’m slowly but surely making my way through ALL you’re recipes, they’re just so lovely!! I start a new full time job in a few weeks, no idea how I’m going to fit in all this cooking around work. Wish I’d found your site sooner hahaha :-) x

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