Raw Livin’

As I mentioned before, Saturday was a late night, so Sunday didn’t really get under way until noon.


Before anything, we went to WF for (our last) huge grocery trip.  On the way home, I got a soy misto.

Even though we were still waiting for our groceries to arrive, I still had everything on hand for a perfect lunch.


The other day I got a delivery from Livin’ Spoonful in the mail, with tons of raw, vegan, sprouted goodies.  I can’t even tell you how long I had been waiting to try these…


I tried the Sunny Garden Herb flavored crackers first, which was packed with organic flax seeds, sprouted sunflower seeds, carrots, celery, onion, raisins, kale, basil, cilantro, lemon, celtic sea salt, oregano, and rosemary. 

WoW!  This was my first time sampling raw dehydrated goods and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised at how GREAT they were!  I was nervous that they would be dry or stale, but they weren’t at all!  In fact, upon opening the bags, the aroma was the first thing I noticed.  Then I took a bite, and couldn’t stop…

I had Kyle try a bite and even he was shocked by how great they were…I’m going to have to keep him away from them because I need these in my life. 


My intention was to enjoy them with hummus, but they were SO great on their own that I just ate them plain.  Seriously, I will be getting these in my OpenSky shop stat because you all MUST try them.  The Sunny Garden Herb flavor kinda tastes like pizza bites.  How do they do that?  The Livin’ Spoonful people must be geniuses to make a vegan, raw, sprouted cracker taste like something as classic as pizza!


The items on this platter I did dip in hummus.  For the record, unsalted pretzels suck (WFs was out of the spelt kind that I usually get, and this was the only 365 variety left, but I do not recommend). 


And then for dessert, I had fresh strawberries and apple slices.

As much as I realllly didn’t want to go to the gym, Kyle had an appointment with his personal trainer (he has a guy that works him out semi-regularly) so I tagged along to see if I could eke out something of the cardio nature.

Since I failed to post this past weekend, unless you follow me on twitter, you wouldn’t know that I was in serrrrrious agony from doing Jillian’s shred two days in a row.  That b!tch Broke. Me. Down. 

I mean every single muscle (large or small) in my body was aching to the point that just walking to the gym was more physical activity than I thought I could handle.  Needless to say, 50% of my time at NYSC was spent stretching on the mats.  Then I did some low resistance elliptical-ing and biking just to loosen up.  Despite the lack of intensity (that I usually associate with a successful exercise sesh), I felt MUCH better afterwards. 

Once home, I showered and started prep work for dinner.

There were a few things that I was especially excited about, including the return of corn and avocados


I know it’s not quite their season yet, but it’s just around the corner!!!  I love me some raw corn.  The crunch, the association with warm weather, the way it accents salads, all good things.  But best of all?  Making a huge vat of guacamole packed with fresh produce.


This bowl of avo coated goodness contained:

  • 1/2 avocado
  • alfalfa sprouts
  • red bell peppers
  • cherry tomatoes
  • carrot shavings
  • raw corn


For dipping, I had romaine shafts on the side, a few carrots, and more Livin’ Spoonful raw sprouted crackers


I swear, you guys, these crackers are addictive as all hell.  I ended up eating EIGHT of them today…and that was practicing MAYJ self restraint. 


Later on, I had more fresh fruit for dessert.


TWO apples, and a whole lotta strawberries.  I had a fiber belly after, but I was so content.  It was so friggin’ good, I may just want the exact same meals for the entire upcoming week.

P.S. Looking back on this post, I just realized how high-raw the day was…aside from the pretz for lunch, my eats were (inadvertently) 99% raw! 

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Comments (23)

  1. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    I love the guac mess loaded up with veggies that you spread on those crackers. Yum.

    I was pleasantly surprised at how GREAT they were! I was nervous that they would be dry or stale, ….”

    Well, you got lucky. Often times raw dehyd unbaked stuff tastes like cardboard. Actually cardboard is better. I kid you not. It can go either way. You scored!

    The kale chips you saw at WF for like 8 bucks for like 8 chips. I was commenting to madeline about that last time we were at WFs that my recipe is better (well, it can’t be “worse”) and it’s ummm about $5 worth of ingredients for like 3 huge tupperwares full of chips.

    Girl I want to be in CA so bad. Major missing it’s going on.

    Hope things are trudging along w/ you. We are still….in a holding pattern.


  2. Run Sarah

    That guacamole looks ridiculously good…love corn and avo season, so good! Fresh fruit fiber belly= best dessert ever.

  3. MarathonVal

    Oh hell yeah, NOTHING feels like spring more than freshly grown sweet corn!! Except maybe cherry tomatoes… or raspberries… oh I could go on an on. Needless to say, I am VERY jealous that you will soon be living in the land of fresh produce all year round!!

  4. snackface

    Oh my goodness, stop making me starve at 12:30am. I have to get up in eight hours and go to class and pretend I read this silly novel when really, I was applying for jobs. Anyway, I want, like, 20 apples now.

    Sometimes an inadvertent high-raw diet is the best! I’ve had a high-bread diet for the past three days. I’m not hatin’.

  5. Jocelyn @ Peace.Love.Nutrition

    Those bars look amazing! Never heard of them

  6. Mama Pea

    That salad totally reminds me of SUMMER!

    Speaking of, yes, we will be around in July…the whole summer actually. How amazing would it be if you came to visit?!? PUHLEEZ do!

  7. Lena

    not gonna lie im a big fan of unsalted pretzels!! whenever i cant find them i buy regular ones and rub the salt off!! 😀

  8. Maya

    I’ve never tried dehydrated cracker anything, though they always look seedy and grainy just like I lurve for crackers. Now that I eat salad beasts I can’t wait to get tons of fresh corn and make that guacy salad concoction you’ve got there!

  9. Holly

    i LOVE when i end up eating raw or vegan or something like that without even realizing it. is it weird that i get a kick out of that when it happens?

    ummm…those crackers look amazing! please get them in your store, and i will see if my bank account is willing to purchase. i make no guarantees.

    yay for LAST grocery shop! do you have an exact date you are leaving yet? i haven’t caught up on your last couple posts, so i hope you didn’t mention it there and this is a completely redundant question.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that avo concoction! love ya lady – happy tuesday 🙂

  10. Lauren @ BIOCHEMISTA

    Wow, that avocado dish looks delish!!! 🙂 I could eat avocados all the live long day:)

    And love soy mistos even more!!

  11. Graze With Me

    Very healthy and fresh eats in this post. I love raw corn, I completely forgot about it until now. Ahhh, summer foods. I could live on watermelon for days I swear…

    The Shred is crazy ridiculous isn’t it?? It’s amazing how well you can work your body in such a short amount of time. I still can’t do all the plyo-nonsense in Level 3 but I love to try.

  12. samantha

    best idea ever to put tons of veggies in guac, might have to steal that from you! AMEN to the raw corn, but it sucks that i can’t eat it! it does not agree with my system. sadface!

    i have the shred but have never made it past level 1 – i’m fit enough to, but i get bored. rawr.

  13. runnerforever

    What healthy and fresh food you enjoyed today, way to go!

  14. ethel

    Ooo, you’re making me wanna try some of that raw goodnes….Looks amazing! and The avocado and corn maybe part of my eats tonight as well. I didn’t pack any eats for lunch today and I have no idea what I want. Thank goodness for your blog-age. =)

  15. Courtney

    I am jealous of those Livin’ Spoonful crackers! I have wanted to try them for forever (and similar products), but they are SO expensive. Grrr. Maybe one day when I am rich and famous (because that is why you go into public health nutrition, right?!?)… 🙂
    You will have to let me know once you test all the flavors they sent you which is the BEST so if I splurge I know what to try, k?

    And, I have to say, whoever came up with the idea for UNsalted pretzels is seriously wack…WTF is up with that?!?!?


  16. Andrea of Care to Eat

    I must try those crackers and then try to recreate them on my own 🙂

  17. BroccoliHut

    Yum, those crackers sound delish! I tried some raw rosemary crackers from One Lucky Duck a few months ago, and they were fantastic–I can only imagine that these were just as good!
    Jealous of that beautiful corn!

  18. Melissa

    holy moly.. the shred it killerrr! I feel you on that one!

  19. julie

    duuuude i do the SAME thing. for real i love scoopers and those crackers look like the ultimate way to scoop up big bowls of amazingess. btws that bowl of cado + goodies looks like the PERFECT thing to be scooped.

    i can’t belieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve this was your last time going to ny wf. i think it’s not.

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  21. Carolena

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing me to carob chips! After seeing them pop up frequently on your blog I just HAD to pick some up today…all i can say is holy yum!

  22. elise

    YES! Glad you like 🙂

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