Saturday with the monkeys

Here’s what last night’s dessert started as…

But I totally finished off that entire truffle pig peanut butter bar. How a dessert decided on putting “pig” in the name is beyond me, but it didn’t stop me so I guess the branding team knew what they were doing after all…

And then the next morning I went on a run with both kids in the double and totally over ate at breakfast.

This is the (dense as F%$@) nourish bread from Nugget that I blogged about last week.  Each slice weighs as much as a brick and it definitely felt like a heavy load after I ate BOTH thick pieces with a liberal application of cashew butter.

Side note: I just saw that Nugget also now sells Pushkin bread!  Well done Nugget.

It ended up being fine that I over ate at breakfast though, because we spent half the day at the zoo.

They love putting coins in these things.

Around and around and around.

There was some kind of event going on today that we got to experience inadvertently.  Lots of free activities for kiddos and since Patty-cakes is the most curious and interested and eager child ever, we spent soooo much time talking to the zoo keepers and volunteers about…uhh…everything…and they were totally blown away by his enthusiasm, knowledge, and politeness.  In other words, I couldn’t have been more proud.  He really is an exceptional kid, but of course I think that, I’m his mom.  So to hear others say it, well, it’s just awesome.  Sorry to brag.

Baby flamingos!

Sticker prizes for jumping as far as a toad.  😉

He chatted it up with the keeper near the chimps enclosure while V got her snack on. I actually packed food for us all because I thought it would allow us to stay longer if we didn’t have to worry about getting home for lunch.

Monkey faces.

Hey hey they’re the monkeys.

We were about to go, but P insisted we go over to take photos here before we leave.  I think he did this last time too.  Must be a thing.  If nothing else it will result in some fun time stamps of their ages over the years.

Eating cookies on the way back to the car.  Note the casual leg cross.

After they were in bed I snacked a little.  I had stuff to eat at the zoo too, so I didn’t “need” much of anything, but you know how that goes…you open a bag of chips…

Before heading to a friend’s for an afternoon swim date we played in the yard.  I have a ton of pruning to do, which the kids like “helping” with, but then we found a little zucchini in the plant that I was ripping out of the raised bed and decided to eat it like an apple while watching me do the work. P was likewise occupied with a home-made popsicle.

She finished her zucchini en route to our friends’.  Yes, she ate an entire raw zucchini the size of a small banana like it aint no thang.

I have no photos from the afternoon but the kids were having a blast.  They haven’t been in the pool for a while because of Valley’s cast but it was like no time had passed and they (literally) jumped right in, no big deal.  I didn’t even get in and they were cool to swim around solo.

Came home for taco night, numero dos.  If it aint broke…

I stayed up watching the Bruins and prepping for the next day while sipping on kombucha.


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