Second pregnancy

Apparently I started writing this post a while ago?  Ha!  Pregnancy brain and blog hiatus made for a very buried draft…


Here’ s a bit more random info about pregnancy numero dos…


These were recommended to me during the first trimester and I thought they were awesome.  I bought them on because I couldn’t find them anywhere in stores.

Keep in mind this was way back last summer when fruity stuff sounded perfect.  I was all about the citrus in those first few weeks.  Lots of lemonade and sour stuff.


Just like with patty-cakes I craved fried eggs for breakfast, but that eventually gave way to my pancake with sun butter streak.


Last pregnancy I took Rainbow Light petites so I figured I’d look to the same brand this time around…and while at WF I got the sample (below left) for the 35+ prenatals.  I’m not over 35 but a sample is a sample and so I figured why not…plus this was still pre-pregnancy (because I went back on prenatals before we started “trying”).  The good news?  I loved how easy they were to swallow (capsules!!!  no gross taste!!).  The bad news?  They were/are SO $$$$.

photo 3photo 4

So instead I went for the (still $$ but slightly less so) Garden of Life option.  They boast similar nutrient profiles and are also capsules, which I realized made taking them way less of a pain (I’m such a pansy!) but WF frequently has deals on them and I got a bunch of $3 off coupons to use as well.  You have to take three a day so since the bottle has 90 capsules, they only last a month.  What can I say…it’s not cheap making a baby!


I was SO tempted to opt out of the glucose screening this time around.  For those who don’t recall (or didn’t read my blog previously) I failed my first glucose screening with P and had to do the 3 hour one (with 100 g glucose), which I ultimately passed.

In the end I did it this time too because whatever.  It’s a small sacrifice in the grand scheme of things. I’m sure you can imagine how gross it is drinking that amount of sugar in one sitting, but I just made sure to drastically reduce my carbs for the rest of the day.  The highlight was this bottle had no nasty food dye (one of my biggest complaints from last time).  This was a lemon lime flavor and (dare I admit) not terribly disgusting.  I felt nauseous after drinking it, but at least it didn’t gross me out as much on the way in.

This time I passed, no problem.  Phew.


I’ve been stocking our new stand-up freezer like craaaaaazy since we got it.  I have made an extra dinner each week since November, and even more quick breads, so that I will have a little something to help us out.

This is also the reason I’ve been testing allergens with P.  As much as I love that he eats virtually nothing processed, it’s hard to make all his food myself and so if I can open up any extra options (wheat / dairy), it will allow family and friends to help immensely.  I’m not delusional, I know I’m going to need lots of help next month. <–clearly that didn’t work out (he’ still allergic) hashtag sad face


And that’s all I wrote about pregnancy number two.

It seems clear why children differ by birth order.  You could try as much as you wanted to be the same parent to both, but it’s truly not possible.  You know more the second time around.  You are more confident.  You’re also busier.  Having a toddler to entertain while doing the newborn thing at the same time (nurse, nap, nurse, nap, nurse, nap, repeat)…makes things…well there’s no other word to use but different.  And on top of that, each pregnancy is unique as is each newborn.  With all these variables, there’s no way two kids could have the same experience.  They also change by the second!  There’s no schedule whatsoever in our lives.  It’s not all mayhem, it’s just completely unpredictable.  Ok, nap times are over.  No more rambling…

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  1. Lisa @ The Valley Vegan

    I have to live vicariously through you having only had one pregnancy. Congrats!

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