Souper yummy

A play on the word soup?  Such an Elise move.  I blame this on my dad (thanks for the pun gene).


Here are a few of the reasons soup is awesome:

1. It’s filling.
2. It’s cheap.
3. It’s easy to make.
4. It can be healthy and still taste really really good.
5. It’s perfect for cold winter months.

Totally awesome list, huh.


Inspired by the soup from this book (see below), I made my own version.


The concept was the same, I still used mushrooms, miso and butternut squash.  But I made changes too…

  • I halved the recipe (we definitely don’t need 8 servings!)
  • I used spinach instead of kale (frozen spinach was on sale)
  • I added in 1 red potato
  • I increased the olive oil to 2 tbsp
  • I added in 3 tbsp tamari (I like the combo of tamari and miso)
  • I used a bouillon cube to make the broth

IMG_8729 IMG_8732 IMG_8733 IMG_8734

1 bouillon cube makes 2 cups of broth.  And it’s so much easier to keep a box of these in the pantry than organic vegetable broth.  Space saver!  Plus one box (with 6 organic cubes) only cost $3.49 which means you get 12 cups of broth for that price, as compared to the quarts that cost nearly the same and only yield 4 cups of broth.  Easy choice right?

IMG_8743 IMG_8745

I sautéed the ingredients in stages, onions first, then squash and potato, and then mushroom. 

Next came the broth.

Then the beans and greens.

And after everything simmered together I added in the cooked quinoa. 




After a pretty miserable day of reflux, this meal was my saving grace.  I managed to tolerate several servings, in fact (although they were each small and spaced out over the course of the evening).  I feel like a bird, nibbling and pecking at tiny meals. 


I feel like a traitor saying this, but cannellini beans may be my favorite of all the beans.  Even more than chickpeas. 

The white bean puree from Huckleberry is soooo good.  I should really try to recreate that one.  Are white/cannellini beans the same as navy beans?  Who else ranks their favorite beans?  [Aside from my sister – hers are listed in the comments section of this post]


P.S. Make this souper yummy soup

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Comments (18)

  1. Lee

    There is a salad bar restaurant that my husband and I sometimes go to called Lettuce Souprise You. They are fans of the pun too. And now I have a craving.

  2. Janie Kaiser

    I really do love white beans but I always forget about them… I need to keep them stocked in my pantry so I remember!

  3. Elise (Post author)

    is it a salad place?? hope they surprised you 🙂

  4. Gianna

    So I just found your AWESOME blog after discovering I have fructose malabsorption. This soup is right up my alley! After being on a low-fodmap diet, are you able to easily incorporate the “no” foods back into your daily eats?

    (PS. getting organic bouillon is a huge space saver when you’re in a tiny apartment in Manhattan! I didn’t even think of that, THANK YOU!)

  5. Elise (Post author)

    hi gianna!
    i definitely remember the nyc apartment days. storing food in our coat closet. yikes.
    so about reintroducing fodmaps – for certain foods yes. especially beans. thats the group that i found i had the best success tolerating better after the elimination phase. most of the other groups i tolerate the same as before. im just better about eating them in lower amounts and separate from other fodmap groups now that i understand the diet.
    ps since you just discovered the blog i feel obligated to give a little disclaimer – im preggo and not eating as low of a fodmap diet as i usually do. also the site is over 4 years old, and i only just discovered fodmaps within the past year. so really old posts will not reflect my fodmaps discovery. anyway, hope its helpful for you as you tackle fructose malabsorption.

  6. Courtney

    I have a big pot of soup simmering on the stove right now…I love soup!

    1) tie between garbanzo and red lentils
    2) white beans/cannellini beans
    3) pinto beans
    4) black beans
    5) large lima beans (the big creamy white ones, not the little green ones. Which I also like, but would not be #5 on my list…)



  7. Gianna

    At this point in my life, any advice helps! Im so desperate for a normal tummy! Thanks for all the info and congrats on the baby!!!!

  8. Elise (Post author)

    our lists are basically the same except red lentils wouldnt be tied at top spot.
    and i think id put baked beans or red beans at #5 instead of lima beans.

  9. Courtney

    Red lentil soup/stew is one of my absolute favorites. And don’t get me started on dal…I love dal!

  10. Janet

    This question has nothing to do with this post, but I just made your Seitan log (yummy)! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to use all of it….can you freeze the left overs?

  11. Elise (Post author)

    it totally freezes. just wrap it so its air tight. in the past i have wrapped it in foil and then put the whole foiled up log in a tupperware. to thaw it i just left it in the fridge ~1-2 days (once i got back from traveling).

  12. Sara @ sarasmiles

    P.S. I laughed out loud at the “pun gene” part. My kinda humor

  13. Katrine

    1. Garbanzo <3
    2. Red lentils
    3. Green beans
    4. Black beans
    5. Black eyed

  14. Erika

    Elise, have you ever tried this stock base:

    I LOVE this stuff — it seems a little pricey, but you just keep it in your fridge and it lasts a pretty long time. It makes a delicious vegetarian stock.

  15. Elise (Post author)

    i havent, but ive seen it on the shelves. the price tag is always what deters me though!

  16. Jamie

    BEANS! My favorite bean changes every week. If you asked me last week I would have said black beans, but then I made them in the slow cooker and ate them every day and now they are no longer my favorite (until the next craving hits). This week we made pinto beans. Probably garbanzo next week.

    I love alternate broth methods! I use the broth powder from the bins at our local health food store, but I have also heard that you can save all your veggie scraps in the freezer (like the tops of carrots and squash, basically everything you’d throw away), and then when you have enough, boil them down into a thick broth. Then– Are you ready for this?– freeze the broth in an ice cube tray, and each cube is good for one bowl of soup. Great idea, right?!

  17. Brigid

    Cannellini and navy beans are technically different. Cannellini are white kidney beans, actually. They taste almost the same, though I prefer the texture of cannellini. And I totally have a hierarchy of bean preference:

    1. Black
    2. Red lentil
    3. Pinto
    4. Chickpeas
    5. Kidney

  18. Elise (Post author)

    cannellini are way creamier (and therefore better) in my opinion. mmm…

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