Forbidden Fruit

An ode to the best fall produce of all…apples…


Since discovering apples were a FODMAPs no-no, I’ve been eating them so infrequently it hurts my heart.  My stomach is happier, but my taste buds are mourning the loss.

In honor of Fall and pregnancy cravings I threw caution to the wind and spent (the weekend before) my birthday picking apples at Riley’s Farm.  And brainstorming all the ways to use my bounty.


So far I’ve come up with a pretty awesome list:

crock-pot applesauce and applesauce coffee cake

apple & tempeh sandwiches

curried apple soup / chickpea apple curry

apple & cranberry pie

raw vegan caramel apples

acorn stuffed with sausage & apples (using Field Roast)

apple sage chickpea burgers

baked apples / caramel baked apples

kale waldorf salad

apple parsnip mash

inside out apple crisp

veggie apple hash / sweet potato hash / apple, bacon & yam hash (using smoky tempeh)

quinoa apple salad with curry dressing

apple mosaic tart with salted caramel

…and just about everything found here

Pretty good list right?  Give me more to add!


My very favorite apple is the gala.  Mildly sweet and crispy.  So good.

I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about my favorite kinds of apples on HHH before.  But I’m too lazy to try and find that post (I just searched for 4 minutes and gave up, so I did put in a little effort).  Anyway.  My sister has a ranking for her favorite kinds of beans.  Creating lists ordering foods must run in the family.  Yeah, we’re a special bunch.  An OCD group if nothing else.

The list is ever evolving based on my mood, but this is my general order:

1. gala (perfection)
2. honeycrisp (just like it’s name, crisp & sweet)
3. braeburn (gala’s cousin that bursts with flavor)
4. pink lady (sweet & tart)
5. ginger gold & yellow delicious (mellow yellow loves)
6. jazz (offspring of braeburn)
7. jonagold (mega crunch with gala-esque flavor)
8. cameo (not an actual kind of apple, but one of Washington’s finest)
9. jonathan (one of the parents of the jonagold, naturally sweet)
10. mcintosh (it’s shiny red skin & tart white flesh remind me of snow white)
11. cortland (a slightly sweeter mcintosh look-alike)
12. winesap (cute little heirloom with a tart kick)
13. rome (sometimes too grainy and soft, sometimes stellar)
14. fuji (standard)
15. granny smith (only in pies, thankyouverymuch)
16. red delicious (if I’m stranded in an airport or hotel breakfast)
17. pacific rose (ditto to the red delicious)

Which did I miss?  What’s your fave?


On the day we went, Riley’s Farm (at Los Rios Rancho) had rome, red and golden delicious for picking.  I tasted the rome and it was way crispier than any rome I’d ever had before.  It was tart and yummy, so I filled our bag with mostly those.  Then we hiked it up to the top of the hill for the golden delicious.  They were pretty scarce so I didn’t get very many (the few left were high and hard to reach).


While I’m a little sad I didn’t get any galas or honeycrisps, I’m just glad the weather was nice and sunny because it was raining on and off the entire 1 1/2 hour drive it took us to get there.  We knew it was hit and miss with the crop this year, but they seemed to do a good job at staggering which varieties they made available each day because we easily filled our bag in under 30 minutes.  For those thinking of checking out Riley Farms, here’s a list of all the kinds of apples they have this season (2012):

arkansas black
red delicious
golden delicious


They also have pumpkins and a corn maze going on right now.  I was pretty surprised at how crowded it was considering we arrived just 45 minutes after they opened.  In fact, the entire Oak Glen hillside – including the other apple farms (Parrish Ranch & Snow Live Orchard) – was packed with people. There were cider tasting places, and general stores, and cute brunch spots bustling with people.  In reality, we could have stopped in to some of those other places and probably gotten any kind of apple at all, but I was afraid I’d get carried away and come home with 20 pounds of produce, so we stuck to our 5 lb bag.


Needless to say, I’m pretty excited to get to work on apple recipes.  🙂

I already made these beauties…


PS Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!  You guys sure know how to make a girl feel loved 🙂

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Comments (42)

  1. Leah @ Chocolate and Wild Air

    I love a good apple – just finished a nice Gala in fact! Oh and happy belated birthday 🙂 This time next year, you’ll be a mom!!

  2. Katie @ Peace Love & Oats

    our lists are very similar! Right now I’m obsessed with Honeycrisp. I’ve been eating at least 2 a day…

  3. Alex

    I’ve found that if I cook the apples it really helps in my stomach issues. I’ve been sauteing them in coconut oil and using as toppings for oatmeal or just as a snack. Maybe it helps breakdown some of the sugars?

  4. sarah

    An ode to apples<- genius. I LOVE apples, but I don't think my stomach is too fond of them:/.
    Anyhoo, it's a 3 way tie for my favourites. Pink lady's being one of them. The other 2 are British varieties, Russet & Cox, uuuh, sooo good right now ! Elise if you ever swing round my part of the world ,you MUST seek these out . Us Brits do good apples:).
    I think Mcintosh is fab too.

  5. Lea @ Greens and Coffee Beans

    I love apples! I’ve been eating like 3 a day since they’ve been in season! My favorites are golden delicious.

  6. Courtney

    THIS is why I can’t seem to do the FODMAPs thang…I am obsessed with apples, especially this time of year! I have already had 4 today, lol. They are just SO good!

    I love lists too…mine would go something like this
    1) crispin
    2) honeycrisp
    3) zestar
    4) ginger gold
    5) honey gold
    6) sweet 16 (I didn’t see this on your list–have you had them before? They are so good!)
    7) pink lady
    8) jazz
    9) cameo
    10) conell red
    11) fuji
    12) gala
    13) breaburn
    14) golden delicious
    Really, there isn’t any apple I don’t like other than the red disgusting (i.e. the red delicious–such a waste of an apple!)! Oh, apples, how I love thee… 🙂

    Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a great day!


  7. Abby

    I used to eat more apples but had your same issues, so now it’s rather infrequently. However, I’m a Gala girl, myself. Michigan is a HUGE apple state and everyone goes nuts over Honeycrisp this time of year. I’m meh on them. They’re super sweet.

    Anyway, you would love that my office is in the country(ish) part of the city and my company also publishes five agricultural magazines. That means they’re always going to orchards and getting fruit, pies, etc. sent to them before it hits stores (new “breeds” of apples or whatever.) I never get anything free, but then again, I don’t write about farm equipment. Winning!

    P.S. Your bump is adorable. Happy apple cooking!

  8. Sunnie@moderngirlnutrition

    Apples really are the best in the fall:) There is nothing better than picking them right off the tree! And galas? Perfection:)

  9. Miss Polkadot

    Mmmmmh, apples are my favourite fruit! I know some people prefer “more exciting” fruit but I’m staying true to my old love :).

    Some of my faves are Pink Ladys, Jonegored (must be related to Jonagold, I guess) and Elstar which I think is a German variety. Or are you able to get those? They’re sweet yet tart and crisp.

  10. Michelle

    I feel your pain! I used to use about 5 apples a day. I miss them so much and I was devastated when I realized that they were a problem. I did figure out that I can have them for dessert peeled and baked-so that is what I do to get my fix, but it is not the same! My fave is Jonagold.

  11. Alexis @ Hummusapien

    Happy belated birthday! I recently started doing nutrition counseling at a GI clinic so I’ve been doing a lot of FODMAP advising. I’ve given lots of patients your site as a reference! So sad that apples are a no no 🙁 Gala is my favorite kind, too!

  12. Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    Such an amazing list of recipes and apples! I’m so sad to hear that you haven’t been enjoying them much lately, I would be at a loss w/out them. Not only do they feature heavily in my morning smoothies, apple slices & nut butter is pretty much the most perfect snack ever in my book. Can’t wait to give some of these recipes a try – Thanks for the killer list!

  13. Lori @ Coolgreendays

    Just found Jazz – they are my new favourite! Crispy & tartly sweet – yumm! (Deserves the extra ‘m’).

  14. Teghan

    Oh my gosh Galas and Royal Galas are my favorites! I miss them too — been thinking of starting my reintroduction with apples. Those cinnamon apple roles look fabulous.
    On the glucola test never fear diet can help control it. You are such a healthy eater I am sure it will be fine :o). Your bump is looking cute as can be!
    And happy belated birthday from a fellow 30 year old 🙂

  15. Red Deception

    I love Gala for a snack, and Granny Smith for juicing. I am so fortunate that I can get BOTH organic in my little northern community.

    And, my friend, the best cooked recipe for apples I have ever tasted. Behold: Maple Butternut Squash Apple Casserole

    You need to do it. Just need to.

  16. Haley

    Jazzy apples are the best!

    P.s. Happy belated birthday!!!

  17. Buy Glasses Direct Online

    Oww I love apples! An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

  18. Arlene @

    I have been loving apples and cheese for breakfast this week, LOL. Simple, but it’s so good.

    Also, I have a yogurt maker coming and I plan to make a cinnamon apple flavored yogurt. I don’t know if you’ve ever made your own yogurt, but I’ve been dying to try. (and you can do it with coconut or almond milk for the vegan/FODMAP crowd)

  19. Sarah

    Ambrosia apples! They’re only in stores a few times/year, but are so worth the wait! If you like golden delicious apples, then you’ll love ambrosias (to me they taste like a “redder” or more gala-esque golden delicious, if that makes any sense).

    Unfortunately, I, too, have had to break from apples: I’m 34 weeks with Baby 2, and, as with my other pregnancy, apples do not stay down. Nor do they even sound good. Actually, no fruit really sounds good when I’m pregnant — veggies, though, are a different story. Can’t get enough!

    Maybe you could try juicing apples and making some sort of hot cider?

  20. Katie

    Yessss apples! What a great list!

    (oh and pregnant you picking apples in that stripped shirt? THE CUTEST.)

  21. Shelby

    I’d have to agree with you on the galas and honeycrisps; I also love macouns – they may be a NYS thing, but they’re so crisp and juicy.

  22. Erika

    I really love Pink Lady variety — but they are only in season for such a short time! I concur about Gala, but I also love eating Granny Smith on their own or with peanut butter. I don’t mind the tartness and they are usually nice and crisp, not mealy like some of the other varieties can be.

  23. Lauren (@poweredbypb)

    Pink Ladys are my absolute favourite, I like braeburns too though. I always have at least 2 apples a day. Addicted.

  24. Angie

    Thinly sliced apples can be good on grilled cheese sandwiches!

  25. Brigid

    I really want to go to Riley’s, but my weekends keep not going my way. I’m hopeful apple picking will still be an option the first week of November!

  26. Laura

    Bean Ranking:
    1. kidney
    2. black
    3. cannellini/white kidney
    4. lima
    5. garbanzo
    6. soy
    7. pinto
    8. lentils (it counts as it is still a legume)
    9. red
    10. fava
    11. navy
    12. green (my least favorite really…unless they’re super salty)

  27. Robyn Coale @ thereallife_RD

    I love love love honeycrisp! It’s embarrassing how much I pay for organic honeycrisp at WF [$3.49/lb] priorities right?

    Enjoy the weekend!

  28. elaine c.

    honeycrisp, gala, braeburn. all i needed to see on your list! i rarely eat apples, but if i see any of these, i will get one.

  29. Elise (Post author)

    love it. (surprised soy beans are so high!)

    i agree with much of your list only i dont like kidneys or limas, so those would be way low. chickpeas would be first obvs, and i think red and pinto would be higher.

    oh and lentils totally count.

  30. Elise (Post author)

    i agree with you – cooked apples seems to be better tolerated for me too.

  31. Elise (Post author)

    man, im jealous i cant try those british kinds now!

  32. Elise (Post author)

    you can do low fodmaps with apples, you just have to limit the amount of other fodmaps. 🙂

  33. Elise (Post author)

    writing about farm equipment…id say avoiding that is a win for sure… 😉

  34. Elise (Post author)

    never heard of those!

  35. Elise (Post author)

    thanks teghan 🙂

  36. Elise (Post author)


  37. Elise (Post author)

    never tried making my own yogurt but im definitely interested in hearing how yours comes out!!

  38. Elise (Post author)

    at least youre loving veggies – ive heard tons of pregnant moms saying they were off all things green for 9 months.

    ambrosias are awesome!!!

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