Ta Ta Time Warner

ADD post coming your way!


Home-made maple glazed nuts and tortilla chips have been on repeat in the hippie household.  Our oven is eventually going to need to be tested on something more substantial than snack food. 

IMG_7213 IMG_7135 IMG_7265

I’ve been eating breakfast for every meal.  Oats for dinner.  Granola for lunch.  Pancakes for breakfast.  Repeat.  It’s probably because I’m on night shifts this week so my body doesn’t know morning from evening. 


Yes, that’s a new granola recipe.  Wait for it.


This new flavor of Zevia (strawberry!!) gave me such bad GERD I was out of commission for hours.  Yes, hours.  It was awful.  Too bad since it tasted like the syrup from a berry snow cone.  Plus it’s such a pretty pink color.  🙂


Our house’s former occupants must have been rich because they get pretty posh catalogs in the mail.  Including this one for interior design.  Yes, the magazine is called Serena & Lily.  I never would have given the name a second thought except that I’m currently re-watching the first season of Gossip Girl on Netflix.  Is it possible the show’s writer is also into interior design or are the matching mother/daughter names a complete coincidence.  Hmmm…

As an aside, I’m watching lots of shows on Netflix now because we don’t have cable anymore.  I got sick of paying for things I don’t want to watch (ie Bravo’s Housewives).  I feel like I get dumber by the second when the TV is on.  Plus I think there are better things I should be doing with my time, like blogging getting a life.  I’m pretty content with our current situation (Netflix via Wii and channels 2-10 via antenna). 


I never thought you could make delicious milk out of flax, but Good Karma Foods sent me these cartons to try and I’m in LOVE. 


The original flavor is already gone and I just tried the vanilla flavor and it’s even better.


Both of these soups were in our pantry and I stared at the ingredients list for a solid 20 minutes before determining they are, in fact, the exact same soup.


Trader Joe’s never ceases to amaze me. 

There are too many cute babies on the internet right now.  Stop it parents!

How many hours of TV do you watch on average (day/week/whatever)?  Be honest!  On work days, I’d typically watch the news for 30 minutes or so before heading off to the hospital.  Once I got home I’d zone out to Friends or Seinfeld.  Our DVR was packed with Glee, Modern Family, and tons of other shows that we just couldn’t keep up with.  It made me feel like I had to catch up on my days off…but marathon TV sessions are only fun when the weather sucks or you’re sick.  Good riddance Time Warner.

Breakfast for dinner – yeah or nay?  YES!  I love am in the pm. 

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Comments (21)

  1. chelsey @ clean eating chelsey

    I always eat breakfast for dinner – I’m a fan!

  2. Anna

    Yes..Always breakfast for dinner! 🙂

  3. Abby

    My motto has always been “Breakfast for dinner is always a winner.” It doesn’t work as rhythmically for lunch, but breakfast foods are awesome any time of day 😉

  4. Katie

    I love breakfast for dinner – it’s my favorite! I watch about 3 hours of tv a day – which is a lot – and I’m trying to cut down but I have to warn you. We do not have cable either and only have Netflix, it has become a problem! Because you can sit down and watch episode after episode, and you just can’t stop watching. Don’t let that happen to you.

  5. Coco

    We don’t have cable because its way too expensive- it’s bad enough that the internet is $50 a month! We just have Netflix right now- and I working on the husband to get an antenna in time for the Olympic Games because I’m obsessed with them (I was able to find the AT&T American classic on youtube!) I had never seen Gossip girl until it was on Netflix, and oh my is Ed Westwick a hottie 🙂 I don’t really watch TV until just before bed when the husband and I finally sit down for the night.. Maybe an hour? I always fall asleep.
    Breakfast for dinner is always fun- I had a chocolate chip protein pancake last night!

  6. Alissa - Not Just Apples

    Breakfast for dinner – always! Dinner for breakfast sometimes too 🙂

    We don’t have a TV in our house… never have done. We watch movies, and the occasional bit of online catch up – probably about 3 hours a week.

    I went through a maple glazed pecan phase a couple of years ago! I think it needs to come back ♥

  7. Katie @ Peace Love & Oats

    Breakfast all day long sounds amazing to me! And I only use Netflix and Hulu, I don’t have a TV, but I still watch a lot since I usually leave old episodes of the office on all the time while I’m doing things around my apartment. Haha I think it makes up for not having roommates or something. My fish doesn’t do much talking…

  8. Ellie

    Breakfast for dinner, yes! Breakfast for lunch, yes! Breakfast anytime, yes yes! I’m in love with breakie! And I am also in love with Good Karma’s flax milk as well! SOOO good. I’ve only tried the unsweetened kind, but will have to do a little Vanilla flavor testing!

  9. Allison

    Word! On dropping the Time Warner. I’m moving at the end of the month and decided not to get cable either. Netflix via Apple TV and the iTunes store. If I really want to see it, I’ll have to pay to download it. I’m hoping it makes me more productive.

  10. Katie

    Flax milk?!?! I want to try it! I’ve gotta keep my eyes open for that stuff. And I’m a huge BFD fan – wish my husband was. Or maybe it’s good that he isn’t – we’d never have anything else.

    Thanks for thinking my baby is as cute as I do. 🙂 I think you need one of your own (No, I will not stop trying to get you to procreate)

  11. Sherry

    Yes to breakfast for lunch or dinner. I could eat it all day and sometimes I do!

  12. Shelby (everydayvegangirl)

    How about breakfast for dessert?!?!? I make (awesome!) S’mores oatmeal (http://everydayvegangirl.blogspot.com/2012/02/week-of-oatmeal-7-fantastic-creations.html) that I eat more for dessert than any other time of the day. To me, breakfast is comforting. It satisfies that massive hunger you have after a long (or short) night’s sleep, so when I want comfort, I always go for breakfast food!
    As for TV, blah. Most of current TV is garbage. I will admit I like to indulge in some bad reality TV every once in awhile, but it’ll rot your brain after awhile.

  13. Lou

    Breakfast for dinner is the best. Actually I have cereal before bed (after dinner) every night, otherwise I get too hungry in the night, and wake up angry 🙂

  14. Emily

    I’m all about breakfast for dinner!
    During the week I probably watch an hour or so of TV every day, but it’s always while I’m doing other things. I rarely just SIT and watch a show. I’ve been watching all of the old Gossip Girl episodes on Netflix too! It’s my guilty pleasure.

  15. Ray

    I really don’t watch much tv, I have to remind myself to catch up on shows sometimes because it seems lately I have been prioritizing other things. I do have Netflix though, which can suck you into a black hole of endless episodes 😛

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  17. The Blissful Baker

    Oh my-those glazed nuts look amazing! I love breakfast, I could eat it for every meal too!

  18. Elise (Post author)

    so true! easy to just click play next episode…haha

  19. Elise (Post author)

    awesome!! yummmm

  20. Elise (Post author)

    maybe its a good thing im not going to blend then? just kidding, its really sad im not going. i cant stop thinking how much of a bummer it is.

  21. Elise (Post author)

    i have a girl crush on serena i think. and leighton meester too actually… and the wardrobes…

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