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Day 24 and Day 25: weekends are for prepping

I woke up with a raging headache!  This is why I don’t drink wine anymore!  Boo.

I did a nike + workout in the living room at my parents’ house and then got breakfast going.  Once the rest of the fam ate I made myself these pancakes.

The first one was smaller, but the second was huge…and filled the whole pan.  So I ate the second one and saved the first for another day.

With so much Earth Balance.

The batter had 3 eggs, coconut cream, coconut flour, salt, liquid stevia, and baking soda.

Once we were all packed up we gave P his peanut dose (it has to be given 30 minutes apart from his milk dose) and immediately hit the road.  In an effort to keep him exceptionally calm, we dosed him in the car so he was already buckled in and immobile.  We listened to wow in the world the whole way home.  We unloaded the trunk and turned right back around to do our Costco/TJs run for the week.  Not the most fun morning but super productive (which is a different kind of fun for me)!

I had the second raw spirulina cracker with avo just like the day before, only I had a soft boiled egg on top and carrots on the side.

Nothing like a 6-7 minute egg.

I wasn’t quiteeeee full enough though, so I had some kale chips too.

Wild salmon on sale so I bought a bunch – some for tonight and some to freeze for later.

Kyle grilled and I made a salad with grapes, roasted pecans, and a balsamic dressing.

With an acme bun for him but no bread for me.  The kids had leftover pasta too.

After P was all dosed up I did some late night food prep, including baking blender bread.

Danielle Walker uses a bigger loaf pan than mine so I just poured the extra batter into muffin tins.

Isn’t she lovely!

All wrapped up for the next morning.

I could hardly wait to slice in.  Kyle and I went on a family run to play tennis and then got coffee (decaf coconut misto) and walked home.  I packed up food for the kids to eat in the chariot so they were occupied the whole time.  So then once we got home they went to play while Kyle and I showered and ate in peace.

I had two pieces toasted with ghee…and an iced coffee on the side.  Straw shout out to Courtney.  🙂

After that I got busy.  The kids were playing together upstairs so Kyle vacuumed and I mopped the entire downstairs.  WHILE I had nectarine jam bubbling away on the stove.  As you can see, we have an abundance of produce at the moment…

Which has literally TAKEN OVER the island in the kitchen.  That brown bag is full of nectarines too.  And they are all getting ripe so I decided to get jammin.

I made 8 jars in two batches.

Using chia gel instead of pectin because it is easyyyyy.  And now I still have another 100 nectarines.  I have given a bunch away but the kids are plowing through them so they may not actually last that long…

Glossy lettuce dripping with dressing is my love language.

Just kidding avocado is my love language. I got two smoked salmon slabs at Costco because I knew it was unrealistic to think I’d want any less.

Lunch win.

Round two of jam.

For dinner I made another recipe out of Danielle Walker’s cookbook Against All Grain. I think I have cooked more out of this cookbook than any other.

Looks pretty close to the photograph no?

We had no leftovers and everyone was 100% satisfied.  Kyle loved this.  The kids were fighting over more. And I even had seconds because the broth was just so amazing.

I served the rest of the family’s portion with wild rice.

I had a rose kombucha a while later.

Goodbye weekend.

Side note: You guys should check out Casa de Sante – a company that makes fodmaps friendly products. I’ve blogged about their spice blends before and recently discovered they are making SO MANY other products.  It’s basically impossible to find garlic free salad dressings and spice mixes, but not anymore! They’re products are made with real food (no onion or garlic) and are paleo, gluten free, non GMO, and awesome.

Day 23: so much temptation

I started the day with a run followed by a coconut milk decaf misto from Starbucks.  I haven’t gone to the bux in SO LONG!

I brought a tupperware of banola to eat at pattycakes’ appointment.

I wasn’t planning on staying as long as we did so by the time we left I was starving.  I ran in to WF knowing exactly what I wanted so it took under a minute (even with a 4 year old in tow).

I saw these raw green spirulina crusts last time I was in WF and had been wanting to try them – I thought they’d be great with avocado mashed on top.

So as soon as I walked in the door at my parents’ house I made myself food.  NOT.  Valley girl greeted me with a very animated post nap recount of her morning with my parents with a fashion show of her new sunglasses.  And then I set up P with legos in the living room.  And then I got to eat.

I was on the hunt for flake salt, and came across this and thought “yes please!” so I did it and yum!

I was expecting a kinda chewy dehydrated flatbread but it crunched like a proper cracker with a nice crispy bite.  Such a fan!  And one piece is big enough to be a full serving size and leave me content but neither hungry nor stuffed. Of course half an avocado on top helps with that.

My sister came over later and we all went swimming and I was so distracted that I forgot my afternoon pills. Oh no!  First time I forgot them ever since I started this.  I also had roscato soooooo kinda pushing it with the sugars. I felt guilty but it was so good and after a stressful morning at OIT I just wanted to relax a bit.

My were celebrating my dad and sister’s birthdays (they are separate by one day) so the whole family came over later. I haven’t seen my sister since her wedding!  My parents made enough food for an army, but it was still somehow the right amount for all TEN of us.

Tri-tip, corn, artichokes, turkey sausage, spinach strawberry salad, bread, and ribs.

A summer dream meal.

I ended up giving the corn to V since I was already pushing the limits with my diet (artichokes have fodmaps and corn is all starch and I was on wine number two…).

And then dessert came out!  GAHHHHH.  This chocolate pecan pie is my favorite dessert of all time.  And I didn’t have any!!!  The hardest thing ever.  Also, there was gluten free chocolate cake with coconut chocolate frosting (that I made earlier that day).  And again, I didn’t have any!!

I did, however, bring home a slice of each 🙂  🙂  that I plan to eat (in moderation) in a few days when I have finished off my pills.

I only have a few more days but I’m already loosening the reigns a bit.  Truth be told, I was super gassy after this day.  Not sure if it was the vino or the artichoke or the stressful morning but I wasn’t feeling my best at all from about 9 pm to bedtime.  Blah.  Back to the strictness over the weekend.  It’s so hard to be good when there’s so much yummy stuff around meeeeee.  I was proud of my self control at appetizer time though – the guac looked great but had onions and the chips were realllllly calling to my salt tooth.  But I was so strong and saved my cheats for the artichoke and wine.

Day 22: finishing things off

The last of the zucchini bake is no more.  RIP you beautiful breakfast you.

Same lunch as the day before because IT WAS PERFECT.  I’m now out of urban remedy veggie crackers though.  So sad.

I also finished the lox, so add that to the list of things I must get again asap.  My omegas much be sky high right now because of all the salmon I’ve been inhaling.

This dinner was another creation inspired by my desire to not go shopping and just use what we had in the house.  I have officially exhausted every fresh vegetable at this point – with the end of a bag of (questionable?) broccoli slaw and a cabbage slaw mix.  Thanks goodness for Costco because at least I always have frozen organic chicken breasts and organic ground beef too – even if it means last minute corner cutting with the thawing process (like today).

I baked and shredded the breasts while making an almond butter sauce.  It had at least 1/2 cup almond butter in it, so you know it will be good no matter what else goes in.  Plus, tamari, coconut aminos, rice vinegar, sesame oil, and water.

I was tempted to throw the rest of the kitchen sink in too…you could add so many things!  Edamame, roasted cashews, slivered almonds, sesame seeds, crispy wontons, quinoa, rice noodles, green onions, cilantro, mint…honestly anything!

It was great just like this although I gave the rest of the family noodles too because I knew the kids were going to need more sustenance.

Here’s my monster portion.

I had about half of it before realizing I wanted cashews too so I added some and that really gave it some oomph.

We drove to my parents house after dinner and hung out before the kids went to bed but I ran to wf for some necessary groceries after that and got a synergy kombucha while there. They don’t have the rosé flavor in Davis so I bought a few to bring home with me.

Day 21: plugging along

As you can see I did considerable damage to this guy the first day…and that trend continued to day two of eating it.  I’m actually not too bothered by eating 1/3 of a baked loaf as a portion because it’s not very tall so it’s maybe not as much as it seems.  Any excuse for more cashew butter surface area is !!!! by me.

I am starting a baking/cooking to-do list for this weekend so I can prep a bunch of stuff to make the next (and final?) week of this program as easy breezy as possible. Another loaf of blender bread is definitely on it.

Kid lunch!

I was scouring the fridge for something so use in place of sandwich bread for avo and smoked salmon because all I saw when I opened the fridge was perfectly ripe avocados and smoked salmon, so I HAD to figure out a way to eat them (plain wasn’t doing it for me).  And then I remembered that I had bought these “crackers” at urban remedy!!!  Yes!

You guys these were SO good! I am buying them again asap. They are like kale chips’ cracker cousin.  So good!  Do you even know how hard it is to find a raw savory cracker that doesn’t have onions or garlic in them !?!?!  THIS IS AMAZING.  Such a score.  I’m glad I made this impulse buy Pattycakes convinced me to buy them because I would forever be missing out and that would be tragic.  If you are near an urban remedy or if they deliver to you, you gotta try them.

Nice little spread 🙂

And for the first time in a while I felt satisfied but not full.  Hooray!  And I was even hungry like a normal person by dinner time.

Which is good since it was taco night.

The family had regular tacos on a soft corn tortilla (still haven’t gone to the store!!), while I had lettuce boat tacos.

I used this fodmap friendly spice mix by Casa de Sante.

And then ended the night with some delicious probiotics. 🙂

Day 20: habit breaking

I know “they” say it takes 21 days to break a habit but here I am on day 20 and I can honestly say my 8 pm dessert tooth is in check at the moment.  I no longer “need” it the way I used to.  Nice side benefit to this whole fix-my-gut protocol, I suppose.  Hopefully my gut is actually being healed though, because that would be exponentially more exciting.  In any event, I will hopefully continue to maintain a healthy relationship with chocolate following this 30 day diet.

I baked this on the late night the night before because it’s too hot any other time of day to mess with the oven.

I tried to make the same zucchini bake I made last week and I think I got pretty dang close.  I used a bit of coconut flour this time, thereby decreasing the amount of almond flour I used and I may prefer it with more almond flour.  Either way, it’s delicious and even better when heaped with cashew butter on top!

I am slightly embarrassed to admit I ate 1/3 of this pan for breakfast, but that’s the truth.  I was hungry!

For lunch I made a very non-candida bagel sando.  I am consciously increasing my (GF) carbs to see what happens.  Also, I was looking forward to this bagel big time ever since I got it (from Mariposa, naturally). It’s there version of an everything bagel, only it’s every SEED as opposed to every THING, which is a very big deal for a fodmaper because it means no onion or garlic.  Woo hoo!

I toasted it, added a ton of avo, and then loaded on the lox.

It was heavenly.  And, as you can imagine, very filling.

I know I just posted the day before about how I want to keep my portions in check because feeling full around the clock is annoying, but I may have spoken too soon.  This was so crazy good though, I couldn’t eat half of it!


But, like I suspected, I was full for the rest of the day, and hardly wanted dinner. Why do I keep doing this?!?! It looks like I had a good thing going with my kale lunches of yore.  I gotta meal plan asap.  I haven’t had kale (or any other leafy greens) in the house for over a week now and that’s a pretty disturbing picture for this hippie.

Speaking of hippie…I made hippie bowls for the kiddos for dinner.  Kyle was gone so it was just the three of us, and like I said, I still hadn’t been grocery shopping.  I’m trying to see if I can make it all the way to the weekend on the fumes we have in the freezer/pantry at the moment.  I like a challenge, especially when it involves saving money.  😉

The nasoya pre-marinated tofu was a treat for them since they usually eat it plain or lightly coasted in tamari.

I had this salad from urban remedy for lunch.  If I commuted through the Ferry Building every day I would be so screwed, buying all their salads and raw treats…

I picked out all the green onions and added more avocado to it, as well as tamari roasted almonds.

How fun does that kelp granule mixture look!  It’s what sold me on the bowl.  That and the umeboshi dressing.  It sounded so unique.  Because buying salads is always iffy for me since I think I make a pretty bada$$ salad myself.

The dressing was more tangy (vinegar-y) than I was expecting, but thanks to the extra almonds and avo it was balanced out.


Wouldn’t it be great if I could just leave something as is without tweaking the heck out of it?!  Well, that’s just not me, my friends, and I have this beautiful bowl of yum as a result.  The sad part about this is…it totally made my gut upset!!  This is the first time since starting the SIBO diet nearly three weeks ago that I have felt real GI symptoms similar to my old IBS ones.  What a bummer.  I was bloated and gassy all night. Big time.  What the heck could have caused this?!!?  In examining the ingredients of the salad, nothing jumps out at me that would provoke such a reaction.  Anyone else want to take a stab at it?? Cumulative effect of having grains earlier in the day??  Seaweed [it’s not SCD but I’ve never had issues before]???

Anyway, this kombucha helped settle things down so I went to bed feeling much better.