The perks of Friday traffic

Another Friday in Fremont getting this guy through desensitization treatment.  The doses are getting pretty high now (more than a peanut’s worth!) so we decreased the number of updoses this appointment (3 instead of 4).

I’m so proud of him.  And I’m pretty sure the staff thinks he’s the greatest too.  🙂

Since we were done an hour sooner than usual, I decided to get on the freeway asap and try to avoid the traffic.  The drive back home gets more congested by the second; and for every minute past noon that we wait is like an extra 30 minutes of bumper to bumper hell.  Friday traffic!!!

As a result we got to the East Bay in an easy breezy 30 minutes.  WF lunch date with my dude!  Not the Fremont WF, but a WF nonetheless.  Happy mama.

He picked out his own salad bar creation with no input from me, including chickpeas, peas, cucumber slices, roasted bell pepper, raw cauliflower, croutons, and romaine.

And then we shared the roasted carrots (below), but the kimchi brussels slaw was allll mine.

I got us some Simple Mills crackers to “share” too, although P was pretty content with his “crunchy things” (aka croutons) so I took them down myself.

And some of this tarragon chicken salad.

Kyle got off work early and so we all reconvened at my parentals before a mega shopping trip.  For clothes!  For me!  The kids were not easily entertained but we made it through three stores nonetheless.

When we got home I got to work on dinner.  We were all supposed to eat together so my parents got a bunch of food for us, but then they remembered they had a Christmas party to go to.  Sooo I just made the food for us.

Check out my mom’s cool sweater!  HA!  The kids loved the target practice 🙂

Roasted asparagus, potatoes, and chicken for the win.  Sometimes simple is best.

I ended up running out to the store for a kombucha after V was in bed because I felt like I needed some ginger fizz to end the night.  My stomach was SO WEIRD all day.

Once again, we spent the night at my parents’ and once again, they were up wayyyyyy early.

I took V to the bathroom around 4 am, and was nervous neither of us would get back to sleep, but we did.  Then she woke up for good around 6, but Kyle got up with her so P and I could “sleep in” until 6:30.

I dragged my feet for another hour before lacking up my shoes to go for a run.  I felt really stuff and slow and I’m not sure if that was due to the cold temps or the fact that I was not in the mood to run.  Whatever.

My mom and dad were frying heaps of bacon when I got back, which we had with leftover potatoes and scrambled eggs. I added Hawaiian black salt to my eggs, which has a unique charcoal like flavor.  If I had the kitchen space I’d start a finishing salt collection for sure.

We did MORE shopping in Walnut Creek after breakfast and then packed up and drove back to Davis for lunch.

I had the rest of the kale cashew slaw salad and crackers for lunch.

We had no afternoon plans but inadvertently ended up being really productive with some house and yard work as a team.  It was awesome. After the kids woke up form naps, they played around in the yard while we worked and then it got dark so we all came in.

I already discussed this superb dinner, which I followed with my THIRD night sans chocolate.

P picked this out from WF as a treat for his dairy dose.  I wasn’t sure if he’d like it or not, but gave him the chance to try it, figuring if he didn’t I’d eat it.  I prefer whole milk yogurt to nonfat, but they are hard to find, so I was happy to get this flavor for that reason alone.

Note that I remembered to zero the scale with the bowl AND spoon on it this time.

It smelled SO GOOD!  Like pumpkin cheesecake.  MMmmm.  Like the other greek yogurt I gave him as a dose, this has 12 g of protein, so I weighed out 1/3 of the container.

I’m curious about how much dairy he could have all at once, but am not sure I’m ready to push it since he hasn’t reached maintenance with peanut (yet!?).  One thing I keep forgetting to mention (for other allergy mamas) is that ever since we started peanut oit, his eczema is gone.  It had flairs on and off throughout dairy, especially when he was sick and so his immune system was working double time.  But now that he is getting desensitized to his final allergen, his body keeps showing us all the ways it is benefitting from this treatment!  SO worth the traffic.

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