Wacked out day

Today was more bizarre than George Whipple’s eyebrows.

george's eyebrows

It started off normal – java with foam, you know…

IMG_3543 IMG_3544

Then I had an apple.  Still fairly normal, right?

Well, suddenly I felt beyond sick.  Like, go to the bathroom and wait for the puke to come.  Wha?! 

I felt okay-ish if I remained supine (that’s lying flat for you non-medical peeps), but every time I tried to sit up, I felt like I was gonna heave-ho.  No bueno.  I’ve never felt so bizarre…like head-achy, dizzy, with some weakness, too.  Even though I’m a nurse, I really tend to dismiss any symptoms I have.  Things have to be pretty bad for me NOT to ignore them.  So, I checked my pulses, and diagnosed myself with dehydration.  Prescription: water and The View.  Done and done. 

I felt better a few hours later, so I had some comfort food that I knew my tumtum could handle.


Yeah boi!

By the way, I loved hearing everyone’s comments about packing lunches yesterday.  Apparently, most of us are planners when it comes to food.  Economically, it just makes good $en$e.  Plus, then we know exactly what’s in our food.


Look familiar?  Yesterday’s lunch was so good, I wanted the exact same thing today.  Tofu salad on one slice, roasted red pepper hummus on the other.  Luuurve.

The day got weird again when my appetite went haywire after lunch.  I kept eating and eating and eating…and yet, I never felt satisfied. 

IMG_3464 IMG_3487

I snacked on the above (and then some).  Blah.  I had sooooo many random errands to do, so I lost track of all my snackage.  I was fairly productive though (as in $400+ dollars productive)…shhh…don’t tell Kyle.  I made a substantial dent in the wallet, but some of it (ok, a LOT of it) was retail therapy.  Shopping counts as cardio, right? 

Economic woes aside, things were looking good again once I found out I won Dave’s Killer Bread in the HangryPants giveaway.  I have been whining about my inability to find this product on the East Coast for quite a while now…so I did a few summersaults upon discovering I won the giveaway 😀

Despite being ridiculously sore from Jillian’s workout yesterday, I still managed to get to the gym.  Before I left, I had a few handfuls of dried mango for a sugary kick in the pants.


That’s about half of what I had, but it got 6 miles out of me so ‘nuf said.


I was dreaming of this during the entire workout.  So refreshing.  Gingerberry is my latest #1 flavor.  I must have been really thirsty or something because I pounded it in under 30 seconds (carbonation and all).  Come to think of it, I drank an extraordinary amount of water at the gym, too.  What a weird day.


Dinnerface :D  In the bowl: quinoa, raw carrots, raw corn, and a spoonful of hummus love.  On the side: raw sprouted chickpeas, and raw broccoli slaw.

Some ingredients jumped ship.


All together now.


Who doesn’t like a good zoom $hot?

I had extra corn off the cob on the side.  I love the way raw corn crunches.  These babies were particularly sweet and hit the spot.


I did laundry while enjoying the sassy Hot-lanta housewives.  They crazy!

For dessert, I made a green creation.  A bit atypical for dessert maybe, but the amount of avocado makes up for it, right?


I steamed some broccoli and cauliflower, then added half an avocado, and drizzled some San-J sweet & tangy sauce on the top.


Awwww sh!!!t – you all MUST try this.  Now.  I stirred it all together to make a brocc-a-mole.

Guess who comes home tomorrow?!?!

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Comments (20)

  1. janetha

    broccamole! that, my dear, is so smart. i think i really must try it! sorry you were feeling a bit off, that sucks! but hey, you won heather’s bread giveaway, that is something to smile about. i hear that bread is real good.

  2. Lara (Thinspired)

    Brocomole, I love it!! That guys eyebrows FREAK me out. Oh, and congrats on the bread giveaway 😉 I trust you will put it to good use!! (read: hummus)

  3. nutritionbyeve

    I’ve never had tofu salad – but that looks really really good. I may have to try it!

  4. Michal Mymo

    MMM your tofu salad looks super good 🙂 I have really been wanting to try one of those Synergy drinks but around here they are like 5 bucks for one! Maybe ill splurge one of these days…

  5. lowandbhold

    Ohhh shhh son, I need some ‘cados in my life right now so I can make that happen!

    Sorry about your stomach issues, hate that!

  6. blueeyedheart

    Of COURSE shopping counts as cardio! I think the official term is “mall walking.” :p

    <3 <3

  7. elise

    they are SO expensive! be prepared to get hooked on an PRICEY habit 🙂 that said, they are effing delish.

  8. ksgoodeats

    Those eyebrows are reverse bangs – how dreadful.

    Oh hot damn! Between the tofu salad, your broccomole, and dinner creation I’m getting closer and closer to buying my NYC plane ticket.

    PS. There better be a new ‘bucks mug in your life tomorrow 😉

  9. Courtney

    OMG–those eyebrows look like caterpillars!

    I am SUPER impressed that you worked out after starting off feeling so sick–you rock! I would have dismissed it as a sick day…anything for a day off, right?! Well, obviously not for you 🙂

    I am jealous that you won something in a blog give away! Congrats! I seem to enter a ton of those, but have never won… 🙁 Ah, well, you can’t miss what you don’t have, right?

    Did you sprout your own chickpeas?! I have had success sprouting lentils, but anytime I try with anything larger than an lentil, I fail. What gives?! Any tips or suggestions?


  10. Allison

    OMG – THOSE ARE SOME SUPER FREAKY EYEBROWS! please dont scare me like that again 😉

  11. redheadyellowdog

    must try that tofu salad!!! looks so good and like an awesome portable lunch!

    and I love hummus +quinoa! lately I’ve been doing black beans +hummus + salsa +quinoa. SO GOOD

    hummus and salsa are my true loves.

  12. julie

    broccomole is HOT girl. well played.

    WEIRD day! But the best kind of medication is Barbara Walters straight up. Although the annoying blonde could cause a relapse..

    yayy for yo man comin home todayyy!! have fun!!

  13. JB

    i wasn’t lying the other day when i said that your tofu salad inspired me to make one of my own. i whipped some up for lunch yesterday and it was so good! your food ALWAYS looks great. 🙂


  14. jodie

    Those eyebrows are too funny. They look alive.
    First time to your blog, I like it.

  15. Missy Maintains

    Sorry you were feelin sick! That is great that you knew exactly how to fix the problem! I don’t think I tried that flavor of Synergy yet! Must go now!!

  16. Jessica (jesslikesithot)

    Congrats on winning the giveaway! I’ve been dyinggg to try that dave’s killa bread! Looks fab!

    And your red pep hummus/tofu salad looks FAB, once again. I’m buying that red pep hummus today, so that I can enjoy all it’s flavorful goodness before I probs get stuck with the original flavor at school. Nothin’ wrong with original, but I love me some extra flav!

    Sorry about the bizarre day, but looks like it ended well! Mmmmm, sauce + avo + broc DOES sound amazing.

  17. broccolihut

    *adds “make broccomole” on to-do list

  18. She-Fit

    haha… I don’t think anything comes close to those eyebrows 🙂 You are too funny

  19. burpexcuzme

    Oh I love your packed lunch! With a homepacked lunch like that who needs cafes?
    And holy cow…those eyebrows can’t be any less bizarre!

  20. Johannah

    People noamllry pay me for this and you are giving it away!

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