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I was going to try and throw down a quick recap of this “holiday” weekend, but alas, my ramblings got the best of me…it may be picture dense, but it’s not so quick. 

Saturday was the main event, if you will, but Friday was pretty sweet too. 

Kyle and I made a Costco run – always dangerous when you’re a foodie living on a student budget.

Key purchases worth noting…


Almond Butter (this jar is the size of my head)


Sabra hummus x3 including spinach artichoke and roasted pine nut flavors plus individual mini tubs (bets on how many months days these will last?)


Crackers, chips, and bars, bars, bars (Clif, Kashi, Mrs. May’s, Chewy – you name it, we now have it)


And don’t even get me started on the massive amounts of produce

Sometimes Costco’s baby bell peppers are on the weaker side, but this bag was atypically large with a fantastic crunch.  [J’adore]

I could hardly fit everything in the fridge!  In addition to the bulk baby bell peppers and blueberries, there was a block of cheddar cheese so massive that it could double as gym equipment. 


The fruit basket was a whole other story.  Avocados, bananas, and galas, oh my!


I resisted temptation and didn’t buy the uber cheap crate of strawberries because they weren’t organic, but the pesticide-free blueberries were fair game. 

How is it that a gum and toilet paper run turned into a $250 trip?  Mysterious. 


So back to the eats…I clearly helped myself to some hummus lovin’ for lunch.




Alvarado Street sprouted tortilla, Sabra hummus, spinach, bell peppers, and raw shredded cauliflower

What else does hummus go with?


Honestly, what doesn’t hummus go with?


I’ve been having a damn near impossible time finding Sabra in stores, so that’s why I found it necessary to stock up on enough to feed an army (as if I need an excuse).  Still, it’s comforting to know that should disaster strike, I’m good for a while. 

Side note: why are the LA Whole Foods only carrying one kind of hummus nowadays?  I’m not okay with this.  It has drastically reduced my (previously) record breaking chickpea consumption. 


Dinner was a seitan stir-fry that I was able to throw together in less than 10 minutes. 


Home-made log seitan plus frozen stir-fry veggies…tossed in a pan with Bragg’s liquid aminos.  No more.  No less.

After a romantic candlelit dinner with my boo, we were joined by my homegirl Alene for some wine and chit chat.


We got a year long wine club membership to MacRostie as a wedding present and this Cab was the first we’ve tried.  Wow.  I am a Sonoma wine snob after all…  🙂


Totally delish.  It’s bold flavor rocked my face.


Saturday started with an “o” meal of oat bran and whole rolled oats.  Sorry that it’s less than thrilling, but not every letter has an appetizing letter that corresponds. 


The AB does add to the excitement though, yes?  MaraNatha is yum.


I heaped it on like I was storing up insulation for the winter.

Before working out in the afternoon I did some baking…and snacking.


[With such delish dough, these activities really were one in the same]

Then Jillian got me sweaty and Kyle forced me into normal clothes.


Sunday was a detox day.  Back to back wine nights is so not like me! (read: I’m old and can’t handle such frequent boozing)


I had a hearty breakfast (oats, peanut butter, and a chopped apple).


Followed by a hearty lunch…and a half-hearty workout


Every veg in the apartment salad (BN squash, spinny, bell pepps, carrots, cauli, yadda yadda topped in heaps of hummus). 


Five pounds.  Yes. 

Post-lunch and post-workout, I played in the kitchen (again).  I’m on a roll folks.


Sorry I keep teasing you with this granola recipe.  I swear it will be coming soon!  This once full tupperware was the perfect afternoon snack.

Anyway, Sunday’s lazying about all led up to a 7 pm call time.

Night shift. 🙁


I packed the above (leftovers from North End Caffe) with roasted butternut squash, apples, and dried fruit.


Add in teas by the kilo, and that’s my night in a nutshell.

I ate shortly before midnight and the hours rolled on without incident. 

I got home by 8 am and guess what!?!  I went straight to bed!  [Okay I showered first but still – I actually fell asleep and didn’t wake up until 11:45 am]

This is progress.

It helped that Kyle was still asleep and so crawling under the covers didn’t mean missing out on normal people awake time.

As you’d expect, I woke up ravenous. 


I fueled the beast with AB toast before contemplating what (more substantial) breakfast lunch I should make. 


This MaraNatha almond butter is shovel-down-by-the-spoonful good.  I need to slow my roll or the Costco sized jar is going to be empty by the end of the week!


My second course was a bowl of granola with bloobs and apples.


Oh sweet heaven, this stuff is divine.

No napping occurred in the PM (sadly).  I did attempt a beach front jog that left me pretty invigorated. 

Come 6 pm I wound up back in scrubs and headed back to the hospital for a second shift.  My stomach was being kinda questionable, so I didn’t really have a full meal before leaving. 


I did grab a couple of slices of pumpkin banana bread before hitting the road, though. 


I struggled through the first few hours of work, feeling pretty yucky. 


I had an apple around 11 pm, but didn’t feel like anything else at all.  Fortunately I had Yogi stomach ease tea with me, which helped sooth my system. 


By 1 am I was starving, so even though my GI tract wasn’t game, my priorities were all about ending the growling.  More fiber probably wasn’t the best dinner option, but it’s all I had…leftover lentil loaf with butternut squash on a bed of spinach

Booyah.  Work weekend done.

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Comments (29)

  1. chicfitness

    I LOVE Sabra hummus. I currently have three different flavors open…all for just lil’ ol’ me. And those three containers will likely only last me this week. No shame.

  2. whatkateiscooking

    I bought that almond butter from Costco too! I was so happy to see it there. It’s much cheaper than anywhere else I’ve seen it 🙂

  3. lauren @ spiced plate

    i love that yogi tea — i also have the ginger kind by them. it helps my belly feel better instantly! i hope you feel better soon!
    what a lovely spread of food, by the way — making me hungry as I go off to cook dinner!

  4. Em

    The Pavilions at Lincoln and Montana has Sabra. Not in Costco size, of course.

    I’m jealous of your fruit basket! Never can have too much produce 🙂

  5. Marci

    I am always curious about how night shifts affect your eating, sleeping schedule. Especially when a night shift leads to a day one 36 hours later or something. It seems like you have to really know your body and eat only when you’re hungry and not by the hours maybe. And what meal do you eat in the middle of the night? Late dinner? Early breakfast?
    I like Athenos Greek Style hummus, or homemade.

  6. Kat

    I can’t wait for the Q granola! Your breakfast bowl looks amazing. I live in Denmark where it’s impossible to get fresh berries at the time, but I have some mango flavored dried cranberries right now, which is really yummy.

  7. Heather @ kissmybroccoli

    Oh, I LOVE the mini bell peps! I go through one of those jumbo bags in a week! Perfect for hummus shoveling…um, I mean dipping! 😉

    Your wrap looks beautiful! I have a head of cauli in the fridge right now that need to be shreddified!

    I can’t believe you went back to work on only 3ish hours of sleep! I did that ONCE and thought I was gonna die…and my tummy totally hated me! 🙁

  8. my little celebration

    Dang, you had a busy weekend!

    I can’t take back-to-back wine nights either. I’m a total lightweight…I can hardly handle two glasses. Oy vey.

    I’m new to your blog and just wanted to say hi. Also, my husband and I are starting to go vegetarian starting, well, yesterday! So I’ll probably be checking back to find some yummy recipes.

    Have a great night!

  9. oatsandspice

    Costco is totally the – love that place! The only thing I wish they sold was sweet potatoes – did you get yours at costco?

  10. elise

    no. the potatoes are a bit too much bulk. its like a MASSIVE sack. we dont have enough storage room for that.

  11. elise

    its pretty difficult honestly. youre right that you have to be diligent in making sure that above all else, youre listening to your body. i try to disregard the clock altogether because its pointless given the shift time. i usually eat before i go to work (between 5 and 6) and then whenever i get hungry again ill have whatever main meal i packed with me. this is usually between 10 and midnight, but sometimes later. i drink tea for most of the rest of the shift and rely on fresh fruit for snacks. its when i get off work that is the real battle. most of the time i just want to go to sleep, but at the same time, im often hungry and ready for breakfast. or worse yet, my body equates the sunrise with coffee…and those cravings are the hardest to resist. like i said, i cant go by the time too much…if im hungry i eat, i just make sure its good quality food.

  12. Kristina

    Which Costco location did you go to? I live in Bakersfield and the two Costo’s we have don’t have the Maranatha Almond Butter. I’m willing to drive a couple hours just to get it! 🙂

  13. BroccoliHut

    I buy all my almond butter at Costco too–it’s like 5 bucks for that ginormous jar!

  14. Katie

    Every shot of that butternut squash looks fantastic. And I’m jealous of all your galas….mmm.

  15. elise

    Culver City (lincoln and washington)

  16. Casey

    If this is you cooking on a student/foodie budget, I can’t wait to see what you make when your off of it!
    I just got turned onto those mini bell peppers! I eat em straight with vegan cream cheese
    Ok. I’m converted, I need to be a costco card member asap

  17. Becky

    I have to say that I love Maranatha nut butters. I’ve tried a lot of brands but I like how theirs stay spreadable better than most. Happy healthy eating!!!! 🙂

  18. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    there is just too much amazing food going on for one post!

    i will just say the banana bread always gets me. i still need to make it!

    $250 at costco. that’s why i let my membership lapse 🙂 I can never get out of there for less. So i dont go. But now i kinda want to! haha!

  19. Katie

    I’ve never been to Costco. Never! David Sedaris even does book tours there. This has to change.

  20. Olivia

    I always buy Costco’s almond butter and hummus! The almond butter lasts a lonnng time because I’m the only one who eats it, but that hummus is gone in literally a week for sure. I have to say, I’ve been reading your blog for so long that now I’m a hummus addict myself; no shame! Ahhh I love Yogi’s stomach ease tea!! And their ginger…it helps so much!

  21. movesnmunchies

    LOVE HUMMUS! it goes with apples?! woah!.. and hmm i bet hummus + peanut buttter wouldn’t be a great combo.. there’s one thing hummus wont go with!

  22. Kailey (SnackFace)

    So, I read this post last night as I was going to bed, and all I thought was, “Damn she makes me want to eat healthy!” and, “Damn, I need to go to Costco!” Much to my surprise, I received a coupon/free pass to go to Costco sans membership. HELLS YES. (<– I've never said "hells" before, but it felt right.)

    Anyway, I neeeeeed to visit you! Hope the week is going well!

  23. elise

    omg. i need to coordinate my next trip to see him. hes hilarious!

  24. elise

    you NEED to visit!!! and holy crap what a fun coupon to get!! costco is dangerous. i adore it.

  25. elise

    touche. that sounds like a no bueno combo. although i do recall eating a dessert hummus once that was pb flavored. im too lazy to check my archives, but im pretty sure it was delish.

  26. Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine

    I love that we have the same Costco staples. That jar of AB? Amazingness. Twice as much buttah for half the cost.

    Also, I wanted to tell you that my parents alone polished off 12 tubs of hummus, including 3 of those giant Sabra ones, from January 8 until I was home last weekend. Serious commitment to chickpeas right there.

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  28. elise

    holy. no words. well done parents!

  29. Pingback: Alphebruary Recap « hungry hungry hippie

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