Parents again

We woke up Sunday morning still kid free!  After working out together (bike rides!) we contemplated our breakfast situation.

Kyle really wanted to encourage me to treat myself and kinda coerced me into Temple.  He was shocked when he found out I’d never been.  It’s THE ULTIMATE for coffee people.  My dad would go gaga in this place.  Look at all the pour over stations!

But why he really wanted me to go in was for the baked goods.  They had nearly TEN vegan and gluten free pastry options!!!  How did I not know this!?!?!

The coffee was calling to me too.  Oh man, this place is $$$$.

Fancy fancy.

We brought our eats home so we could watch OITNB while noshing.

Check out Kyle’s bear claw!

I couldn’t decide between them all so I got two muffins.  I started with the blueberry one.

Which I amped up with cashew butter.

Drippy heaven.

After a leisurely morning of TV watching, we decided to be a little productive and go through the kids’ drawers and sort out which clothes fit and not.  Followed by lots of random organizational fun that I was into and Kyle was meh on.

Eventually we headed to the East Bay to grab the kids.  But first a stop at WF.  First for lunch, and then some shopping.  Since I didn’t have time to get my WF shopping done in Fremont on Friday I had to do it then.  Where else am I going to get huge amounts of organic flour for cheap?


I love Urban Remedy and wish they would expand to Davis.  Of course, then I’d have the problem of wanting to spend all my $$$$ on expensive raw vegan fare so maybe they should stay away.

This salad was exactly what I was in the mood for.  Much needed fresh healthy fare after the previous night’s multi course meal of everything.  My gut was actually doing alright all day considering what I did to it the night before.  That’s why I stuck to a GF DF item for breakfast and lunch though.  Gotta keep the fodmaps down in compensation.

It rained POURED all afternoon and evening.  WHT THE HECK!?!?

I had a gobble meal ready and waiting once the four of us made it back to Davis.  The drive back was looong so I was ready to get something out of the kitchen fast.

This was the Fajita Flank Steak Salad with cilantro lime vinaigrette and it got lots of thumbs up.

The kids just can’t get enough of steak.  The seasoning was so good and I seared it on each side so it was outstanding.  I love that gobble tells me exactly what temps to do things with meat and for precisely how long because I wouldn’t have a clue otherwise and it’s always been on the money.  The vinaigrette was great too.  I gave the kids a deconstructed version of the dish, minus the cotija cheese.

And there are leftovers too since I got the 4 person amount.  Leftover steak won’t last long with my baby carnivores.

I went back for more because I have a problem. Yikes.  Admitting it is the first step.

Monday wasn’t as rough thanks to my solo time with Kyle.  I was so much more patient and relaxed.  It’s amazing what a little time away from the kids will do.  Maybe I should get a babysitter for an hour or respite every few weeks or so?  Ugh.  I keep saying it, but I know I will never do it.

I couldn’t stare at this fancy bread on my counter one second longer without digging in!

I buttered (Earth Balance) and salted it up just like we did at our farm dinner.  It is still just as good as it was that night.

We spent the morning at the zoo with friends (this was a make up trip since P missed his school field trip last week).  V kept telling me she was hungry and wound up eating 2000 snacks the whole time.  I think she’s having a growth spurt.

I made myself a nice little salad once naps/quiet time was underway.

I saved a little of the salmon for the kids later that night since I knew I was making a big ol Caesar salad for dinner. And they don’t really get enough kcals with just a salad (since they don’t eat 500 pounds of chocolate later on like their parents do).

I massaged the kale early so it would be super broken down by dinner time.

We had a juice date with a friend after nap time.

I’ve been eyeing slash avoiding Sun & Soil for basically a year now because the addiction potential is real.  But my friend and I have been meaning to do a kiddo date there for a while so we finally made good on it.  Their juices aren’t pasteurized, which I wasn’t really too concerned about, but she didn’t want to give her kid (they don’t recommend them for children under 5).  Personally I don’t see the difference between this and all the raw veggies they eat on a daily basis, but whatever.  She was bringing juice for her kid, so I brought some for mine as well (lest the kids start a riot on fairness).  Paying $2 for owdalla juice as opposed to the $9.50 they cost at Sun & Soil is also way more reasonable anyway.  Althoughhhhhhh…Sun & Soil’s products are pretty freakin’ amazing.  I sampled a few and bought a couple to take home as well.  Their stock was low, though, so I didn’t get some of the ones I wanted.  Guess I’ll have to go back!!

You get $2 off if you bring the glass jar back so I guess that’s a little bit more reasonable for fresh organic juice.  I can’t remember what I used to pay at WF (back in Santa Monica) because that’s before I had a kid when I spent my money like nothing mattered but food.  Also, I had a job with an income.

After we were all juiced up we went to the park and chatted until dinner time.

I jazzed the kale Caesar up with some romaine and croutons (for K).

They got pasta and salmon too.

Mine got all nooch-y.  🙂

And to cancel out all that kale, my sweet tooth demanded heaps of chocolate.  Per usual.  Which I was happy to oblige.  I am taking a break from my fudge while I tackle this See’s box.  Rough life, I know.


We decided to stick to one up-dose per appointment but we were still there until almost noon.  It was all good though.  He is officially at 1/4 cup of whole milk twice a day.

He read the same book on cd 5 times in a row!

And ate pretzels while he snuggled on my lap to pass the time.  After we left, we quickly ran to WF, where I was planning to get something, but P was anxious to get home, so I scrapped my plan and just went back to my parents’ house.  I was really really hungry because I forgot to pack any food for me.  He, however, had been snacking all morning, so he was good and ready to pass out on the ride home.  Which he did.  It was fine with me though, because I couldn’t listen to anymore Mickey Mouse songs on my pandora station.  I got all caught up on the Comey testimony details thanks to the hours I spent surfing the internet in the MD office and then listening to podcasts while driving.

V was napping when I got to my parents’ house, so I dropped off P, said goodbye, and then left!  Both kids were staying at camp grandma/grandpa the whole weekend long!!!!!  Weeee to freedom!

First things first, I needed to go to a proper mall to find shoes for my sister’s wedding.  There aren’t any decent stores in Davis, so obviously I had to go to Broadway Plaza.  I ended up finding some pretty rose gold heels at Nordstrom, so that was fun, but by the end of it I was starving.  It was already 2 pm and I had basically had nothing but coffee all day.  No bueno.

True Food Kitchen was staring me in the face on my walk back out of Nordy’s so I grabbed a menu to look over.  I was super overwhelmed though and ended up folding under the pressure of ordering the “perfect” option.  I do this all the time at restaurants.  I truly have anxiety about picking the wrong thing.  I get FOMO about my food!  And if others get something that I was thinking of getting and it looks better I get angry.  It makes me crazy.  I am admitting this here because I know it’s crazy but I feel like others may understand it.  Ugh.  Anyway, after my headache of an ordering dilemma came to a close, I got this salad.

It looked meh upon first glance, but thankfully I added avocado (which they didn’t charge me extra for!) but wound up being pretty great!

I ate it way too fast though and was annoyed at myself for that.  Here I am without kids and I’m still inhaling my food!?!?!  WTF man.  Enjoy it!

But I was in a bizarre mood.  I didn’t really know what to do with myself without kids.  With nothing else to do in the East Bay, I got in the car to drive back to Davis.  Unfortunately I hit maaaajor traffic and it took me TWO hours (double the usual commute time) to get home.  I was so sick of sitting in the car by then and had pretty much listened to every podcast in my queue.  Blah.  But I finally made it home and then…what to do…!?!?  Kyle was still at work and I had no children to take care of.  What do I do with myself??  I chose vacuuming.  It felt a little ridic, but once the house was all clean it felt amazing.  Totally worth it.

Kyle got home and we vegged in the yard for a bit trying to decide what to do that night.  We had dinner reservations in Sac, but I was feeling so wiped out.  Not wanting to get dressed up or get back into a car, we decided to scrap those plans and keep it simple.  Instead, we walked to Nugget, grabbed a few ingredients, and came home.

Kyle grilled burgers while I prepped the toppings.  Easy peasy.

On the side we had a mozzarella and tomato salad.  It was exactly what I needed to get my weekend off to a chill start.

Without any kids to get to bed, we had plenty of time that evening for nothingness.  We stayed up late finishing Homeland and eating chocolate and then slept in til 8 the next morning.  Loving it!

A late breakfast smoothie after working out.

We spent most of the day binge watching the new season of Orange Is The New Black.  I’m so into it.

We played tennis in the afternoon and then strolled around downtown.  It was so nice to be aimless.

For dinner we had super cool plans with friends.

Full Belly Farm in Guinda has farm dinners every couple weeks and they sell out F A S T.  We bought tickets for June several months back and I’ve been eagerly anticipating it ever since.

It was an hour drive to get there, but the setting could not have been more picturesque and the weather was perfect.

The place settings were gorgeous – they grow flowers for bouquets which they sell all year long, even dried in wreaths in winter!

We went on a quick tour of part of the farm right when we arrived…they grow 90 something crops but it’s the most laid back environment ever.  I have no doubt they work crazy hard, but it was so sprawling and wild looking for such a productive plot.  They had organized crop rows for sure, but there were also random fruit trees all over and it seems like they didn’t mess with the natural lanscape when they bought the property way back when so it doesn’t look like the flat endlessness that most other farms look like.

I think there are a bunch of owners because the family has a bunch of offspring, but these two were Jenna & Amon Muller.  They were the hosts of the whole affair.

Here’s the menu for our night.  YUM!

They have casual pizza nights throughout the month too, which don’t require reservations.  The started doing those because their local restaurant shut down and they wanted a place for the community to gather and hang out.  They have a brick oven and they just keep it going all night as people come and go.  They are trying to get music for those nights, but it’s super casual.  They have campers who come and go without any notice, staying on the property for a few nights or whatever since the place is pretty far out in the country.  That way you can just drink and hang out and not worry about getting back somewhere.  It just seems super friendly and communal.  It’s basically Kyle’s commune/homesteading dream.  I had to keep pinching him from getting too excited.  Pretty sure he would buy land in the boonies in a second if I were all the way on board.

Other odds and ends.  They have a CSA and sell their products at numerous farmer’s markets.  If you’re in the Bay Area, keep your eyes peeled for their nuts and nut butters.  They’re $$$ but so good.

It’s BYOB, but I was DD so I stuck to the juices and teas.

Let’s get this party started!

OMG this bread!  It was maybe my favorite thing of the whole meal.  Is that ridiculous to say?  But we were all going gaga over it.  I was practicing mayyyyyyjor self restraint from eating 5 slices before the second course arrived. It was, in fact, so good that we begged the owner to sell us a loaf to take home.  She agreed to give it to us for $10 (it was a huge loaf) which we didn’t find out til the end of the meal (at which point I’d already smuggled 4 slices in my purse).  Great.  Nothing like a hand full of crumbs to remind me of the dinner every time I dig into my bag. Oh well!  More bread is always better than no bread.  It was so unique and we found out the baker actually makes polenta first to then add into the dough.  I’m telling you, it was out of this world.

Onto the next!  I’ve only had lamb twice before in my life, and what I’m realizing is, I like lamb when someone else (professional) makes it.  These meatballs were great.

Then we got stuffed squash blossoms. Another wow of a course.  They actually knew I was GF and brought me out some that weren’t breaded, but I was being pretty loose with the fodmaps for this meal (it’s a once in a lifetime thing, ya know??) so I ate both.  😉

The combo of the roasted beets and cheese and dressing in this salad was incredible.  I would have been fine if this were the whole meal!  Honestly, there were no mediocre courses.  They all just blew us away.  A simple salad was still extraordinary – probably since it was as fresh as it gets.  Picked hours before!

These tomatoes were also picked that morning (by the grandchildren of the owners).  There weren’t many they said, but the summer crops are juuuust starting to be ready for harvest, so they got all the basil and tomatoes they could collect to top the home-made pasta with.  HOMEMADE PASTA!! Ok, full disclosure I was going to pass on this meal because it had both cheese and wheat, but then my GF option arrived and it was beans with cheese, which are basically no different in terms of their fodmaps.  Sooooo…

I tried both.

I didn’t have a ton of either, but enough to enjoy it and delight in the insanely amazing quality that is home-made pasta.  Like, mega wow.

These zucchini fritters were eaten before I got a good picture, which is representative of how stellar they were.  I heard the GF option was sautéed zucchini so I opted to try the fritters.

They were good, but then the sautéed zucchini blew me away too!!  Something about the basil and lemon zest was incredible.  I couldn’t stop eating them.

And then the chicken!  Oh my word this chicken was the most moist, flavorful, salty, juicy meat I’ve ever tasted.  No exaggeration.  If I hadn’t been so stuffed from the million courses beforehand I would have eaten 4 pieces.

Our end of the table cleaned up!  Ha. We all put our bones back in for a before and after shot because why not?

This was the only meh part of the meal and that’s because they were slightly hard (apparently they were having issues with the oven for these).

And then this beauty!  My GF portion didn’t have the cookie biscuit thing, but the salted caramel ice cream was already so decadent I couldn’t have handled anything else.  DANG!!!!!  This meal!

It was a dining experience I will never forget.

The return of kale and coffee

Finally feeling back to normal!  And with the help of daily kombucha, my gut may not be as wonky and off as it would be post illness otherwise.

I made heaps of pancakes for breakfast because I needed extra for P to bring to school the next day.

For my own breakfast, I made a smoothie with bananas, berries, chia seeds, walnuts, almond milk, and collagen after biking P to school.  I can’t help but think the collagen is doing good things for my gut too.

Mmmmm.  Open gym with V after that.  Still no coffee!  My gut wasn’t quiiiiiite there yet.

But by lunch time it was 100% good!  Ready for kale!!

My uncle came over in the afternoon and we all went to market together.  It was awesome.  I got food from Buckhorn, which was delish and loved seeing my uncle.  The kids were super happy to hang out with him too since they haven’t seen him since Thanksgiving.

Back at home we hot tubbed, chocolate-d and watched some TV.  Almost ready to finish up season 2 of Homeland!

Good morning precious girl.

This delicious strawberry rosemary scone was from Pushkin’s and was very worth the wait.

I wanted to completely enjoy it, so I waited until my gut was totally back on track before digging in. Paired with coffee, it was like I was back to my old self.  Finally!!!!  🙂

Another bomb kale salad.

His quiet time creations blow me away.

After V was up from her nap I fed them a snack and then they did puzzles until Pattycake’s soccer.  And from there it was straight off to the East Bay!

After a few weeks off OIT, we were ready to get back to it.  After a nice dinner that my parents made, we got the kids to bed, ate chocolate, watched carpool karaoke, and went to zzzz.

Getting back in the (eating) game

He is so proud of himself!

I don’t have much in the way of food photos for Monday because I basically didn’t eat much. I sipped a trilogy kombucha all morning and afternoon long and my stomach was pretty happy to have nothing in it but fizzy probiotics. I wasn’t even hungry.  So weird.

We went to the park and then IKEA because we needed (yes NEEDED) popsicle molds.  It was an easy enough outing and they loved playing in the kids section and testing out the big kids beds.  Together.

We made popsicles once we got home so they would be ready by the afternoon.  It was hot out and perfect for icy blueberry bliss.

No pics of the rest of the day…we ate leftovers for dinner because Kyle was golfing with my dad and it was just the three of us on our own.  I had something bland and benign and my stomach did okay with it so I decided to have dessert later that night.

I added chocolate stevia syrup because why not?

I still felt queasy at the idea of plain chocolate, which is SO WEIRD WHO AM I!?!? But the ice cream was a good option.  I had kcals to catch up on after all!  I ate it straight out of the pint which meant I had way more than I should have but oh well.  With an episode of Homeland I was thinking maybe by tomorrow I’d feel normal again.

And then when I went to bed, my stomach started beating me up AGAIN.  What.  The.  Heck!!?

I was in no mood to cook so I was so happy I had pancakes in the freezer.

Breakfast is served!  With summer fruit, which of course was the first thing eaten.

Look I had a real breakfast!  I waited a long time to feel out what my gut was going to be able to handle and decided plain oats was probably the best idea.  But that seemed a little boring so I added nut butter too.  Truth be told, my body didn’t like the almond butter, but at least it was sustenance that stayed in me.

Usually P has school on Tuesdays but they had a field trip to the zoo scheduled and I couldn’t chaperone with V (per their no sibling rules) so I decided to just have P skip the whole thing. Honestly, it was a bummer because I know he wanted to go with his classmates, but we go to the zoo alllll the time, so it’s more about the fact that his teachers didn’t understand my reservations about sending him off in an uncontrolled environment (potentially with dairy and peanuts) without allowing me, his main advocate, to be with him. I just don’t trust anyone…ESPECIALLY in a chaotic setting with a ton of other kids and less supervision than usual.

I made sure the morning was extra special.  We went to library story time and then Jamba Juice for smoothies.

V was sleeping when my gobble package arrived.  I got two dinner kits this week – each for 4 people.

First up, honey hoisin glazed chicken.

We went over to a friends house to swim and play in the afternoon, so I was glad to have things all lined up for a quick assembly once we got home.

It was the fastest one I’ve made yet!  Still ~30 minutes, as opposed to the 10 minutes advertised, but that’s still great for a nice unique interesting meal.

I followed the directions for timing – first on the stove and then in the oven – to a tee and it was super moist and cooked to perfection.

And the hoisin sauce was sooo good.  I legit drank what was left on my plate.

The kids didn’t like the mushrooms, but I was happy to eat theirs.  Can’t win em all.

I didn’t give the carrot puree to P because it had butter, but it was wayyyy too garlicky for me, so I only had a little and passed off the rest to Kyle.  I still have an extra portion for two remaining because the kids didn’t get any so I’ll just give it to Kyle in his lunch some time this coming week.

Finally back in the chocolate game!  Stomach is on the mend!

Up and down weekend

This is how big I want my bar, okay mama?

Hard to say no to such a sweet (and healthy) request.

I have had glimpses of a return to good health after my initial take down, but I keep having lingering moments that suck. I’m not sure when I’ll feel 100% again.  In the meantime, I’m at least functional as a mom.  My GI system is hibernating, so I’m just letting it.  While trying my best to distract the kids from my blah.  Our Saturday plans were cancelled so we took the opportunity to enjoy the nothingness as a fam.

After feeding the kids, we went to market.

For dancing and music and fruit samples…and this loaf.

Per Judy (the owner), this loaf won the best raisin nut bread award last year, so I figured it was a solid choice.  Since it’s “day old” it’s half off, too.  I immediately ripped off a piece and verified it’s quality.  Mmmm…that was also my first real food in a long time so it was extra extra good.

While the kids napped I sorted out our week of food and made lists so we could get shopping done in the afternoon.  I have two gobble meals scheduled for this week so I didn’t need too much.  Kyle wanted to grill that night so we got salmon at Nugget.

Yikes on that price tag.  My kids (and I) have expensive taste.  But I was actually in the mood to EAT so I had to take advantage.

Grillin’ time.


It’s officially summer when corn is in season.

“I do it my OWN self”.  Oh V, you are one funny kid.  We kept showing her how to eat the corn…she’ll get it by the end of July, I’m sure.

I was too optimistic with my appetite…I didn’t finish all this. Not feeling greens at all at the moment. PS I’m 100% NOT preggo in case you were thinking that was on the table.  My mega food aversions are entirely norovirus related.

I solved my fruit basket problem!  I got a massive platter that holds it all.  I looked online for a few days but all the ones I liked were crazy expen$ive so I just went to target and got one that did the job.  And all that fruit up there?  Will be gone by Friday easily.  And we will still probably get more stone fruit at market on Wednesday.

I tried.  It was ok, but my gut wasn’t ready for it.

The next day was up and down.  We went to brunch, then church and I was feeling okay until that afternoon.  We had a couple of birthday parties, but I had to drop out of one because I wasn’t feeling well enough.  We did a pop in at the other one because it’s one of my very best friends and I realllly wanted to see everyone, but I made sure not to touch anyone.  I started feeling kinda queasy around 6 so we left to eat at home…

She is always up for a snack, especially if it’s oranges.

I had made a seriously legit dinner in the crock pot (first time making short ribs!), but my stomach wasn’t sure about it at all.

Fortunately I had cauli mash that seemed like a more gentle option.  Kyle requested mashed cauliflower when I asked what he wanted for the week’s meals ahead.  The kids weren’t super into it, but they ate it anyway.

I wanted to serve the short ribs and mash with peas, but somehow miscalculated the amount we had on hand.  The kids got the few peas we had left and I pulled some other random veggies out of the freezer for Kyle and myself.

I ate this because it was pretty but I really didn’t feel like it and in hindsight I definitely shouldn’t have.  I felt crummy the rest of the night.  My gut was doing flip flops and cramping and just being super weird, and I was starting to have reflux issues (again!) even though I hadn’t had any really on Saturday.

You’d think I would have learned my lesson and stopped trying to make food happen, but instead I made another bad decision and ate this cookie.  It’s hard to tell from the pic but it’s really really big.  I bought them from a GF baker in Napa last year and have them stored in the freezer.  Why are they in there, you ask?  This may be TMI, but after trying them once, I quickly realized they had a very….uhhh…emptying effect on my body.  As you all know by now I have IBS-C so this can be useful sometimes.  Unfortunately, it sometimes goes with some negative side effects (GI cramping) but it’s always been pretty immediate.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, this time it did NADA. So I went to bed still feeling pretty terrible.

Ugh.  Bring on Monday??