Dear Readers

I need your help.

You will be handsomely rewarded…


With waffles.


Allow me to explain.

A few months ago a company was born called Surprisingly Vegan.


You may recall my elusive post at the beginning of the process back in October.  I was so excited I could hardly contain myself, but now I can share the news with you all.  Kyle and some fellow MBA students at UCLA are starting up a line of vegan, gluten-free products.  [!!!!]


Normally I cringe when business crap is the topic of discussion at the dinner table (slash anywhere), but this kind of “research and development” is right up my alley.

Their debut product will be the classic waffle.  And since I’ve tasted it many times, I can confirm it’s mighty tasty.  Interests piqued?


They are still doing more market research and are looking to YOU for help.  Below I have posted a link to a questionnaire.  It isn’t too long (just over 10 questions) and is entirely anonymous.  By filling it out, you are helping them collect valuable data to assist in the creation of Surprisingly Vegan’s product line.

As compensation for your time, they are going to reward you with a sample of their just-add-water waffle mix.  The dry blend is vegan and gluten-free and is so easy to make, because all you have to do is add water.  Not eggs.  Not oil.  Not butter.  Just water.  It’s really yummy, and it’s freakin’ hearty too.

Now pay attention to this part because it’s of importance.

There is no place for you to enter your name (since there is health data they wanted to keep it anonymous).  Therefore, you have to leave a comment below after filling out the survey. I will select TWO winners at random from the comments section. So just click the link, fill out the survey, then come back here to leave a comment telling me you have done so.



I’ll announce the winner Saturday, March 5th.

Good luck!

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252 thoughts on “Dear Readers

  1. Erica Rinella

    Done and done. Good luck! I am excited to follow this fledgling company of deliciousness!!! :)

  2. Clare

    Congrats – what a great concept! I completed the survey, and now am off to find some waffles! That really sparked a craving :)

  3. Beth

    I completed the survey. Good luck with this new project, I think this is how great companies get started. I love how little ideas can grow to something awesome :)

  4. tina


    that is so awesome… i am crossing my fingers that they are extremely successful… there is such a void in the market! get their product to chicago ASAP! ;)

  5. Angie Nerenberg

    Survey– completed.
    Waffle-y goodness attraction vibes– activated.

    Thanks for your blog, and doing what you do! Love all the meal ideas and pictures of lovely, healthy food!
    Now we know why that recipe was so super-secret. Good luck with your venture; the waffles sure look yummy!

  6. Michelle

    I did the survey! I have been intrigued by these waffles for months! Congrats to Kyle abd good luck!

  7. DB

    Finished the survey. Congrats on this new adventure! The waffle post was the first entry I read on your blog, and it got me hooked!

  8. Sarah L.

    Just completed the survey – can’t wait to try the waffles! (With any luck, they’ll be available in Canada.)

  9. Maya

    Took the survey! I’m happy to help out with surveys and the like, I know they really help whoever is collecting the data, so even if there weren’t a prize initiative, I would have filled it out. Good luck to them!

  10. Marci

    survey done! mmm waffles. also tell them to look up Kodiak Cakes. They’re my favorite for pancake batter, just add water.

  11. Emily

    Mmmmm waffles…. Thanks for the opportunity and for creating a great product! Survey is filled :)

  12. Elise

    Done. Good luck! They look delicious. Even though we are not gluten free, we are egg and soy free (allergies). Yum!

  13. Katherine

    Wow this is very cool. I love to see people my age pursuing their passion!

    Just submitted the survey- good luck!

  14. Erin

    if i could fit one more appliance into my tiny kitchen it would be a waffle iron (or a juicer ;)

  15. Brown On Rice

    I would LOVE to try gluten-free. This might be something I should really consider incorporating in my diet. Vegan-ness can be added to that list sporadically too. =)

  16. julie

    oh my god this is AMAZING!!!! and FRIGGN COOL!!!!!!!!!! haha i’m super excited for you! heading to the questionnaire now!

  17. Kristyn

    Survey done and now I’m hungry. Seriously those sound fantastic. Best of luck to them with this venture!

  18. Brooke @ bittersweetb

    Those waffles look so good!

    I just took the survey, it reminded me of college, sending out qualitrics surveys around the campus. I definintely understand the need for people to participate!

  19. Amanda

    I don’t have a waffle iron, but I would buy one if I had some of that delicious batter! YUMMM~ I completed the survey! :] *fingers crossed*

  20. Jan

    Did the survey!! And how exciting for your husband and his partners! I wish them all the best!! You, too — yeah, I guess you’re part of it as well — being married and all!

  21. Nicole G

    I’m so excited for Kyle – this is such a great idea! He is so lucky to have you as such a reliable taste-tester =)

    I completed the survey. Good luck with the business!!

  22. Jan

    I forgot to say, my favorite waffles are vegan pumpkin waffles my daughter makes! ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Even a day or two old, just pop them in the toaster and eat — don’t need a thing on them! Oh, I want some waffles NOW!!!

  23. Jackie Rose (@letssitoutside)

    Did the survey! I was a raw foodist for a while but quit while traveling because it was so difficult to keep a balanced diet. I would love to see more healthy began options on menus everywhere! Thank you for you work!

  24. Kay

    Vegan AND gluten free waffles?!? I have almost completely destroyed the Teflon on my boyfriend’s waffle iron trying to scrape too many of my own failed batches out of it. I thought it was just one of those fictional/fantasy concepts like unicorns and trees that grow money. And I gave up. So I hope this isn’t a joke. The waffle iron can’t take much more abuse. ;)

  25. Krystle

    I took the survey. It sounds like something I’d buy. Especially if all you do is add water.

  26. cmb0096

    Wow–you have gotten quite a response! Add me to the count…I took the survey too :-) Good luck to you and Kyle!


  27. Katie

    those waffles look good :) && i love making your recipes. im going to school to be an RN now, and youre someone i look up to :)

  28. Lauren

    Oh, exciting! I was just thinking today about how I want to try a new vegan pancake mix! :)

  29. Bethany

    I did the survey! I’ve been doing so many for my college lately that I thought one more wouldn’t too hard :)

  30. Sarah

    I filled out the questionnaire! There were several mistakes with the questionnaire though, and it could have been designed better (sorry to be critical, but I do a lot of survey design work so I can’t help myself!). One crucial mistake is the one about eating breakfast “in your daily life”. It doesn’t say whether you are supposed to be answering based on your monthly, weekly, yearly, etc. habits. I assumed it was monthly, but it’s a problem because it’s not stated! Anyway, it’s an excellent idea for a business venture, and I hope you still get the answers you need.

  31. Jill

    I did the survey :) Yay for Kyle! The company sounds great – I would love some waffle mix! Good for him and the other students.

  32. Andrea

    I did the survey–I would love to find a vegan waffle in restaurants–it would make life so much easier!

  33. lou


    i’ve actually been dying to get my chomps on these since you first posted them…..they look mighty yum!

  34. Katie (quickcookrice)

    Just completed the survey! Beyond excited at the prospect of more vegan breakfast options! There is definitely a void of vegan-friendly breakfast joins here in Washington, DC. Sigh.

  35. kissmybroccoli

    This is awesome! I have drooled over your waffle pics for soooo long! If I win, I’m going straight to my parents’ house to bust out their waffle iron!

    Good luck with the business endeavor! I know from personal experience that it can be very trying at times!

  36. Amanda

    LOVE the idea of reward in vegan waffle form- they definitely look mouthwatering!

    I filled out the survery it was fun, quick, and easy…
    Hope it helped!

  37. Lauren

    E-Lice! I did the survey…. and I love the idea for the waffles. I also really love your blog. AND, I also really hope that I win the prize! xoxo, Lar

  38. Laura

    Hey, took the survey…am i the only one who was confused as to which one “question 8″ was? they’re not numbered…maybe im just special

  39. Kendall

    Filled out the questionnaire! Good luck with the business, that’s super exciting! (:

  40. Neha

    I did the survey!
    I want to try the waffle mix even if I am not chosen!! I’ll pay for it!!

  41. Jessica

    Very exciting news! Here’s hoping Kyle’s new business venture is very successful!

    Survey complete =)

  42. Wendy

    *Survey completed*

    Elise, I am not a vegan or even a vegetarian But I am a gal who cares about her health and chooses healthier and healthier options each and every day. Reading your blog is not only a joy because you are such a talented and clever writer but also because your ideas open my mind and help me and the hubby on our eternal journey to better health. The time and effort you put into your blog is greatly appreciated by not only me, but obviously by many, many others judging by your loyal readers. Since I was commenting for the survey I just thought I’d take the time to share my thoughts with you and to say thank you for what you do. Best of luck to kyle on his new venture.

  43. housewifingaround

    Survey completed. How exciting! You mean I might actually be able to go to a restaurant and eat something that won’t make my brain spasm? Best wishes on your success.

  44. Bailey

    I did the survey! I am a total lurker, but had to comment on this because it sounds so awesome!

  45. Debbie

    Survey Complete! I sure hope I don’t have to go on vacation to be able to eat these!! Having such a great mix to whip up waffles for my grandchildren would be fabulous!!

  46. Lauren

    Took the survey! As a Gfree vegan and IBS sufferer, this waffle mix sounds too good to be true!! So exciting :)

  47. Anna

    I just completed the survey. Now I’m dreaming of the possibility of going to a restaurant and being able to order gf waffles… I know it’s a fantasy but still… it’s a nice one.

  48. Valerie

    what a fantastic idea! i actually ate waffles this morning for breakfast too! its fate, i tell ya :)

    i completed the survey.

  49. Sherry F

    I completed the survey!! Congrats to the both of you and good luck!! Starting a new business is exciting!!

  50. Rachel

    awesome news :) obvs i completed the survey. dan and i are masters (well dan mostly) of pancake making on the weekend. we’d be great people to test out the final waffle product on….just saying :)

  51. Ama Cherie

    Thank goodness for a vegan, gluten-free breakfast item for restaurants!!! I have a few places around town that are vegan and g-f friendly, but none have any breakfast options other than a biscotti here and there. And g-f pancakes are never vegan! I appreciate the effort to accommodate both, as breakfast over a cup of tea at a restaurant is my FAVORITE, especially after long night shifts. But, alas, I have had to give up breakfast at restaurants after going vegan and g-f, both for health reasons. Hail to the return of the breakfast!!!

  52. Jodi

    The survey is done!! I’m on a permanent vegan, gluten free, soy free diet, so products like this would be amazing for me!!

  53. nik

    I filled out the survey…and now have an overwhelming craving for warm steamy waffles with blueberry preserves. oh, the power of suggestion!

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