I just wanted salad dressing


I feel like I’m clinging onto summer with this breakfast.  Home-made banana pancakes with strawberries and peaches.  This was my first sweet breakfast in a long time.


I finally finished off that massive batch of vegan gluten free pancakes that I made a while back, so I had to do actual work in the morning for these. 

The effort was worth it, but I wish I’d had the energy to make a huge batch so there were leftovers. 


Part one of lunch was half a sweet potato with tofu scramble.


I’ve been on a nutritional yeast bender.  Better than a donut bender, right?

IMG_5235 IMG_5236

Part two of lunch was a berry smoothie with frozen banana, almond milk, orange juice, plain greek yogurt, frozen raspberries, ice, and maple syrup.  No measuring. 

After I went on a run I snacked on figs and cookies (vegan, gf).

IMG_4932 IMG_4929

By the time dinner arrived, I wasn’t really hungry, but I knew I wanted something cold.  Oddly, I felt like romaine lettuce with lots of salad dressing.  It’s a bizarre thing to crave.  Since we were due for a grocery run, Kyle and I decided to hit up WF for dinner too.  Lazy much?  And although I tried pretty hard to find something in the hot bar that piqued my interest, I just kept coming back to that lettuce salad. 


And so I present to you, the most boring salad bar purchase I’ve ever made.  Romaine, edamame, cucumbers, and lots of Follow Your Heart’s vegan dressing (both honey mustard and balsamic vinaigrette).  I really wanted the vegan Caesar or vegan Sesame Miso or vegan Ranch, but none of them were available.  Bummer. 

For dessert, I was still in the mood for more savory (salad dressing) fare. 


So I had carrots with Galeo’s Miso Caesar dressing.  I love Galeo’s dressing.  I find it amusing that they were sued earlier this year for claiming to be a low calorie/low fat food.  It’s salad dressing people.  Of course it’s going to have fat and calories.  At least it doesn’t have HFCS.  And the ingredients aren’t four feet long.  Can’t people just do their own research and read labels?  I mean, if a bottle of salad dressing says it’s “the world’s best dressing”, are you going to sue them if you find a better one?  It’s like that lawsuit over coffee being too hot.  Or nutella being healthy.  Are we really so litigious of a society that we refuse to think for ourselves?  Ugh.  If you eat something without doing your own research, that’s on you.  Advertising isn’t honest scientific reporting – it’s advertising.  Anyway, random vent session over. 

After that I packed up both Kyle and my lunches for work the next day.


Excessive options, just in case.

I definitely snack more (and eat more in general) on work days.  Gotta keep my appetite balanced in that middle area of not too hungry, not too full. 

IMG_5207 IMG_5212 

I had the (last of the) Glutino pretzels and a few horse carrots with babaganoush.  I never thought I’d actually finish off that whole tupperware, but I did!  Once I ran out of dippables, I just ate it plain with a spoon.  It’s by the Pita Pal brand from Costco (I brought it back from my parents’ house).

IMG_5218 IMG_5219

Breakfast (#1) was a chunk of zucchini bread eaten  in 6 am pre-work darkness (sorry for the bad lighting).


This is gooey gooey bread.  And the zucchini is not at all detectable.  It kinda tastes like cake batter.  I don’t know how that’s possible but since I still owe you the recipe, you’ll simply have to take my word for now. 


For breakfast (#2) I had brown rice and scrambled tofu.  With extra nooch on top.

IMG_5210 IMG_5211 

Lunch was eaten in parts, starting with the eggplant dip and ending with this romaine & miso dressing salad.  The rest of the previously shown snacks were scattered throughout the day too (Pure bar, corn nuts, almonds, etc.).

Kyle’s food was catered to what I know he likes.


Snacks: grapes, roasted nuts, tortilla chips, and a NuGo bar. 


I got these from the company a while ago and Kyle has been the one to test them out.  They have added protein in them, so I let him have them.  For his manly protein consumption. 😉

IMG_5214 IMG_5216 

I made him a PB&J on Sun Flour Wyoming sourdough for breakfast.  We both love SunFlour bread.  They don’t have a GF options though, so Kyle’s been doing most of the damage on it, while I stick to Udi’s or non-wheat grains.  That’s my mom’s home-made pluot jam by the way. 


His lunch was curry leftovers over brown rice.  Huge portion.  Happy Kyle. 

He beat me home from work, so he did his own thing for dinner (pasta I guess). 


I threw random fridge things together for a hippie bowl of brown rice, seitan, and avocado.  Lacking in veggies, but I had lots throughout the day so I’m not too upset by it. 

Dessert was (more) zucchini bread for me.  And almond bites for Kyle. 

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Comments (19)

  1. GetSkinnyGoVegan

    The fruits and greens look so lovely!

  2. Angie

    When I was pregnant with my second, I craved salads drenched in salad dressing almost daily! That and breakfast burritos/eggs!

  3. Jennie (the gf-gf)

    I have the same complaint with the unnecessary lawsuits! It’s marketing – when is it ever going to be 100% truthful?!

  4. Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    That curry dish looks amazing! I’m a totally curry lover so I’m excited for the recipe. And yes, that is the most boring looking salad I believe you’ve ever posted a picture of! 🙂 Hope it was tasty!

  5. Ammie

    I have been on a serious nutritional yeast kick too. It’s a fairly new thing to me but I love that I can make my food taste cheesy & tangy without all of the extra calories. I’ve been wondering something though, and maybe you can answer my question. The info on the Internet about nutritional yeast is conflicting. I was wondering if it feeds or encourages candida in the digestive tract? Some sites say that it is inactive & will not encourage Candida while other’s claim the opposite. Do you know the answer to this? Thanks again for sharing your food journey with us. You are a wealth of knowledge!

  6. RoseRunner

    Galeo’s was sued because they were making it impossible for the consumer to be informed by looking at the label–the label was wrong. It stated less than half the fat and calories than were actually in the product. This was a huge weight-watchers touted product, and ww participants used Galeo’s because it fit in their plan (i.e. one point) when in fact it put them way over their plan (i.e. three points). That’s a lot of extra points over the course of 4+ years, which is how long the labels were inaccurate!

    In short, this case was very different than the Nutella one. The Galeo’s labels are correct now 🙂

  7. Valerie @ FreshMutz

    While the the nutella and salad dressing cases compell serious eye rolls from me, after watching a documentary on the McDonald’s coffee case, I thought the damages awarded were justifiable. The coffee was served at a temperature significantly higher than other restaurants, and more importantly, as the result of spilling the coffee in her lap, the Plaintiff sustained third-degree burns to her groin area. The photographs of her injuries were horrifying. What is also interesting is that the plaintiff’s initial demand was $20,000 to cover medical expenses and McDonald’s only offered to compensate her $800.

    On another note, I am totally going through a nutritional yeast bender, too.

  8. Lisa

    I can’t stop making things with nutritional yeast. I’ve been using it in almost all of my dinner meals lately. I guess that’s not a bad obsession though. I’ve been hanging onto summer with the last of my berries this week! I don’t want those delicious things to come to an end. You are really teasing me with this zucchini bread recipe;) Cake batter?!

  9. Angela

    I agree that consumers should read labels, but I don’t think you are aware of the details of the Galeo Dressing issue! It’s the fact that their labels were WRONG that angered consumers.

  10. Elise (Post author)

    yikes. ok maybe thats not quite the same then…

  11. Elise (Post author)

    i guess its a good thing the labels got corrected then. i wonder what exactly they said before? did you find an old label anywhere? im so curious now to see how off it was.

  12. Elise (Post author)

    dude i just realized who you are. i wont ruin your online anonymity, but HI!!!

  13. Chelsie @ Balance, Not Scale

    The pancakes look beautiful, almost too beautiful to eat — ALMOST — they are pancakes after all!! 🙂
    But I think it’s the zucchini bread that’s stealing my heart tonight! <3 (I actually like cake-batter tasting bread and would LOVE to get the recipe!)

  14. RoseRunner

    Hi!! 🙂 I’m totally loving my discovery of DG bloggers, you and Jessica rock my socks. I probably need to remain anonymous so long as I use blogging as an outlet to complain about things….like my job…;)

    I found a picture of the old label here: http://californiatraining.blogspot.com/2010/03/secret-sauce.html

    I’m actually now looking at the NEW labels and wondering whether they are right because it looks similar to the old one…. Here’s one article during the lawsuit citing lab tests with 10x higher calories than on the label (14 cal/tbsn versus 120 cal).

    Maybe it was just an unlucky batch that was tested? Either way, all this really did is make me want to buy some. Their website has some mouthwatering flavors…southwest miso!?

  15. Elise (Post author)

    jess’ blog is the shit.

    i want to try all the galeo’s dressings and southwestern miso is definitely at the top of my list. fasho.

  16. Katie

    Ahaha! A nutritional yeast bender?! Your baby is going to be so gosh darn healthy…you are amazing.

    I also craved boring salads. Especially during the last trimester, Even when it was 20 degrees outside I would want to come in from recess duty at school and eat a huge tub of lettuce and dressing. Makes me feel more normal (and awesome) that you have the same hankerings.

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