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To know me is to know I love hummus.  I mean really.  Even my coworkers (who don’t know jack diddley about me) know that I’m a chickpea connoisseur. 

So how excited was I to get this in the mail?!?


SO EXCITED!  Naturally, I already had Sabra in the fridge because it’s the best.  And you can buy it in bulk at Costco.  I try to be rational when I’m in the super store, but when I see rows and rows of family sized tubs something happens to me.  I can’t explain it.  We almost always end up leaving with a cart full. 

So back to the point.  Enjoying hummus on it’s own is a daily occurrence for me (it’s an excellent salad dressing, bread topping, or straight from the tub food).  Using it in a recipe…that’s when the magic happens. 


Cheesy Kale and Couscous (vegan, gluten free)



Make couscous.  I used the rice cooker, which took under 15 minutes.  I swear couscous is the easiest and fastest grain ever.


While the couscous is cooking, wash, rib, and steam kale. 


This step also takes under 15 minutes. 


Shred cheese.


Add the kale, couscous, cheese, and almond milk to a bowl and mix.  If the kale and couscous are still hot, the cheese will melt a bit. 

At this point I also ran my knife through everything in the bowl (especially aiming at cutting up the kale).  This makes everything small and more finely chopped, thus allowing the almond milk to meld everything together. 

Then add the hummus, salt and pepper, and re-toss the salad.




Good luck making this last longer than a day.  It probably has a few servings in it, but I went back for bowl after bowl after bowl.


Perfect dish for a summer picnic…healthy and delicious and likely to please anyone. 

I bet different flavors of hummus could really jazz the dish up too.  Sabra has a new flavor, Buffalo Style, that could be amazing.  Or roasted red pepper, chipotle, supremely spicy, roasted garlic, pine nut…ok, ok, I could go on and on. 

Have you used hummus as an ingredient in a recipe recently?  Share!!

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Comments (43)

  1. Kaitlyn@TheTieDyeFiles

    Mmmm say the word Sabra and I’m in! Definitely going to give this a try, perhaps with some homemade hummus and quinoa in place of couscous!

  2. Maddie

    Thank you for posting this soo quickly!

    Definitely going to make this either tonight or tomorrow!

  3. Willow @ My Own Trail

    YUM! I think I will be getting kale in my CSA share tonight. I definitely know what I’ll be making with it. I LOVE Sabra hummus and have also been known to leave Sam’s Club with more than one of those family size tubs.

  4. Claire @ Live and Love to Eat

    I love hummus with eggs or instead of mayo in a tuna salad!

  5. Laura@keepinghealthygettingstylish

    I actually have my first ever tub of Sabra in the fridge (its fairly difficult to get hold of in the UK but my local supermarket now stocks it!) I can’t wait to try it! That recipe sounds great, fast and tasty 🙂

  6. Katherina @ Zephyr Runs

    Ughhh this looks so delicious I wish it were appropriate to eat for breakfast!

  7. Cait's Plate

    I’ve never thought to use hummus as an ingredient but I happily and greedily add a dollop on top of almost everything I eat!

    I think I could seriously live on hummus if I had to 😉

  8. Katie @ Every Mile A Memory

    I heart Sabra it’s the only good kind of hummus! I want to make my own, but NOTHING measures up to Sabra… The faux cheese scares me I don’t even like Daiya but the rest looks good! I have used hummus in Clean Eating Chelsey’s Vegan Mac N Cheese and it was AMAZING!

  9. Emily

    I love hummus! I just made a huge batch and then bought more while I was at the grocery store yesterday… It might be an obsession.

  10. hippierunner

    This looks absolutely amazing! I love meals in a bowl!

  11. Pure2raw twins

    this looks great! I actually have not had hummus in awhile now, but now I just might have to pick some up

  12. Rose

    hummus and nutritional yeast makes a mean vegan alfredo over sauteed garlic, kale and spaghetti squash. so yum!

  13. Danielle

    It’s so weird that Kale is considered a “winter” veggie in Holland and therefore I can’t find it anywhere! I adore Kale, but I can only enjoy it in the winter:( I usually make a dressing out of hummus/mustard/nutritional yeast/water and garlic powder. It also makes the best pasta sauce!

  14. Jenna

    This looks super good. Buffalo style hummus?? Need to try that!!

  15. Elise (Post author)

    a girl after my own heart…i buy multiples at once. never wanna run out. ever.

  16. Lenna

    Love the recipe! And I love hummus so much! I add it even into my overnight oats – it is delicious 🙂

  17. Kelsey

    oh my goodness, this looks amazing! Looove Sabra!

  18. Ada

    Yum, free hummus is totally awesome! I would be more than happy to send you some swim workouts, that’s so exciting that your doing a triathlon:) Let me know if you have any additional questions about triathlons as well. I can’t seem to find your email address, however. Is it just hungryhungryhippie@gmail.com? Thanks!

  19. Elise (Post author)

    edieden AT gmail DOT com

  20. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

    I attribute my love of hummus to you and your blog girl! If you can believe it, I hated hummus the first time I tried it…yeah, I know…crazy talk! But after my discovery of blogworld…and of course you and all your hummus loving eccentricities…I gave it another try and fell in LOVE! Now I can’t even imagine life without it!

    This recipe looks fantastic! And I have GOT to find that buffalo flavor! Ohmygosh!

  21. Annie@stronghealthyfit

    That looks awesome! I’d probably skip the “cheese” though, and maybe add some nutritional yeast.

  22. BroccoliHut

    I use hummus as a binder for egg/tofu salad instead of mayo!

  23. Elise (Post author)


  24. Elise (Post author)

    definitely…nooch is a perfect sub for this recipe

  25. Abby @ Abz 'n' Oats

    This sounds amazing! Sometimes I throw hummus in with pasta to make kind of a creamy sauce but that is the only time I have ever used it in a recipe. Buffalo Sabra sounds yummy! Hopefully I will be able to find that soon! 🙂

  26. Sayward

    This looks divine! I’m going to try it subbing in quinoa for the couscous. Just fyi, couscous isn’t actually a grain – it’s made from wheat flour and it’s essentially itty bitty pasta. A lot of people don’t realize that!

  27. Yolie @ Practising Wellness

    Mmm…this looks so good! I love adding hummus to a giant heap of steamed quinoa/spelt/kidney beans, atop a bed of yummy salad and mixing it all up. it is SO good and was inspired by some of your crazy creations! 😀 xyx

  28. Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine

    We have four of those Costco hummus things in our spare fridge. It’s an issue. I agree, though- you can’t go to Costco and NOT be persuaded to buy them!

  29. Dee @ GF Grad Nut

    Hey Elise, I’ve been meaning to ask you, what’s your favorite kind of vegan cheese? I’ve recently discovered I’m lactose intolerant and I miss cheese so much! But I never know what to buy.

  30. Elise (Post author)

    hey dee – it kinda depends on what you are using it for (in terms of properties like melting, flavor, etc.). nothing really replicates “real” cheese, so try and remove the mental component of comparison (because it will never be the same). that said, i think that daiya is the best in terms of flavor and meltability. however. its also crazy expensive. i use almond cheese occasionally as an alternative (i think the brand is lisanatti or something like that) that i find at WF. otherwise, follow your heart cheese alternatives. all of them are really processed though, so i eat them sparingly as my GI system can only take them in small servings. hope that helps!

  31. Elise (Post author)

    i like how your fam rolls

  32. Elise (Post author)

    cool! thanks for the info. i think it would be great with quinoa. or wheatberries or barley for a nice chewy texture.

  33. Sarah

    This recipe looks amazing! And I’m going to try it as soon as I’m not working the next day so patients don’t have to put up with the gas attack that will inevitably ensue.

    I love adding hummus to most rice dishes, such as a morrocan rice salad. Yum. But it does go with everything anyhow. They’ve just started selling Sabra in the UK so I bought myself a massive pot of the garden herb one. Cannot wait to try it!!!

  34. Katie

    I think of you every time I eat hummus. Like today, I ate about 1/2 a tub using carrots as a vehicle, and said “The Hippie would do this” and gave myself free reigns to eat as much sabra as I wanted. (and I really do call you “the hippie” in my head)

  35. Elise (Post author)

    hahaha…i call you “ms unger” like im one of your students!

  36. jess

    i would like to remind you of our days in college. ah, yes, the good old days. when denaya and i first introduced you to hummus from trader joe’s. granted it is not nearly as good as sabra, but you were rather wary of hummus. i’m so happy that you and hummus are besties now.

    p.s. i love you. like, a lot.

  37. Elise (Post author)

    i wrote about my first encounter with the chickpea back when my dad brought it home when i lived with you, denaya and sachi…when i made him come down to LA to put up shelves in our room. i wrote about it in a post in june 🙂

  38. Matt @ FaveDiets

    Wow, this recipe looks unbelievably delicious! Thanks so much for sharing this in my blog hop.

  39. Subhadra

    Hmm…this is labeled as gluten-free. A lot of cheap cous-cous is made from wheat, instead of yummy healthy semolina.

    It is elusive to say that it is gluten free when a good amount of cous cous sold in America is full of vile wheat.

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  43. lisa

    I like when the ingredients are in bold in the recipe. Makes it easier to read.

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