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Pool Days!

It’s been mid 90s for most of the week and it is amazing.

So this is now a thing.  Apparently.

I don’t even care. Any way to shower in peace without kids fighting over toys is a win.

More muffin love.

This time with cashew butter.

No lunch pics, but it was the usual fare.

Post nap play-doh fun.  How ridiculous that it’s finally hot out and we are doing the same thing we did during the rainy months of winter.  They really wanted to play with play doh though, so whatever.

We had tee ball that afternoon and then after we went over to our friends’ house to swim.  We grabbed Guadalajara take out on the way.

Summah time and the livins’ easy.  While I’m not in love with the aggressive tee ball schedule for FOUR YEAR OLDS at least our friends are on our team so we can do fun stuff like this after the later games end.

I got nachos without cheese.

Which came like this.  Does that look like NO CHEESE to you!?!?!  I think not.

V was very pleased with the mistake and happily took all the cheesy bites for herself.

We got home on the late night, but as soon as V was down (P was still having quiet time in the toy room “until he got tired” – new technique that I don’t want to jinx) I made dinner for the next night.  Now that P isn’t napping I don’t have much free time in the middle of the day to prep dinners, so I basically have to do as much as possible once they go to bed.

I pulled this leftover ham from the freezer the day before which I shredded and added to POUNDS of steamed broccoli along with dried cranz, sunflower seeds, and mayo.

Lots of mayo based salads this week.  Oops!

No dessert this night because I was stuffed with nachos.

The next am I tried something new.

Very misleading nike.  This was a workout video of regular people NOT Serena or Kevin Hart.  It was still cool and I liked the format a lot, but was kinda bummed it wasn’t with the peeps it was named after!

The app is free and has a ton of workouts which you can filter by time, ability, and goal (endurance, strength, etc).  I chose a quickie because I was biking to drop off P at school that day.

Pre breakfast construction.

I had coffee but waited to eat breakie until after my bike ride.  But when I went to load them into the chariot it had a flat tire!  Major bummer.  I tried to pump it up but it was the tube so I scrapped that and threw them in the car so we weren’t late.  Since I was all dressed for a workout, I put V in the BOB after drop off and knocked out a quick 20 minute run around the neighborhood. It was getting HOT though so I am glad I squeezed it in.

Post run smoothie was soooo refreshing.

This may be the best smoothie I’ve made to date. And it wasn’t chocolate based!!!

You guys have to try this carrot cake smoothie:

  • 1 cup fresh carrot juice*
  • 1/4 cup raw cashews
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 3-4 pitted dates (depending on size)
  • 1/4 cup liquid (I used almond milk but water would work)
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 3 ice cubes
  • 1 tbsp collagen
  • [optional – swap 1-2 tbsp vanilla protein powder for cashews and vanilla]

*I had made some earlier when I was shredding carrots for my carrot muffins, but you can buy fresh carrot juice all over these days – including most natural grocers and TJs.

I made one with vanilla protein powder but tried another version with cashews for V.  Both were good but I think I liked the cashew version better.

Ok, so collagen peptide supplementation is new to me, but I’ve been interested in it for a while because obviously I have GI issues and it’s making waves in the world of gut healing.

This one (above), by Sports Research, is from wild caught marine and blended into my smoothie beautifully.  For the science peeps, here are some articles:

L-glutamine supplementation improves small intestinal architecture; PloS One, 2014:

Possible links between intestinal permeability and food processing; a potential therapeutic niche for glutamine; Clinics (Sao Paulo), 2010:

Worth a look if you’re interested.

This was SO GOOD!!!

Look at those little vanilla and date bits, mmmmm.

We enjoyed ours together in the yard before my friend texted me asking if I wanted to go pick strawberries.  Which I did.

I missed last year at Pacific Star Gardens, but am glad we made it back this year before all the berries got picked over.

We made it home with ZERO.  Belly full of berries like little Sal.

We got P at school on the way home and ate lunch and played until nap time.

Well, nap time for one of them.

I don’t have pics from the afternoon, but we skipped market and went to our friends’ house again for more swimming. Can’t get enough of these hot days!

Good thing dinner was already done when we got home. 🙂

My kids adore broccoli so this meal was an easy win.

I modeled it after a pretty well known broccoli bacon salad just subbing ham since I had a bunch already from Easter.

Aaaaand dessert.  Because one day off is plenty.  I had a second round too.  I broguht home peanut M&M’s from my sister’s shower in so cal, and they are the death of me.  Every time I go in the pantry I sneak a few.  This is the problem with having to be stealth with peanuts in the house.


My kids are so weird.

I showered while they did this in the closet.

Two muffins for moi!

Check out the carrot, walnut and raisins in that guy!!  YUM.  Totally one of the best breakfasts I’ve made in a while and completely different from my usual banana baked goods.

I was debating between zoo and gymnastics for the morning, and opted to keep things easy for myself by staying in town and hitting up gym (since I knew I had to go to TJs for the weekly grocery haul that morning too).

Luckily my friend was at open gym, since I forgot to coordinate that, so we walked to a park after to chat while the kids played.

Then it was off to TJs.

Kid lunches.

Made dinner while they ate.

And my lunch.

I cannot stop with the Kettle chips!!!

He’s not napping so we hung out outside together, gardening and playing and such.  I like our QT but I definitely miss my “me” time to TCB (and decompress!) while they were in bed.

P requested noodles for his afternoon snack and I actually managed to find a way to make that work on the spot thanks to the quick cooking nature of the Forbidden Foods forbidden rice ramen noodles.  I blogged about the other time we had them here and this was the portion leftover.  They each split it and before I knew it, it was time for swimming.

Kyle got home early so I could take P to swimming solo.  He and V played in the yard and grilled the chicken I had prepped.

I made a version of this pea salad (no green onions).

Paired with BBQ chicken thighs.

I don’t think I have blogged about the dark chocolate honeycomb crisps I got at Disneyland but they have slowly been getting eaten.  They aren’t as amazing as they sound, but I’m obviously not kicking them out of the pantry.  I had a couple with my favorite bar of all time.

That stash I bought back at Christmas?  That half a case?  I have ONE BAR LEFT 🙁

Insert allllll the sad face emojis.

Setting myself up for a new workout sometime soon with that Nike+ Training App!  Kyle wouldn’t stop raving about it so I took his lead and downloaded it and will let you know what I think soon enough.

What We Ate

This time I decided that I needed both chocolate stevia syrup AND cashew butter on my zucchini bread. It’s the weekend yo!

We had a slower morning since we didn’t have anywhere to be until tee ball pictures at 10:30 so we went on a family run and then showered and ate.  I fed everyone else before eating so I kinda ran out of time, but despite eating while standing up, I still got a few moments of peace and quiet.

New technique for keeping him less active after his dose: puzzles at the table.  He loves it and it keeps him sedentary for at least a bit longer…and viola, no reactions!

We haven’t had any since that first Friday night dose (knock on wood) so hopefully his body has adapted.  OIT is so crazy!  I am amazed at how this protocol is tricking his body.  I’m also very glad that our appointments with updosing are on Fridays so we have all weekend to keep an eye on him with his new higher dose.

V and I played at the park while they took team pics.

I made them lunch plates.

And this for myself.

I’ve been really craving tuna lately (all fish really).  And chips.  Ooooohhhhh salty goodness, how I love thee.  I opened the door with the trip to So Cal, and now I’ve been eating them alllll day long since.  Meh.  I had a bridesmaid dress alterations appointment this afternoon too, so maybe I should get my portions in check before June arrives and I’m squeezing into a dress.

I made Kyle a smoothie in the afternoon and then this little one woke up from her nap and all but demanded her own.

My knee is healing so quickly!  The bruising isn’t, but the actual abrasion doesn’t need a bandage anymore.

Sunshine means the return of the melon poppyseed avocado salad and eating outside!

They were both super excited 🙂

I added diced pork to get some protein in the salad.  It was all I had in the freezer and it worked fine.  No complaints from any of the crew.  I also used two whole avocados so we wouldn’t be fighting over it.  If only avocado trees did well in Davis…we eat so many!!  I personally take down at least one a day.  MINIMUM.

Working on that smile.  😉

See’s and TCHO like a boss.

Thanks to Saturday’s MAAAAAJOR night time sleep drama, P slept in until 8 and we were all super behind schedule.  We had plans to visit friends in Corte Madera, but couldn’t even get out of the house until 9:30 (and that was with serious rushing).

I inhaled the last of the zucchini loaf and quite literally chugged my coffee down in 30 seconds flat. Not my favorite way to eat Sunday breakfast, but at least Kyle and I both got workouts in.  He just downloaded Nike’s app and has been raving about it, so I think I may try it too.  I went on a bike ride this morning, but since my knee is getting nearly all the way better, I can bend it well enough to do some strength training again too.

We had so much fun with our friends.  I left my phone in the foyer the whole time we were there, but suffice it to say, the kids got along great and we had a delish taco lunch and the kids slept on and off the whole way home.

Kyle took them to the park once we got home so I could knock out some serious food prep (and vacuuming) for the week.

I saw carrot cake muffins on some blog this past week and made a mental note to make some once my current breakfast item was gone.

I used the food processor to grate the carrots because my arm was sore after the zucchini bread.  Per usual, I didn’t use a recipe…and I didn’t edit very well either because I ended up putting in raisins, chopped walnuts, oats, almond flour, flax meal, coconut oil, cinnamon, dried ginger, and stevia (in addition to the carrots, baking soda, and salt).  I was tempted to add bananas or grated apples too but held off.

Look how well they turned out!

I also made ice cream!  It’s ice cream weather!!  Finally!!

The base of this had two cans of full fat coconut milk, 1/2 cup sugar, and 1/2 cup chocolate chips which I simmered on the stove until it all melted together.

Once that cooled, I added it to the (frozen) ice cream maker with 1/2 cup cookie butter, 1/2 cup chocolate chips (more!), and 1 random cookie we had leftover from I can’t recall what crumbled into pieces.

Kyle has basically been eating it non stop and all the while telling me over and over how amazing it is.  So that’s pretty awesome.

Leftovers for dinner, because who doesn’t like to clean out the fridge before a new week starts!? Looks like total summer picnic fare with the potato salad, corn, green beans, and slow cooked white beans.

I had most of the quiche but shared some with everyone else.

Dessert time!

We had another disastrous night with P and ate our feelings (anger rage frustration etc).

Last episode of LOVE.  Now onto The Night Manager.

I went back for more chocolate too because of the aforementioned sleep drama.  I AM LOSING MY MIND.

PS The lovely peeps at HYLETE are so cool they are offering my readers 40% off with this promo code HM4065.

Last week catch up


I hesitate to jinx myself with this claim, but I *think* it may finally be Spring?!?!?  We keep having moments of nice weather followed by insane downpours.  It’s unprecedented!  I grew up in the East Bay so I am familiar with these climates, and this year has broken the mold, and then once more over.  I need the rain and cold to stop already.  Anyway, I may be finally getting my wish.  At long last, the forecast shows only suns and no clouds for the week ahead.  Phew!

Bring on the park time!

I made extra bacon wrapped dates for the sole purpose of hoarding them for my kale salad lunches.

I promised my mom the Easter Bunny I would share this bar with Kyle (and I even waited until he was back from his business trips to open it!), but then I made him cookies instead so he said I could have it.  I promise.  It was very rich and paired PERRRRFECTLY with candied ginger.

So I may have spoiled my kids when I bought this orange juicer the other day.

I wanted one all last year and then the season ended and I forgot about it, but here we are again in the middle of my parents’ citrus tree explosion and I find myself cursing the lemon/lime juicer every time I try to make it work for an orange.  Then one day at Target I actually remembered that I wanted one and so I just bit the bullet and bought it for myself (for the record it’s very unlike me to do this – I would usually wait for a birthday and then ask Kyle to get it for me).  I was feeling equal parts proud and guilty for for treating myself to something so non-essential, but I’ve already used it 4 times in the first week since we’ve had it!  Namely, squeezing fresh juice for the kids to have in the morning with breakfast.

Yeah.  And now they are requesting it every morning. Eye roll.  It’s my own doing, I realize, but sheesh!!  I wish they had a clue as to how lucky they are.

I made us banana bread too.

I know I’m complaining, but it’s mostly in jest.  I’m actually pretty thrilled that they like such healthy food – it could be way worse!  And I like being in the kitchen, so it’s kinda a win win. 🙂

Breakfast: waffles

Lunch: kale salad

Dinner: gobble meal kit (sirloin steak with bearnaise sauce, roasted potatoes, and pan fried snap peas.

We had a tee ball game that kept us out late, so we ate dinner after we usually do.

Luckily I had planned out to have the gobble meal that night so even though the meat was made right before we got home, it was still very quick to prep.

Both kids LOVED the meat, and since I ordered 4 servings sizes, we had leftovers, too.  Yay!  The potatoes all got polished off no problem, because they were amazing.  But I only made 3 of the 4 cuts of meat, so I still have one filet left, as well as a whole meal’s worth of bearnaise (because I didn’t do dairy for the kids’ plates).  I’ve been testing my gut lately with dairy and it’s kinda hit and miss all over the place so I have no idea what’s going on.  I was thinking of doing a reset with my gut along the lines of the SIBO protocol, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.  I had told myself a while ago that I would wait until I was done nursing V before doing any antibiotics, but now here I am, months after weaning, and I still haven’t made any moves.  Still trying to decide if it’s worth it. Some days my gut is fine, so long as I generally stick to a low fodmap approach, and other days it’s a total mess.  And admittedly, I’m not watching my diet as well as I used to, so that may be the root of the issue, but I don’t know…it’s very tempting to see if an herbal antimicrobial may do the trick too.

Anyway, the bearnaise sauce was deeeelish and was pretty worth the minor symptoms that accompanied it.

Looks pretty gourmet huh!?

Ugh.  This kid and his sleep issues.  We are IN IT with him right now.  I can’t even talk more about it because it’s just too much.  Maybe if and when we come out the other side!?!!?  GAHHHH.

I think I skipped dinner this night! Baby steps!  But I am pretty sure I had dessert every night the rest of the week.

Waffles again (made a batch of three days’ worth) for brekkie.  And kale salad again for lunch.  I finished off the mac nuts (SHOOOOOOT I JUST GOT BACK FROM COSTCO AND FORGOT TO GET MORE) which were salty as all ^&%$ because it was the bottom of the barrel where all the best stuff lies.

We went to farmer’s market for dinner and I got the poke bowl from Zumapoke.  They have a brick and mortar downtown but their presence at market is new, and I was a fan. I got the sampler, which included the ahi poke, the spicy ahi poke, and the octopus poke.  The octopus was my fave!  I can’t recall if I’ve ever had octopus (probably on a dare from my dad of something!?) but I liked it.  There was a lot of rice, so – get this! – I shared it with the kids.  BOTH kids.  As in, my son with deadly food allergies, ate some food from a street vendor!!  To be fair, I checked that there was no dairy or peanuts in any of their menu items when I was ordering it, but still!!  He is doing SO WELL in oit it’s blowing my mind.  He now consumes 10 ml of whole milk twice a day.  Who would have ever thought…!!!

The kids ate a real dinner too, which I made and packed for them, between dancing to the music.

And after we got home and put them to bed we got our chocolate on, per usual.

I shredded zucchini and added it to their pancake batter and they liked it so much!  They didn’t even ask for butter on them!

I made the batter the same as I typically do otherwise with mashed bananas to sweeten it and eggs, oil, almond milk, whole wheat flour, salt and baking soda.

I had zucchini bread, which I had pulled from the freezer the night before.  It was the second loaf that I made the previous week that I forgot to add sweetener to.  So I added NuNaturals’ chocolate stevia syrup.  Yup.  I did that.  For breakfast.

Kale and avo and miso dressing.  I added an entire avo since I was out of nuts. Gotta get the fats in.

I had a bunch of these sweet plantain chips from TJs on the side.  I got them as a treat to bring to Fremont for oit snacking, but P didn’t really like them, so I claimed them as my own.  They are sweeter than the other TJs plantain chips, but not as salty and addictive.  I still managed to eat half the bag, but that’s better than the whole bag.  I got a delivery while they slept too. Have you guys ever heard of HYLETE?

They make sports/performance apparel and it fits AMAZING!  I’m obsessed.  I got cropped pants because it’s starting to be too warm for my thick pants, but not hot enough for shorts.  They have bras and shirts too.

I got this shirt for free (!!), which I rocked while squeezing in a morning weight session before Friday OIT.   #HYLETEnation

Kyle had to be in Davis on Friday for work, so I went to my parents’ house with the kids per usual but he stayed home.  My mom made us a feast!  My sister came over too, and we all ate salmon, roasted potatoes, and veggies together.

The next morning she watched V while my big boy and I went to his appointment.

Here’s the end of my workout…crunching until I couldn’t do another.  The invex II bottoms have a thick waste band, but they don’t cut into your stomach at all.  It’s not high rise either (which most of my GapFit apparel is).  It’s truly a perfect fit and doesn’t have me pulling it up all workout long (which I find myself doing with my cheaper C9 gear).  I have my eye on the nimbus caprite next…

Off to Fremont!

This kid is such a trooper.  He definitely complains about the driving on the way home, but that’s the best you could hope for after tolerating 5 hours of people poking and prodding you over and over again…feeding you things you have been told to avoid your whole life…

We have been filling our time with the same old same old – books on cd (discman compliments of my hoarder parents keeping things from my youth), tracing and writing practice, crafts, plus one new and special little something.

This is from the Easter Bunny and it immediately went into the Fremont activity bag.

I really try to pack one EXTRA exciting thing – either a treat food I know he loves or a new book or activity – just so he has something super special that makes him forget about the task at hand.  I spend most of the time reading to him, playing with him, or feeding him, but I do get to dork around on my phone too in between psycho analyzing his health. Way more than I would at home, at least.  I do try to stay really present with him though, as tempting as it is to deep dive on the internet, because (a) it’s really our only time alone and (b) I have to keep a really close eye on him watching for early symptoms.

The time really flies by though.  And before I know it, he’s had his last dose, and we are waiting to get the all clear to hit the road.

To Whole Foods!  For our special lunch dates, followed by shopping trips with my list of items I can only get at my beloved grocer.  This time it was soy yogurt, salami, and daiya cheddar blocks. Can you believe I can’t find bulk tubs of non-dairy yogurt in Davis??  Moreover, all the salami (Columbus is local so that’s what every store carries) has nonfat dry milk powder in it.  Not applegate though!  That’s his favorite, so this time I bought it for him to enjoy right then and there.

Which he did, with a tortilla sun butter and jelly that I brought for him too.

I pack soooo many snacks for him to eat at the clinic because you really have to pad your stomach for the allergens.  It’s always a super snacky morning for him that I like he doesn’t get a proper meal until dinner that night.  At least the salami was some major protein and fat.  After apple sauce, bananas, cereal, etc. he needed something real.

I got a very random meal!  Not the slaw part – that’s 100% my scene and I’m pretty sure I got it last week too.  The deviled eggs though. They were delicious!  And if you asked me the last time I had a deviled egg I may say 4th grade.

We made it back to Davis in decent time.  P slept half the way, but still whined about the trip being too long for the remaining hour (I don’t blame him, we hit some traffic and it wasn’t fun).  V also cried on and off (mostly on) for much of the drive home.  So that was fun.  Not.

But Kyle got off work early and I had already made potato salad and so he grilled us hot dogs while we all played in the yard together.

Strawberries taking off.

More applegate love.

I roasted green beans too.

This potato salad was LEGIT.  Probably because I made it Thursday before we left town so it had a whole 24 hours post marriage to get all flavor things going on.

Poor dude had a ROUGH night.

After his dose he started feeling bad fairly immediately.  He got congested and complained of a stomach ache and had one single wheal appear on his arm.  I gave him an antihistamine, an inhaler, and a topical steroid and then stayed with him while he got better.  It took a bit for him to calm down but finally he was relaxed and then eventually asymptomatic.  Unfortunately he never got fully to sleep and woke up a bit later and continued his anti-sleeping-four-year-old-regression-that-makes-his-parents-lose-their-minds for the rest of the night…until 5 am, when he finally went to bed in his bed. W. T. F. Makes you lose your mind.

Chocolate helps.

***EDITED TO ADD*** You guys!  The awesome people at HYLETE want to hook you up!  They are offering you 40% off on your first purchase using the discount code HM4065.  Do it!!  Their apparel fits like a dream!

Balance and going back to LA

Chocolate at night followed by silver strawberry moon juice in the am.  That’s balance, yo.  The strawberry flavor was the best of all the ones I brought home from LA.  Perfect, since I saved it for last. It basically tasted like a strawberry smoothie but with a thin milk-like consistency.  And since it’s insanely healthy, it means my See’s scotchmallows basically get erased. Right?

I was gone this weekend for my sister’s wedding shower, which was a MUCH NEEDED break from the kids.  Obvs, I love them, but Kyle’s been out of town a ton this year and it’s been tough.  I didn’t realize how much I needed the time off until I got it. All Monday I felt the difference, so just two days away can be enough! Things that ordinarily would have tested my patience, I just let roll off my back without getting annoyed.

Here’s the first time the kiddos saw Kyle after he had been away.  He met us at soccer and they sprinted into his arms so hard.  <3

Raise your hand if you spent 15 hours on the I-5 this weekend!  Me me me!  At least the drive was with my mom and sisters – and I didn’t have to do any driving!  Thanks mom! We left on Friday and came back Sunday, so it was a short and sweet stint in So Cal.

We hit maaaaajor traffic on Friday but took our time picnicking before we got back on the road. Whatever.

My mom got WF for us all – including a chicken salad, salt and pepper Kettle chips, carrots, and kombucha. And an avo to eat on the side.

We arrived at my g-ma’s just in time for dinner take away from TLT food.

I didn’t take photos of all the food, just the green rice bowl I got (above) and my sister’s poke bowl (below).  But the real star of the show were the sides.

We got roasted brussels sprouts (below) and pee wee potatoes that were crazy good.  I had the potatoes for breakfast the next morning and I wasn’t even hungry but couldn’t stop eating them!

Of course I may have been stress eating after the rough start to the day I had.

This pic doesn’t do it justice but I took a terrible fall on my morning run.  It was super embarrassing…I cracked my phone, I ripped my pants, and I ended up with scrapes on both knees, my hip and a huuuuge arm bruise. So lame.

Happy shower!!

No boys zone.

I got tipsy before noon…had a raging headache for the rest of the day and night and ate non stop…soooo not my finest for health reasons, but since I was enjoying my family’s company and having real uninterrupted conversations for the first time in AGES, I was super happy to just live it up.


I managed to run Sunday morning before our departure too, despite my scraped knee.  It was a little awkward because I was second guessing every step I took…it’s like I don’t trust myself to run anymore?!  But I wanted to finish the final episode of S-Town (<– podcast obsession of the moment). After a quick Starbucks run we were on the road!

We powered through our breakfasts in the car, and limited stops to the bare necessities, and before we knew it we were home!  Well, at my parents’ house at least.  Since we had our food already packed (we bought eats from Gelson’s the day before because I-5 food is a no go) we all ate lunch together before splitting our separate ways.

My mom and I both got that kale salad and it was so good!  There was a citrusy dressing with carrots, sunflower seeds, and feta. Mmmm…I have been craving tuna salad recently, so I got that as well, but the portion was ginormous so I only ate some of it.  Oh and chips.  All the chips.  I basically finished the rest on my drive back to Davis.

So glad to get home to these cuties. 🙂

I made it back in time for my BFF’s daughter’s birthday party (which I totally didn’t think I was going to) so we ate dinner there and caught up with friends.  It was a long day but a great end to a very packed weekend!

And now I’m desperate for veggies in a major way.  I had a kale salad for lunch and dinner on Monday.  There were bacon wrapped dates in it, but still.  Balance, yo.