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T-shirt weather

I’m sorry for showing this salad AGAIN, but I can’t stop eating it.  I made it without avo this time, which was definitely not as good, but compensated by eating tripe the amount of candied walnuts.  I had to save the barely ripe avocados for dinner that night though.

For dinner I made use of the rest of the crab meat I had from this dinner.  Wow that was a long time ago.  Hence the need to use the crab.

I got these spring roll wrappers at Nugget the day before but when I opened them they were all cracked!  So lame!  I didn’t have time to go back out, so I just doubled up every one so the stuff would stay inside.  Kinda annoying but whatever.

I stuffed them with crab + mayo, shredded carrots, and avo.  But then I had extra so I finished them off with some ground meat.  Lots of options!  The wrappers are pretty forgiving because of how sticky they are so you can be terrible at rolling (like me) and they’ll still turn out fine.  Especially if you’re doubling the rice paper up, like I was.

I made brown rice on the side because I didn’t know how the kids would take to the spring rolls, as well as a spicy almond dipping sauce (based off this one but heavier on the tamari).  And no, I didn’t bake them.  They are on the baking sheet because I didn’t have a platter big enough to fit them all and they stick to each other when you pile them up on top of each other.

Since dinner was already done by 3 pm, we had alllll afternoon to soak up the sunshine.

We scootered / biked to a park where we met up with friends.

It was over 70 degrees!  I wore a t-shirt!  What a start to February. 🙂

Kyle and I each had several rolls but the kids only wanted one.  No prob, more for me!  This is why I had rice as an option.

I really liked both versions – crab and ground pork. Really anything is good with avo and almond sauce though.

I tried this GTs for the first time and really liked it.  Not as strong of a ginger flavor as I usually want, but the floral aspects were a nice change up from my usual.

And just like that, the week has begun.

Goodbye to football

After a busy week away for Kyle, he was all about staying home this weekend and I was totally on board.  The weather was AMAZING, too.  It felt like Spring (or early Summer!!?) and I was loving it.  So much time in the backyard getting my Vitamin D doses.  Happy happy hippie.

Happy happy kids.

I had chocolate buckwheat waffles for breakfast while Kyle took the kids to Home Depot for the monthly craft.  I’ve talked about that program on the blog before.  Having Saturday mornings to myself has become an unspoken thing that Kyle tries to gift me with.  I get everyone fed and then they go off to farmer’s market or the park or wherever and I get an hour or two to myself – to eat breakfast slowly and then do whatever I want.  I try to force myself to sit for at least a good chunk of time before my type A behavior takes over with meal prep, cleaning, and whatever else.

I knew I was going to want my standard vegan salad for lunch again, so I had to roast butternut squash.  And that segued into some other kitchen tasks as well.  I listened to some podcasts while I zipped around and really enjoyed every minute of it.

Lunch time!

We didn’t have any ripe avocado on hand but I knew I needed some more oomph to the salad, so I added some soy bacon and the tiny portion of smoked salmon leftover from the day before.

It was the perfect amount of food to fill me up but leave my hungry before dinner, which was my main priority since we had a date night out planned.

The babysitter trials continue!  This time it was a success!  V seems to have finally turned a corner with child care.  Over the past two weeks she has had no issues at church and she was not even phased when we left her with the babysitter this time either.  I fed them dinner before she arrived so that I could give P his peanut dose, but the rest of the baths, stories, and bedtime routine was totally done by the sitter.  Woo hoo!  V knows her from other activities around town, so it wasn’t like it was a new person, but that hasn’t even mattered in the past.  Needless to say, we were thrilled and cannot WAIT to make these night’s out more regular.

We went to Iron Horse Tavern in Sac with another couple.  We started with a huge soft pretzel but it wasn’t salty so I only had one bite.  Not worth the wheat fodmaps.

For dinner I got the steak and eggs and cakes, which was a skillet of cornbread topped in steak and eggs with a chimichurri sauce and fried onions rings. Like, what the what?!  I saw it on the menu and couldn’t stop thinking about it.  In the end, it was good, but not as over the top amazing as it sounds.  The steak was a little chewy.  I haven’t over eaten like I did on this night in a really long time and yet there were STILL a ton of leftovers to take home.   The cornbread was probably the best part.

Kyle got a couple of “small” plates which were not small at all.  That insanely massive pile of wontons was an Asian poke nachos type thing.  And then he got mac n cheese as well.   Wow.

Nothing like a ramp up to the Super Bowl!

The next morning went by in a blur.  We all slept in a bit so I didn’t think we’d make it to church, but somehow it happened without any extra effort or rushing.  [Ok that’s not entirely true, I did shower in under 4 minutes and brought a heel of bread with me in the car, but it didn’t feel chaotic]

I ran to Nugget after church to get the bare minimum groceries to get us by that week.  Shopping hours before the Super Bowl is never a good idea, so I wanted to be speedy.  Also, we have so many odds and ends in the fridge I want to finish all that this week rather than buy more.

I did make it a priority to find a ripe avocado though.  Because I needed this salad done right.  And also, it’s not a real Super Bowl unless you have chips with a dip that includes avo.  AMIRIGHT!?

I had started soaking raw cashews earlier that morning, so by the afternoon they were soft and ready to get cheese-ified.

I used the vegan cashew cheese recipe from Gena’s new cookbook, Power Plates, but added 2 tbsp of sun dried tomatoes and their oil to give it a more tomato-nacho flavor.

And then I made personal layered dips, with beans, ground beef, nacho cheese, avo, and green onions.


Served with heaps of chips right as Justin Timberlake took the stage.


The food was better than the performance, and I’m saying that as a HUGE *nsync and JT fan.  It just didn’t do it for me, for all the reasons covered in the media this week (mainly that he wasn’t actually doing much singing).  I’m also annoyed that Janet got so much heat, but Justin gets a second chance.  I know they both denied she’d join on stage, but a part of me was still holding out hope.  Anyway, I’m glad the Eagles won, obviously (I lived in Philly during the McNabb era and was sad they didn’t get a ring back then).

And now we have to wait another 300 or something days until the return of football.

Graduation day

There’s been a pancake drought thus far in 2018, but it’s been remedied.

The hiatus was purposeful because I was nervous P was in need of a break after I put his dose in them for a couple of weeks in a row.  I don’t want to ruin foods for him by stuffing them with peanuts but I think the time off technique worked. At least this time.  He made need a year off apple sauce.  🙁

New milk alert!  This So Delicious organic almond and cashew milk was on sale at Target with an extra $1 off coupon (and I was in the section looking for milk) so I went for it.  It’s hard to find organic nut milks for such a good deal!  Score!!  It only has seven ingredients and gellan gum is the only thickener (so it’s otherwise just water, almonds, cashews, vanilla, sugar and salt).  I am not sure how it doesn’t separate but it’s still got the same smooth texture as other store bought alt milks, and yet, I’m not sure I love it.  It’s hard to put my finger on, but it’s almost plastic-y?  That sounds worse than it is though.  It gives coffee a nice creamy mouth feel which is definitely important and I like that it’s barely sweetened (and did I mention organic!), so it’s still a win for So Delicious.

I made myself a big latte when I got home, which was exactly what I wanted after a morning workout at stroller strides with my girly girl.

Tofu tower!

For my lunch I made a delicious peanutty salad with every odd and end I could find to use…sautéed broccoli slaw, kale, butter lettuce, radicchio, cucumbers, roasted cashews aaaaand avocado.

The lettuce combo was admittedly r a n d o m, but I was seriously pulling out all the bits and pieces in the crisper drawer just to make anything happen.  Also, I was relying on TJs Asian style spicy peanut dressing to work some magic (which it did).

I’d been waiting to try this dressing and it was every bit as good as I was building it up to be in my mind.  Sweet but not too much, with hints of spice that didn’t overpower or burn out your taste buds, and a nice creamy peanut butter flavor that I’ve missed for the past five years of my life.


I could have topped it with peanuts, but in the name of diversifying my diet, I went with cashews.

After naps and a park date with friends, we packed up the car to head to the Bay Area for pacman’s LAST DAY OF OIT!  Weee!

I brought their leftovers with us to my parents’ house so they had round two of pizza while I had cream of tomato soup and beef kofta meatballs that I got at Whole Foods.  Yes, we stopped at WF even though I could have brought leftovers for myself too.  What can I say, I wanted to treat myself.  Now that I’m basically off chocolate and late night desserts this is all I have!  Ok, that’s dramatic, but my parents were gone anyway and Kyle wasn’t with us either, so I may as well get a special meal for myself.  It makes me happy and that makes me a better mom (slash human) so that is all the justification necessary.  [I’m writing this for myself, not you guys.  I’m sure you’d support me buying prepared food.  My own guilt of not making every single meal from scratch is therapist material for another day]  Plus, Kyle keeps telling me “life is short, buy the darn food if it makes you happy!”

Their cream of tomato soup is my favorite. I need to ask for the recipe.  I don’t know why it’s so good, but it’s perfect.

And I totally overdid it with SIX meatballs (they’re ginorm), but c’est la vie.

Mr. P in the zone during his quiet time.

My parents and Kyle got home after the kids were bathed and in bed, so I had some time to myself so I flipped through my mom’s copy of Ayesha Curry’s cookbook.  Nothing popped out at me, but I was also kinda watching lip sync battle.  Have you ever seen this show?  I only watched an episode because my favorite Housewife Erika Jaye / Girardi was on it.  I liked the episode with her (they did Christina Aguilera songs so that was awesome) but then we ended up watching a few more episodes once my family was home and they weren’t as good.   ANYWAY.  Moving on from such important topics…

The next morning the kids were up bright and early (I always set an alarm to work out at my parents’ house and I never need to).  I did a Nike Plus workout that mostly involved boxing because I’m still trying to stay off my foot / arch injury and HOLY ARM WORKOUT.  My upper body was JELLO for the rest of the day.  JELLO.  As the day went on I just got more and more and MORE sore. It was insane.  I thought my arms were in pretty good shape but wow did this workout kill me.  Destroyed.  I won’t be able to do anything arm related for a few days now, I’m sure.

Off to Fremont!

I had a starbucks (decaf soy misto per usual), and banana with Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter for breakfast while this guy ate 4 grams worth of peanut!

I have too many words to describe what this means to me – to have created a way for my son to safely navigate the world with his allergies without the fear of anaphylaxis looming over him – it’s a life changing treatment and we couldn’t have dreamed of a more successful outcome.  The journey has been relatively short, and isn’t over yet, but for now we are thrilled with this HUGE milestone.  In a few years we can re-test his IgE values and see if his body is making progress in turning his desensitization into a permanent thing, but for now we will continue to dose him every day to maintain his “bite proof” status.

Naturally, we went to WF to celebrate!  What else is new???

After a WF shopping party, we went back to my parents’ place to pick up V.  She had already eaten lunch so Kyle and P ate while I packed the car and then we set off.  Every minute is precious on Friday afternoons because the entire world drives to Lake Tahoe to ski and that plugs up our commute home in a major way.  The earlier you can get on the road, the better.

We were also really hoping that both kids would snooze the whole drive back, but that dream was shattered pretty quickly when V told us point blank it wasn’t happening.  Awesome.  P zonked out for about 45 minutes at least.  One out of two is still better than zero out of two.

Kyle took the last leg of the trip (back to Davis) so I could eat lunch on the road.

My lunch on the go included a few new items – Kite Hill cream cheese (thumbs up), Jilz crackerz (LOVE), peppered hot smoked salmon (always), and baby carrots.  Unpictured: superfruit kombucha.

The crackers were AWESOME.  I love that they have nothing but real ingredients and no garlic or onion flavor.  It’s SO HARD to find a basic gluten free/grain free cracker that doesn’t have onion or garlic and isn’t bland.  These were seedy and amazing.  And totally fodmaps friendly!  The perfect vehicle for cream cheese and salmon.  They contributed to each bite in a not too bold, but not pointless way.  I ate half of the box, but don’t have to worry about the rest going stale because they are packaged in two separate sealed halves.  The cream cheese was also really great!  I have never met a Kite Hill product I dislike, but they definitely haven’t all been huge hits.  This was probably my favorite so far, to be honest.  It takes the best characteristics of their “soft cheese” and turns it into a creamy, slightly tangy, spreadable delight.

V took a mini nap when we got home, but I woke her up before it got to be too too late so we could get out and enjoy the 70 degree (!!!) weather before it got dark.  La niña did NOT enjoy being woken up and even the promise of scootering with one of her besties as the carrot I dangled in front of her face wasn’t getting us out the door.  But eventually we made it to the park where they played for just long enough for me to catch up quickly with my girlfriend before the mosquitoes drove us off.

Funny story about these walnuts.  My friend mentioned they knew the farmer one time and I inquired about how to get some walnuts…she sent me the link and I balked at the price and decided that when I win the lottery that would be my first purchase.

That was a few weeks ago.  Last Saturday she texted saying she had been to the orchard and got me a box.  Uhhhh….come again now?

So now I have 5 pounds of walnuts.  Which is a lot.

I froze most of them, and then made a batch of candied walnuts for this week’s lunches.  Might as well start food prep now?!  I was really excited to try them since she swore they’d ruin me from store bought walnuts forever more, but at the same time I’m not Gwyneth Paltrow, so buying every single thing from the farmer’s market isn’t always in the budget.  MAN DO I WISH IT WAS THOUGH.

Anyway, after we got back from the park I got dinner together.

Kyle was gone so it was just me and the kids and they really wanted their pizza leftovers, so I just made a salad for myself.

Thank to our WF trip I was able to replenish my stash of butternut squash, kale, and dried cranberries which allowed me to make this same salad AGAIN.  I know you’re probably sick of seeing it.  Sorry?

I had pecorino romano on the side, but wasn’t feeling as into it as I thought, so I just had a few bites.

This dude is soooo close to reading.  He sounds out everything and wants to practice as much as possible and I can’t wait til it all comes together.  The library will be his oyster.



It will allow you to learn more and search for board certified OIT allergists in your area.  I can’t recommend oral immunotherapy enough, but be sure to do research and consult with your doctor to make sure it’s a good fit for you or your child beforehand because it’s not for the faint of heart.

Problems with euphoria

The only photos I have from the morning are of the kids making sparkly slime.  I ate buckwheat chocolate waffles and brought a coconut milk chai tea with me on the go in my beautiful pink yeti.


Since I’m out of butternut squash, I swapped in roasted Brussels sprouts.  The rest of this salad was the same as the past few days’ with kale massaged with balsamic vinaigrette, candied pecans, dried cranberries, and avocado.

I finished the Brussels so now our fridge is devoid of roasted veggies.  I’ll fix it this weekend, but until then I’m going to have to get creative. Don’t worry, I still have plenty of kale. 🙂

During naps I did a little prep for the kids.  I steamed broccoli, baked sweet potatoes, and hard boiled some eggs.

Some of which I used for dinner because I didn’t feel like making a true meal.  Kyle’s gone, so we can just ate whatever.

I made a salad for myself with leftover pulled pork on top of kale coated in a sesame miso dressing.  And a bunch of rice chips on top.  And on the side.

I had a Euphoria kombucha to end the day.  They’ve been overflow fizzing on me lately (but not the other flavors) so I’m kinda annoyed by that.  It’s a bummer to hold it over the sink for a drawn out 10 minute opening process, and since it has cayenne in it, they all go to the top with the foamy overflow part so then my first few sips are INSANELY spicy and I cough a ton and then the rest of the bottle doesn’t have any.  Hopefully they sort it out because it WAS my favorite until this started happening.

Pizza for parent survival

We usually go to library story time on Tuesday mornings but I wasn’t in the mood to go after our fiasco the night before.  So instead I dragged my butt to stroller strides.  I’ve been having arch issues in my left foot which may be contributing to my lackluster efforts in the exercise department so it was good (and very necessary) to be out with a group of friends pushing me to actually exert myself.  Also, I needed to unload all my emotions about our freak incident that landed us in the emergency room.  Phew!  My foot was really acting up so I definitely have to figure out what is up there.  I did everything anyway, which was probably not the right move, and now it’s for sure messed up.  Doh!  If I don’t have exercise to let off steam, I’m not sure I’ll survive parenting these kids!!

I didn’t take a photo of the donut I had, but I went to Starbucks to hang out with a friend before our big kid pick up.  Not enough coffee in the world for being a mom.

I had the same salad for lunch but guess what – I am out of butternut squash!!  Need to add that to this weekend’s prep so I can continue that vegan salad deliciousness.


Ever since V and I went to pizza school P has been wanting in on the action.  I had already anticipated this and bought crusts that weekend so we were all set to go on Tuesday night.

BTW, here are some iPhone photos from pizza school!

The pizza school was at Woodstock’s here in Davis.  I’d never been before, but they have both vegan and gluten free options so I’m definitely inclined to try it now!

Back to Tuesday…they picked the toppings – cheese, pepperoni (applegate), and bell peppers.  Simple enough (and way better than the “everything” pizza Valley created at pizza school).  I loaded them with two kinds of vegan cheese (Daiya cheddar which we already had on hand and TJs mozz).

I made both the Vicolo crusts for them and had the TJs cauli/corn crust for myself.  I really like both options (Vicolo even makes GF crusts).

I practiced MAJ restraint and ate 80% of the pizza, as opposed to the whole thing.  Impressed?  We have leftovers (Kyle’s not home) so there will definitely be another pizza party in the future.  Pizza and kombucha pretty much fix everything in life.  So I went to bed feeling ready for Wednesday.