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Another travel filled day (Mexico to Texas to New York).  Sadly, I had to leave the warm, beautiful weather in Mexico (the fun had to end sometime).  Even though I’m definitely NOT looking forward to returning to the icy New York climate, I AM ready for the rest of what Manhattan offers (namely the food).  Sure, vacation was great, but 4 days was long enough.  I never thought I’d say this, but I’m so sick of chips and salsa…That’s the thing about Mexico, there’s not much variety when dining.  It’s weird how spoiled you can get living in a city like NYC with endless food options.  Being vegan is practically effortless in Manhattan, whereas in Mexico, vegan means chips (hopefully not made with any animal grease/contaminated oil), salsa, guacamole, rice and beans (provided these are all prepared with safe water and not contaminated with other animal products).  That’s not too many options for multiple days.  Needless to say, I already have my next few days of meals lined up! 

I’m also pretty excited to go back to work.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE vacation.  But I also love my job and I haven’t worked since the 2nd!!!  I guess that’s a good sign, right?  (I’ll probably get home after work tomorrow and write a completely contradictory blog, haha)

Anyways, today was completely uninteresting in terms of food.  I was unable to pack myself anything for the flight from Cabo to Dallas Fort Worth (customs food regulations and all…) which was so early anyways I didn’t really mind.  I totally scored and had an entire row of 3 seats to myself so I managed to curl up on the bench and sleep for most of the flight.  We arrived in Texas early, so I raced through customs and got to the terminal early enough to jump on the flight leaving before mine.  This was a blessing and a curse since I had NO time to get real food.  I had about 20 minutes and only a handful of options (Chili’s, magazine stand snacks, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Grove, and Starbucks) – for such a MASSIVE airport, I kinda got the crap corner food-wise!?  So, I think it’s pretty obvious where I chose.  Clearly I needed caffeine, so I got a tall SOY latte from the bucks, then an apple from Chili’s and $10 (!!!!) worth of dried fruit from the Grove.  



SO much dried fruit!!!!  Melons, pineapples, apples, prunes, papaya, mango, and apricots.


Not balanced in the least, but I was running just to make it before the gate closed, so I’m just lucky I got anything at all.  The soy milk latte held me over for a while at least…but I was definitely ready to chew my arm off upon arrival in NYC.  I’ve never been to the LaGuardia airport before, but I knew there was no public transportation to get me home, so I got into my second INSANELY overpriced cab for the day and home I went.


Here’s a mid-flight pic out the window, it was sunny over Texas, not so much once we got closer to New York.



I had a headache I was so hungry when I got home.  I hate when hunger strikes and I’m not prepared.  So I literally started making food the second I walked in the door.  What was I craving?  Veggies!! Vegan protein!!! 


Frozen MorningStar “chik’n” strips


Broc slaw piled high


Scrambled egg beaters


Toss in some cherry tomatoes…and ta-da!!!  This plate was massive, but I was SOO hungry!!  I polished it off, no prob.  Still hungry, though, so I popped one of these babies in the microwave.


I really like Healthy Delites’ veggie soufflés, because they are only 120 kcals for the entire thing and the only ingreds are: broccoli, potatoes, egg whites, onions, soy milk, sugar, and salt. 


So simple, you know it can’t be bad.  Mixed veggies is my fave flavor, but this one (broccoli) is great. 


Bowl of carrots (raw)…


Followed by another bowl of carrots (cooked)

Oh, it feels so great to get in my veggies :)  Totally full and lovin’ it.

breath taking

I can’t even put into words the gorgeous views I have been taking in over the last couple of hours…literally took my breath away.  I was also running up and down a mountainside though, so that may have contributed a bit…

I set out to go on a 30-45 minute run and literally lost myself in the beauty of the landscape.  The time flew by, and if my playlist hadn’t ended I may have kept running forever.  I was just so caught up in the scenery, I felt on top of the world. 


Here’s the view of part of where I ran from our villa – see the brown stone wall way on the tippy top of the hill (zoomed in below).  Yeah, I was way up there!  Imagine what THOSE views were like…I can’t even put it into words.  Clear blue ocean and sky forever…


I so wish I had my camera on the run…but then, I was also dripping with salty, sunscreen-y sweat, which may not be so good for the camera. 

I jumped in the pool when I got home because I was freakin’ HOT…only to discover our pool was, like, 40 degrees.  Holy crap, I almost got frost bite!  I literally think I was in and out of the pool in less than 5 seconds! 


Post run snacks.


I L-O-V-E dried fruit, and these kiwis are totally rocking my world!


This was my first of several mugs of chocolate soymilk…I just didn’t see the point in taking multiple pics of the same thing. 

The rest of the day: reading, hot tubing, showering, reading, dinner.


Sorry this photo is SO horrible.  We went to a place called Mariscos Mazatlan for dinner, and it was just me and the parents (my sis flew home this afternoon).  I was so hungry by the time we got there, I was inhaling the chips by the handful, which is why taking a picture only occurred to me after the basket was nearly empty.  I think I may have had enough chips for all of 2009 on this vacation.  Seriously.


The size of the fish on this plate should have been enough of a warning…and yet, I cleaned my plate.  Bad news.  I’ll let you use your imagination, but it’s suffice to say I was running for the bathroom as soon as we got back home.  Pretty sure fish is also done for 2009.  My dad’s plate was even bigger, if you can believe it.


Back to snowy NYC tomorrow…so sad 🙁

lazy day-zy

It’s weird that I’m boozing into the wee hours with my fam, and yet,  I’m still up and ready to start my day at 8 am.  I guess reading and lazing about in the sun all day isn’t really too demanding, so my body doesn’t feel like it needs all the zzz time. 


A little bit of home, even in Mexico…starbucks coffee with my morning crossword  🙂


I was ravenous by 10, which isn’t really normal for me.  I tried to ignore it, but it was clear my stomach was not going to leave me alone until I fed it.  I made myself a heaping bowl of cereal with a SUPER ripe nanner and lactose free milk.


I couldn’t read the ingreds, so I was a little nervous, since I DETEST nuts – we are talking gag reflex (I know, I’m a freak, don’t hate)!!  So obviously I feared the presence of almonds or walnuts would totally ruin my perfect bowl of cereal.  Lucky me, this “Crusli” was nut-free and DELISH! 


I was so in love I took another close up of the box.  Now, rather than enjoy my new discovery, I’m sad that my new yum cereal that won’t be available back in the US 🙁


I ate this heaping bowl on the rooftop in the sunshine, I am loving these lazy days.  It was nearly 2 cups of cereal (!!) with half the nanner and milk and it was divine.  The banana was so ripe that combined with the cereal and milk, it was super sweet (just the way I like it).  There were several components on the cereal, which is why I loved it so much (I love mixing tons of cereals together) including raisins, oats, flakes, crispy rice, and even coconut flakes.  SO good.

A while later, I was seriously craving a second bowl…talk about an appetite!  Why fight it.  I made myself another bowl (this time with one cup of cereal) and the rest of the banana. 


After this bowl I was stuffed.  I decided to roll myself to the lounge chair to pass out (don’t worry guys, I haven’t stepped foot in the sun without sunscreen CAKED on)…after all, I’m a pastel princess, no UV rays for this fair skin. 


Here’s a shot of my eco-friendly sunscreen :)  Caribbean Sol is bio-degradable AND made with organic ingredients!

I’m thinking of getting a run in later.  We will see.

a whale of a time

I heart being on vacation.  Doing nothing will never get old.


AM routine, same old same old (glass of lactose free milk, followed by a mug of cafe con “leche”).

With no real agenda for the day, we spent the morning lazing about on the sun deck and roof.  Later, my parents ditched us for a Costco shopping spree, so my sister and I headed to the beach.  I grabbed an apple for the road. 


Rather than get harassed by vendors every five seconds (like yesterday) on the public beach, we decided to go to our gated community’s private beach.  It’s also closer, which was a big selling point, since we were walking there.

Prior to leaving, we had a brilliant plan all laid out – walk to the beach, get some sun, hitch a ride home from the ‘rents (they said shopping would only take them a few hours).  I’m not sure how or why, but somewhere along the way the plan broke down (even though it was very clearly organized before they took the car in the first place).  Pretty soon it was 2:30 and there was still no trace of my parents…communication gap?  I think so!  I had to pee, my stomach was growling, my non-text savvy parents were MIA, but we were really trying desperately to avoid having to hike it back up the hill.   Eventually we had to accept the impending trek, so we packed everything up and up, up, and away we went.  Ugh.  No work out necessary after that. 

Yes, my parents were at home when we finally made it back…completely oblivious!  They made it up to us by taking us to Los Quesadillas for lunch. 


The obligatory chips and guacamole…YUM!


Since I was stuffed with guac I split and order of fish tacos with my sis.  The fish was battered and fried (not typically my cup of tea) but I’m on vacay, so what the hell.


Piled with refried beans, guac, and salsa = heavenly 🙂


Whale watching time!!!  In the afternoon/early evening we took a speedboat dinghy out to try and find some whales.


I can’t even put into words how cool this was.  We were SOOO close to them, and they are HUGE!!!  That’s the tail popping out of the water in the pic below.


Not to mention the sunset was pretty spectacular.  


I like this one because of the pirate ship in the background.  We were on a tiny speedboat, so we could follow the whales much easier than the other ships.  Plus, at times we were practically next to them.  There is no zoom on these pics, we were actually that close.  It was so so so cool. 


We got back home pretty late, but not too late for hot tubbing with some vino :)   Since my sis wanted to watch the Golden Globes, we decided to buy food and kick it at the villa for the night.


Pre-dinner apps.  The kiwi was the best part of the platter, so juicy and sweet.  I think I ate all but 2 of the slices!  Don’t worry, I did some serious damage to the chips and guac, too…


Some fish on the barby…


Our balcony dining set up.


I was in charge of the salad :)  Look how colorful!!!


On my plate is a bit of fish, wild rice, and salad.  I only had seconds of salad, and wine (times 3).


We chatted, played games, and watched the golden globes for the rest of the night.  No work out today, and I feel great!  I’m totally sore in all these weird places from yesterday’s jetskiing (mostly my inner thighs from squeezing my sister for dear life).  Time for zzzzzzz!

plenty of fish in the sea?

Fresh guacamole, sunshine for days…this is the life!  I’m definitely glad I ditched NYC, no matter how long and annoying the flights were.  Now that I’m here, even multiple 3 hour layovers seem well worth it.  It’s like I forgot that “winter” in other parts of the world were actually tolerable.

Anyways, I have been feasting while on vacation, I had to take a hiatus from my pseudo-vegan eating for a more practical diet while on vacay.  So now I’m sticking to a pesce-vegetarian diet. I know it’s stupid (since I’m on vacation) but it feels weird not going to the gym or working out.  Why is it so difficult to just relax?  I know I should let my body enjoy the break from my normal exercise regime, but I still feel guilty.  Even if I do booze and feast to the max, I doubt 3 days could do that much damage – although my level of exertion here pretty much consists of turning pages and lifting my fork to my mouth, haha…but isn’t that what vacation is all about?  I’ll kick my ass at the gym when I get back. 


So, back at the villa I had some more dried fruit – these kiwis are AWESOME!  And in case you’re wondering, that’s Angelina Jolie’s head under the fruit.  Then, since everyone else was just vegging out until dinner, I decided to go for a walk/jog around the neighborhood.  Yeah, I know, after everything I just said, I still couldn’t help but feel like I should do something physical.  It’s not like it felt like a chore because I wanted to, the problem is the “should” in my previous sentence.  Why do I feel like I should?  When other people have down time, I don’t think exercise is the first thing that comes to their minds, and yet, when I have down time, I just feel like doing something that gets my heart pumping and endorphins flowing.  I can’t decide if this is weird or not.  Anyways, it felt GREAT!  I managed to learn the area a lot better while exploring surrounding roads/loops.  And even though I was only out about 20 mins, since it was really hilly, I know I worked out a bunch of different muscles.  When I got back I had a big glass of CHOCOLATE soy milk and jumped in the hot tub 🙂

For dinner we went to the water front, and ate a place called Alexander (standard Mexican/American dining).  We started with a bottle of Malbec wine (a red grape normally part of a Bordeaux), which was the best I’ve tasted in a while. 


I got the mixed salad as an app (tomato, beets, avocado, etc) and a hot roll.  Both good, nothing stellar.


For dinner I got grilled sea bass (the orig. portion was bigger but I split it with my mom).  She couldn’t finish hers, so I had most of hers, too.  The rice was blah, I think I had, like, a bite.  The veggies were veggies, nothing new.  The sea bass was great, but I felt so bad eating it.  I’m not sure if it’s because it’s been SOOO long since I’ve had meat, or what, but it really felt awkward.  I am definitely ready to go back to being a true vegetarian after this vacay.  Fortunately, while my sis and I were out on the open sea earlier today we found a nylon hat floating in the water, and scooped it out and brought it back to land, so I am considering that my “animal rescue” for the vacation.  Sure, maybe saving one fish is small beans, but it makes me feel a little better about abandoning my vegetarian ways for convenience.  Who knows, maybe I saved a whale!

The rest of the night we played games.  So fun.  And btw, my sister and I ROCKED my parents in Catch Phrase.