Day 15: comfort and zoodles

Double breakfast action because the heel slice of the zucchini bread with cashew butter wasn’t quite enough.

The muffin was from a friend.  She did the whole30 thing last summer and totally gets food allergies/sensitivities, so when she gave me a baggy of paleo muffins after our playdate yesterday I knew I was going to have to sample them. She sweetened them with banana and “minimal” maple syrup so it did have a touch of sugar, but I only had one muffin.  They were so good!

For lunch I made a huge tuna salad.  The same way I made it last time: 1 can of wild planet tuna, 1/3 cup Sir Kensington’s avocado oil mayo, 2 celery stalks, 1/2 avocado, and salt and pepper.  With tons of carrots on the side.

This kept me full for sooo long.  I wasn’t even hungry by dinner time!

They just keep on coming!  Spiralizing my life away.

Kyle was out of town so rather than make the dish I had planned on (salmon cakes) I figured I’d just eat leftovers. And lots of zucchini, but Kyle doesn’t do zucchini.

I kinda came up with this dish on the fly, but the finished product looks so planned I’m almost tempted to post the recipe as if I had conceived it ahead of time!!!

First I chopped up one breast of leftover chicken, then I sautéed spiralized zucchini “zoodles” in coconut oil. And then I was trying to figure out what to put on top…searching through the fridge I came upon the leftover jar of Caesar dressing I made for this salad.  Warm it up and voila!  You have an Alfredo sauce of sorts!

Then I decided to get really crazy…and add bacon.  As if I were making a pasta carbonara dish.


Considering the fact that I WASN’T EVEN HUNGRY this dish was insaaaaaane.

I was so proud of myself for piecing this together with leftovers in a matter of minutes.

I definitely did not need anything after, but I had a kombucha anyway.  I think I wouldn’t have had anything had Kyle been home, but I was all by myself and (admittedly) turned to something yummy as a source of comfort.  Not the healthiest practice, but I won’t lie and pretend it didn’t happen.  In any event, it’s good bacteria that I know I should be feeding my gut, so there’s that.

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