I’m lucky enough to have lived in some of the best cities for fine dining…New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles – sort of the holy grails for foodies…not to mention my European travels.  And although I have only been blogging for a short part of this time, I’ve still managed to post on several fine restaurants.

Here are my reviews of veg*n options at some of the best places I’ve wined and dined:

Northern California

Southern California

New York, New York

Washington D.C.


Las Vegas

Washington [Seattle, Bellingham, etc.]

Oregon [Portland, Eugene]

Hawaii [Maui, Kauai]


International & travel editions:


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Paris, France [and Versailles]

Barcelona, Spain

London, England

Madrid and Toledo, Spain

Sevilla and Cordoba, Spain 


13 thoughts on “Restaurants

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  5. Don Block

    I recently ran into your father and we’re going to have a dinner with your Dad and Mom. I’m glad to see all the restaurants you reviewed. It gave me some ideas. I really like your website. It’s very creative and upbeat. Also nice to see a current photo of you. Don B.

  6. calli

    Hi Elise!
    I just came across your blog and saw you mentioned my fav protein powder from Arbonne! I loved it so much I decided to sell it! Let me know if you want me to send you ingredients list or maybe a sample of the chocolate powder. :) Great blog!

  7. Howard Whipple

    I just came across your wonderful blog today. I can not wait to try all of these amazing recipes!! I’m pescatarian, but I love a great vegan dish and have many vegetarian and vegan friends. Do you have any favorite recipes that you would recommend for those evenings when you don’t have a lot of energy or time for dinner?

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