Pantry & freezer made food


I’m in the process of trying to clean out the freezer and use up things that I’ve been storing since 2010.  Which includes some frozen meals that I got long ago with various coupons. 

Side note: Now I know why I don’t buy frozen meals…I forget about them!


This red curry with vegetables (with tofu and rice) is by Sukhi’s, a company that’s based in the Bay Area, and has numerous other products I like (ie the naanwich).

Anyway, the ingredients list is one I approve of, with all real foods and spices I recognize.


Ice burn.  Ouch. 

I chipped away most of it and then put it in a glass container to thaw/reheat.


The flavors were good, but there’s something lost in the reheating of frozen tofu.  The texture was different and semi-spongy.  The rice was also too al dente for my liking and the sauce wasn’t thin enough to coat everything.


I ended up adding some plain almond milk to it which made the sauce a delightful creamy curry that I could mix all the rice and everything in. 


In other non-cooking-use-up-food-that’s-been-sitting-around-forever news, I made a vegan mac ‘n cheese last week, but didn’t get to taste even a bite of it.


I guess it’s actually penne ‘n cheese since I didn’t use macaroni noodles, but in any event, Kyle polished off the entire thing in two nights.

IMG_5780 IMG_5781

I used teese vegan creamy cheddar sauce which was seriously as easy as could be.

Dump on noodles, mix, and serve.

IMG_5791 IMG_5797

Kyle thought it tasted a little bit like my butternut squash cheesy pasta bake.  And also a little bit like The Veggie Grill’s quinoa mac ‘n cheese.  Both good options.

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6 thoughts on “Pantry & freezer made food

  1. Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    I always love your pasta recipes & casseroles. Since I’m gluten intolerant I stopped even thinking about pasta and the only time it’s tempting is when I see your yummy concoctions. I usually sub spiralized zucchini, spaghetti squash or spinach pasta though since even the gluten-free pastas unsettle my stomach at this point. Can’t wait to try this!

    1. Elise Post author

      apples. but now i can eat the things i missed during the elimination phase in moderation and be okay. wheat was hard at first, but i found my way around it. its all about which of the challenge foods you can tolerate and in what amounts.

  2. Kate

    I have to ask – were they any good when defrosted & heated? Because I’ve got a few Amy’s frozen dinners that have been sitting in my freezer for a good year and I’m not even sure it’s worth it…plus, I’m thinking any nutritional value is completely dunzo at this point.

    1. Elise Post author

      i dont think the length of time in the freezer had anything to do with how they tasted. i mentioned above exactly how i felt about them, so im not sure what more i can say. nutritional value aside (bc i have no clue about how that is affacted by time), id still give your amy’s products a go.


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