race recap (and some food)

Sunday may as well have been re-named half marathon day.  It’s all I’ve been thinking about for the past month.  I could hardly sleep last night my nerves were going berserk.  Even though I consider myself a runner, and I exercise regularly, training for a concrete event (13+ miles no less) is very different than simply running to get your endorphins flowing.  The longest organized race I’ve ever participated in was a 10K, which I really really enjoyed.  So I figured it was time to step up to the plate.  Half marathon, here I come.

And now that I have lost my half marathon v card, here are a few things I learned today:

1.  It is NOT wise to cram your feet into pointy 3 inch stilettos (and then walk 20 blocks in said heels) the night before – unlike the rest of the normal running population, I had to apply band-aids to multiple blisters before the race this morning (so painful).

2.  13 miles is INSANELY long – WHAT was I thinking?

3.  If you are going to run for longer than a soccer match, you may as well be playing IN a soccer match – can you tell I miss soccer?

4.  If they cancel the full marathon because the temperatures are too high, it means you shouldn’t be wearing pants – strike 4?

Needless to say, I was kicking myself for signing up for the friggin’ race by mile 1, trying to figure out a legit excuse to call it quits by mile 2, and seriously considering if finishing was that important to me by mile 2 1/2…the thought that kept crossing my mind was HOW could I face the blogging community if I were to give up?  I’m NOT a quitter, and under normal circumstances, I’m highly competitive.  So I sucked it up, and ran ran ran.

The race started at 8, so I woke up nice and early to get ready, had a teeny cup shot of coffee with almond milk, a couple calcium chews chocolate treats, and hit the road.


At the starting line, my stomach was butterfly-tastic.  There were approx 10,000 people participating so it was crowwwwded.  I inched my way to the front(ish) area, since I signed up for a pace group WAY too slow.  Then the race started and I was on my way.

Central Park is hilly.

I realized very quickly that I had no idea what I had gotten myself into and that I was a fool – and my thoughts didn’t deviate much for the next 11 miles.

Miles 1/2 – Uphill, grrr.  Mile 3 – Downhill, sigh.  Mile 4 – Uphill, grrr.

Around miles 5/6 I hit a wall.  I wasn’t yet half way and I was dying – it was ugly.  My playlist (which normally gets me moving) just wasn’t pumping me up, and I couldn’t even fathom getting through the first loop of the park, not to mention finishing an entire second lap.

Suddenly, I realized I was drenched with sweat and hadn’t had a drop of water to rehydrate myself.  Hellooooo?  Sometimes I can be quite dense (it’s not like I’m a nurse or anything, oh wait…).  At the next water station I got a cool cup of H20 and felt light years better.  Duh.

I crossed the half way point and looked at my watch, 45 minutesWhat!?!

I freaked!!!  If I didn’t slow my roll I was going to poop out by mile 8.

At mile 9, I did.

New tactic: walk through the fluid stations and adequately rehydrate (clearly chucking a cup of water near my face while running wasn’t doing the job).  So, the rest of the race continued with a similar pattern: fluid station, Gatorade, water, run…

Finally, I saw the end of the race and all was right in the world again.  I crossed the finish line and checked my iPod stopwatch: 1 hour and 43 minutes.


I definitely agree with Melissa that training in the opposite direction (harder direction) than the race helped a ton, as did knowing the Central Park loop like the back of my hand.  Otherwise, I may have died.

At the end of the race Kyle was there waiting for me with a clean t-shirt and a water bottle and he asked me “which part was the worst?”

Ummm, miles 1 through 13?!?  Seriously.  The whole thing.   It sucked.  I think it’s safe to say I have completely lost the will to run a full marathon.  No thanks.  I love running, and I love competing, but on my own agenda (crowd free for one).

So post-race what’s a girl to do? Get some grub!!!

(I actually waited a while before eating since my stomach is uber sensitive), but eventually I had a nice brekkie of toasted Alvarado street bread with EB and a bowl of strawberries and mangoes.

IMG_0299 IMG_1984

Followed by some frothy caffeine love.


I spent the rest of the day refueling, hungryhungryhippie style (lots of hummus and dried fruit).  And since this post is already insanely long, I’ll stick to mostly pictures only from here on out.

Lunch at French Roast.


Mountain of hummus.  Warm fresh gooey pitas.  Enough said.


Avocado and tomato salad.  Perfect.

IMG_2041 IMG_2044

Iced coffee.  Apple slices with chunky sabra hummus.

IMG_1987 IMG_1273

Dried pineapple rings.  Hummus and spinach sammie.


HUGH JASS salad (spinach, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots, brocc slaw, and chickpeas galore) which I mixed all up and then dumped hummus on…


Too much hummus?  No such thing.


Dessert cup of carob raisins and super salty peanuts.

I’m already aching…tomorrow may be a yoga and massage kind of day.

To avoid those pre and post-race blisters, my one tip is make sure you invest in some good training shoes or orthotic insoles – it will make the run a whole lot easier!

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Comments (15)

  1. FoodsThatFit

    You did great girl!!! Watch out, in a couple weeks, once the bad memories fade, you’ll be looking for your next one to run 🙂

    Great job!!!!

  2. Run Sarah

    What an awesome time!! Congrats 🙂

  3. Nikala

    So, since I have been kind of cyber stalking your blog for a while now, I think I should comment! Great job on your 1/2! That is a really fast time, especially on a hilly course! Give it some time, but I think you should reconsider doing a marathon. See you this weekend!

  4. HangryPants

    COngrats!!! I think yesterday was a rough running day all around. It was interesting to read your thought process because I am quite dense/stubborn about water too. Did you not take any chews, etc. during the run?

  5. K from ksgoodeats

    Haha – which part was the worse! WAY TO GO, CONGRATZI!!

    Ugh, I just died looking at that dollop of hummus and fluffy pita! Too much hummus?! Nonsense!

  6. lilveggiepatch

    Congratulations!!! You did it, even if your morale wasn’t too high before (and during…). I’ve never run more than 4.5 miles! I know what you mean about facing the blogging community… check out the Oh She Glows blog about that very topic today.

    Ginger powder is just dried ground ginger. You can get it at most supermarkets… I use it in almost everything: stir-fries, smoothies, baked tofu, dressings… definitely a worthwhile purchase!

  7. glidingcalm

    Oh Wow! That race sounds tough! I’m glad you had us (the blogging community) in the back of your head cheering you on! (Because you know we were!!)

    Ugh pants, uggh blisters (I have one now and I am in such pain on the ice!), and uggh hills!

    Congrats though! You should be proud of yourself! That was obviously a huge physical AND mental feat!

    Im proud of you!!

    And thanks for the sweet message on my blog!! Totally made me smile!

  8. carolinebee

    congrats girl!!! I’m sorry it sucked so hard but you know we would of all stopped reading and deleted you from facebook friends if you didn’t do it..

    😀 😀

  9. biz319

    For all the reasons you mentioned, that’s why 5K is my limit to races – I try to do a couple a year.

    I walked a 1/2 marathon once, but that was even too much!

    Glad you survived and can say you completed it!!

  10. Missy

    Congrats! So great that you didn’t give up. I am attempting a 5K which is a lot for me so it amazes me to see people run half marathons! Love all that hummus! I want some nowww!

  11. Courtney

    Congratulations–you finished it in the end, and that is great! Although your description makes me a little less sad that I got my stress fracture and had to pull out of my 25K… :o)

    Hummus on salads is the best…sooooo good!


  12. Megan

    Wow congrats on your first half!!! 1:43 is soooo fast =) you definitely kicked some ass! I just found your blog btw, and LOVE it! Have a great week!


  13. Meghann

    Congrats!! You did a great job!!!! 🙂

  14. Thinspired

    Congrats to you! I have such respect for runners of half marathons and marathons. I am training for my first 10k and it’s so much harder than I thought.

  15. Sarah (lovINmytummy)

    OMG, do you have any idea how fast you are?! That is incredible!

    I loved all your realizations, especially the soccer match one…at least there’s a purpose then, right?

    I think I’m done commenting on all your old posts…for now…

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