Day 1: breakfast ideas

I did some prep and thought I’d share.

These are going to be my main breakfast items that I’ll rotate between (at least for now), although I like smoothies and juices to start the day, too, so maybe I’ll do some of that.

I opted to make my own almond milk creamer to avoid any additives, gums, etc.  I looove the taste of home-made almond milk, but I don’t do it very often these days.  I sweetened this batch with dates, but am thinking next time maybe I shouldn’t.  Or use stevia instead?  It’s delicious, don’t get me wrong, but I’m wondering if it has too much sugar.  Meh.  I’m having such a small amount it’s hard to say.  I’ve gone without Califia for two whole weeks now, which is almost as much of a miracle as if I told you I’d gone without chocolate for a day. It was hard, but when I ran out a while back I just figured I shouldn’t bother buying a new one since I knew I was going to be doing this protocol.  In this way I guess it’s good I’ve been dipping my toes in for a week or so before I actually properly started.

I love NuNaturals stevia.  I use this one (below) for my hot coffee, and the chocolate liquid one for my cold blended drinks.

There’s plenty of info on coffee as it relates to the fodmap diet from Kate Scarlata (see here), but it’s SCD legal too, so I’m not ditching my one cup of decaf anytime soon.

PS Also last month, I switched my Starbucks order to a decaf coconut milk misto and while it’s not as good as the soy version, it’s still good enough that my once a week trip feels like a treat.  At least it’s summer and the heat doesn’t make me want 10 cups of comfort to start each day.  This cooler MCT oil concoction is still my go-to if I want something more after my first cup is gone.

OMG so many links in this post.  Sorry, but I figured I’d preempt the Qs in the comments and just give as many answers as possible at the outset.

Funny enough, after doing ALL that prep for breakfast, I wanted something savory on “THE” first morning (of herbal supplements).  I ended up making an egg scramble.

Zucchini Eggs

  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 heaping cup of shredded zucchini
  • 2 tsp coconut aminos
  • 3 eggs
  • salt and pepper to taste

I sautéed the zucchini in the coconut oil until it was sweating liquid and then added the aminos and tossed it a few times to mix it in before cracking in the eggs.

Next time I’d probably add avo too, or have a green juice alongside it to really hold me over.  I had worked out that morning hard.  Luckily I had the almond milk creamer to make my coffee more latte like that au lait.

After an hour or so I took the pills.  The directions say to take them between meals, so I am going for a 10ish and 4ish time range. Ugh.  They are not too too bad, but I’m horrible at taking pills so even capsules are tough for me.  And seven!  I know I’m doing this voluntarily, but it’s still hard to swallow.  Literally.

For lunch I made up for any calorie deficit with two open faced avocado toasts with smoked salmon.  I’m so obsessed with smoked salmon right now, I cannot get enough.

The bread is the aforementioned blender bread and as a PSA I feel compelled to share that Celebrations is currently on sale for only 2.99 on kindle. This cashew based bread recipe alone is worth way more than that price.

I had many more carrots than shown and a but more salmon too, which left me feeling 100% satisfied but not stuffed at all.  At this point in the day I was kinda stoked at how good I was feeling. This carried all the way through to dinner too.  I wasn’t feeling anything from the pills either.  So far so good.

After naps and a looooong drive to the East Bay (the kids were REALLLLLY testing me all day) I stopped at WF to grab us all dinner.  I was so exhausted and ended up buying my feelings in the raw foods and juice/kombucha aisles.  Oops!  In my defense, there were mega behavioral challenges going on with my littles and Kyle has been gone a ton, so I really felt like buying myself a cart full of treats was the least offensive thing I could do.  I didn’t even feel guilty about it, so that should tell you just how *%$^ the day was.


I ended up buying these (I will let you know how they are once I try them).  The other flavors had garlic, so I decided the raisin one was still preferable even though it probably has more sugar.  [In the past garlic has been more of a problem for my GI tract than other fodmaps]

It’s basically impossible to find something fodmaps /candida/scd (SIBO) friendly in any prepared food section, given that garlic and/or onions and/or some form of sugar is in everything ever. So I took a deep breath and just did the best I could within my confines, while still finding something that sounded good.

I went with BBQ turkey meatballs and broccoli salad.

I limited the meatballs (which were big) to three, and chose the ones with the least amount of BBQ sauce on them.  They were delicious.  And filling.  I added 1/2 an avocado to my broccoli salad and then couldn’t finish the whole thing.  It was a good kind of full though.  Not uncomfortable.  I picked the red onions out of the broccoli salad, so at least that helped lower the fodmaps load.  I felt the best I’ve felt in years.

Which is saying a lot, considering the fact that I was kinda stressed out.  I was solo in the bedtime routine, and after realizing way too late in the night that there wasn’t any whole milk at my parents’ house (for P’s dose) I had to run out to get some.  With the kids.  At a time that they’d usually be in bed.  But they were troopers, and eventually they were bathed and in bed and I plopped on the couch.  If I can make it through this craziness and still maintain this protocol I’m feeling like I can make it through 30 days.

I had a rose kombucha for dessert.  Went to bed feeling great.

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Comments (11)

  1. Christine

    Are you following a certain workout and are you only drinking water?

  2. sassygirl

    your recipe for mct oil/coffee is good!
    i used nutpods half almond half coconut
    creamer and sprinkled some vietnamese
    cinnamon on the top. no sugar needed!
    frothed it all up in our smeg.
    a go to morning java.
    thanks for sharing!

  3. Irene

    Isn’t it interesting at how quickly you can feel better.Let’s hope it continues.

  4. Elise (Post author)

    no specific workout plan, just my usual rotation of running, cycling, and strength training (with jillian and T25 dvds). outside of my morning coffee and daily kombucha, im really only drinking water. if I drink a juice or nut milk i will mention or show it.

  5. Elise (Post author)

    yay! so glad 🙂

  6. Elise (Post author)


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  8. Ttrockwood

    First of all i can’t believe that you drink decaf…! That’s impressive. How fantastic that you are feeling great, i hope this helps you identify what is going on – there’s no way this level of hyper vigilance is sustainable much beyond the 30days. An extra long car ride with uncooperative kids totally deserves self soothing via whole foods indulgences. And wine.

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